woman wearing blue top inside room

These romantic, date-night hairstyles will show your love for your hair

woman wearing blue top inside room

LOVE IS IN YOUR HAIR. No matter if you are looking for romance or just patiently waiting for it, LOVE IS IN THE HAIR. Giving yourself a little love is a great way to show your affection. You can show your self-care by sprucing your hair.

Although date night isn’t the only occasion to take care of your hair, it is a great excuse to experiment with some romantic styles. If you want to shine a bit more, think loose, low buns or bouncy ’90s hairstyles. For a romantic evening out, you can replicate almost any ultra-feminine look that is usually reserved for weddings or other occasions.

EdwardsAndCo is one of Australia’s most renowned salons and has shared their most passionate tips on how to make the most of a love look book.

A glowing do can lift your mood, whether you’re out with the ladies or just hanging out at home with your partner (pets not included).

Matthew Jones, EdwardsAndCo Kippax Street Director and Cutting Educator, said that “most importantly, wear your hair in an expression of yourself. If you feel great about how you look, it will reflect on the outside.”

What should I do with my hair for a date night?

Get bold and fun with a ’90s blowout

A fresh, dazzling blow-out is the best way to make date night memorable. This polished, yet bouncy look is reminiscent of the ’90s supermodel movement. Matthew Jones from EdwardsAndCo said it was easy to duplicate at home. And, like Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer, it will also make a great “entrance.”

“At the moment, I love bouncy, sophisticated 90s hairstyles. They’re a classic romantic look that can be used to make a great first impression on a date.”

To achieve this unapologetic, undone look, all you need is a round brush and a hairdryer. If multitasking is not your thing, you can achieve the beautiful bounce with a hairdryer brush or curling tool.

Elegant and sexy

A slicked-back pony is the best way to hide grease and keep your “natural beauty” in focus. Matthew Jones says that it’s also a smart solution for people who are short on time. Dates are often scheduled during the work week. It’s common to rush to the bathroom or office for a quick touch up.

A slicked-back pony is an elegant and simple way to bring attention to your natural beauty, especially for those who are short on time. For the perfect ponytail placement, I suggest drawing a line running from your cheekbones to your back.

This style is quick and gives you a great look (hello, sharp cheekbones!). It is best to straighten your hair from the roots to the ends. For a neat pony, a light gel and smoothing toothbrush will be helpful.

Get the love you deserve with an updo

A curly or wispy updo is romantic. If you have naturally curly hair, skip the straightening products and go for this luxe style. To highlight your radiant curls, start with a nourishing shampoo. After drying naturally, apply a curling cream to your hair.

The fun begins! You can then style your hair by slicing it back and securing it with elastics or a scrunchie. You can let your hair down and go wild with your makeup. You can go for a classic red lip or a dark, smoky look. Or a peachy cheek contour.

Low, delicious bun

The low bun is usually reserved for bridesmaid duties and lazy hair days, but it shines on date nights. Matthew Jones recommends a more messy look with subtle curls that frame the face. This look is also perfect when paired with a flowing, elegant frock.

I think soft, delicate curls with some layers of face-framing are classic and romantic. This allows your natural features and looks great when paired with a low-back dress.

First, brush your hair in a low ponytail. Wrap the ponytail around their base and secure it with bobby pins. Many bobby pins.

French twists and claw clips

This is the cutest look, and it looks like you worked a lot harder than you did. Hair clips are a simple way to instantly elevate any outfit. A glitzy hair clip, or pearly barrettes will make curled hair look even more beautiful. A French twist on the claw clip gives you that mysterious je ne sais quoi.

There are many ways to express your love for the clip. We recommend the half-up/half-down method. It’s easy and romantic, yet it still feels effortless.

What to wear for a special occasion?

You can debate whether or not it is best to show off your natural beauty, but your significant other will choose you over your collection of products. If it’s your first or second date, you would want someone who isn’t too skin-deep. You can choose to dress up or down. However, it is your choice and you should not feel pressured. Some styles work better in certain settings, while others are more appropriate for others.

Matthew Jones stated, “If you go to a Michelin Star restaurant it’s always nice to look glam up. I recommend using some cute hair accessories. Using a little eyelash glue on the back a flat crystal, pearl, or pearl is a great method to jazz up a sleek pulled down look.”

Jones recommends a more casual look for couples who are going on a sunny day-date.

“I think that effortless looks are the best for those going to a picnic. Claw grips have been in fashion for a while, giving that retro 00’s look.”

A gals night can be a great way to celebrate your love ones, even if you are single or without a partner.

You can celebrate your success by putting on a hydrating treatment for hair and a sheet mask to cover your face. This night can be used to experiment with new hair styles on your friends. Who knows? You might even discover a new look!

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