woman in green sleeveless top

This highlights technique is a game changer for curly hair

woman in green sleeveless top

The world began to open up slowly, and I felt that I wasn’t trapped inside for the past year. However, my curly hair has always made me hesitant about coloring it. I fear that my hair will be damaged and create harsh lines.

Let me explain: For those of us with curly hair, traditional can be slightly tricky in that they don’t always give that natural, sun-kissed look. Sometimes, the lighter streaks may not match up with the resulting in a tendril that is stricken. Pintura is a highlighting method that’s specifically designed for curly hair.

I received the highlighting technique back in April, and it’s given me added definition and movement and is growing out more naturally compared to the foil highlights I’ve received previously. This is how it works.

What Is the Pintura Highlighting Technique?

According to a color specialist, the coloring technique is very similar to balayage, only the stylist will hand-paint the color onto the curls vertically rather than horizontally. This gives the hair a natural look and allows the stylist to experiment with ombre looks.

“When we are thinking about coloring for curly girls, we want the saturation of color to happen in the mid-length or the ends, where your hair moves,” he says. “We don’t want the color burst to be at your roots.”

Rather than using foil to block off the sections, the stylist will use tissues to separate each curl grouping and prevent bleeding of the color, explains You will love it on curly hair, I promise.

The Pintura process also leaves less demarcation compared to foil highlights. It doesn’t leave any harsh lines, so it will look natural as your hair grows out. This means that you’ll require fewer touch ups.

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