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Black Lipstick Will be a Major Beauty Trend in 2022

woman standing besides the roll top door

You can ditch the pinky-beige, raspberry pink, and crimson red nude lipsticks and opt for bolder and more punky shades of black.

Lipstick will make a comeback in 2022 in a variety of forms, including face masks. Black lipstick is expected to be a strong beauty trend of the year alongside other extravagant skin products like scalp skincare and face gems.

Next year will bring more eccentricity to the makeup department after the lockdown.

Although it is difficult to predict if face masks will be an essential accessory in everyday life, it is clear that both men and women are determined to reclaim their beauty routines and take them in a bolder and more daring direction. Lipstick, which has been somewhat neglected over the past months, is set to make a comeback, but in a surprising colour: black.

In 2022, be bold with your black lipstick

It was impossible to imagine. Although we knew pop-punk was back on the fashion scene and would continue to dominate the makeup industry, there was no indication that it would be so. This just shows how eager people are to add a little bit of adventure to their lives.

Slippers, dull skin, and sweatsuits are gone. We now have more freedom, self-expression, and extravagance. The global fashion platform Stylight has shared new data that shows a strong demand for black lipsticks, starting in November.

The platform reported a jump of over 1,000% in clicks for Clinique’s Almost Lipstick, in the Black Honey shade. It’s a popular trend that has been confirmed by social media, with many tens of million views for #blacklipstick on TikTok and over 500,000 publications on Instagram including a number of videos and posts.

This isn’t the only trend in extravagant beauty next year. Surprisingly, self-adhesive jewels for the face have also been in vogue for several weeks. It seems that subtlety will be gone in 2022. Stylight reports that searches for “face jewels” increased by three times on Google in November, as well as sharply increasing on its international platforms. Particularly, ColourPop’s Face Crystals Set saw a 100% rise in clicks compared to the previous month.

Concentrate on your scalp

In 2022, another beauty trend worth watching is scalp skincare.

Don’t be alarmed if you have never heard of scalp care. It’s not the latest horror-movie-inspired trend, just a focus on caring for the scalp. In recent months, brands have increased the range of scalp care products such as scrubs and brushes, and beauty lovers are crazy about these items.

The search interest in the term “scalp products” increased by 70% in November on Google. However, the most popular product among internet users seems be NatureLab Tokyo clarifying hair scrub. Clicks up 350% on Stylight between October and November compared to the two previous months.

Organic and vegan skincare products as well as tinted sunscreen and blue-light protection products will be in high demand in 2020-2021. This reflects a desire for skin to age gracefully and prevent environmental damage.

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