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Award-winning mask to moisturize lips in three ways

woman with brunette hair

Everybody’s lips could use some extra care. There’s no better way than to pamper your lips with a moisturizing and smoothing product. The Aqua Bomb Overnight Lip Masque by belief is the best product to achieve the plump, moisturized lips you have always wanted. The Aqua Bomb Overnight Lip Mask won the Best Lip Treatment 2022 Beauty Award due to its mild, non-sticky formula. It can be used as a lip mask overnight, prepped before applying makeup, or simply as a balm. You can read on to learn more about why this is a must-have makeup kit.

The winning formula

Aqua Bomb Overnight Lip Masque provides long-lasting moisture with a nourishing formula. It’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive, dry and chapped lips. It contains 10 percent shea butter which gives it a soft, hydrating texture that won’t stick to your lips. It also contains cica (Centella Asiatica), also known as tigergrass, because wild cats used to roll in the herb for pain relief and healing.

Samantha Mae Henderson is the national district trainer. “Cica supports your body’s natural capacity to repair and soothes irritation associated with dryness.” Madecassoide restores the natural beauty of lips while soothing them with herbal ingredients like calendula, oat seed and antioxidant-rich raspberry leaves extract. This formula does not contain parabens, petroleum, phthalates, mineral oils, animal origin ingredients, or sulphates. The scent is mild, and it doesn’t contain any colour. It does however have a lot of lip-care ingredients.

How to use it

Option 1: Use it as a lip-mask

Apply a thin layer to your lips with the Aqua Bomb Overnight lip mask before you go to bed. This product is ideal for slugging. Henderson claims it helps to lock in moisture. For intense moisture-locking power, apply a generous amount to the lips. You can wipe any excess off your lips and start your day with super-hydrated, smooth lips.

Option 2: As lip preparation

Are you ready to rock lipstick? Aqua Bomb Overnight Lip Masque is a great way to quickly prep your lips. It smoothens and plumps lips so it’s great for applying lipstick or gloss. It can be used as the foundation of your makeup. Simply spread a generous amount on your lips, and allow it to soak in for 5-10 minutes. Use a tissue to remove any excess. You will notice a plump and hydrated feeling on your lips.

Option 3: Use it as a lip balm

It can be used as a lip balm throughout the day on its own or in combination with other products. To promote absorption, spread a thin layer of the cream evenly on your lips. Henderson states that a little goes a long ways to maintain a moisturizing effect on your lips. You can carry it in your purse or use it to lightly rub your lips for some light shine and nourishing moisture.

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