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These Games That are Food-inspired Will Make You Crave More

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There are many games that can prove how entertaining and fun it is to play with food. There are many food-based games to enjoy, including games that were inspired by sushi and board games featuring anthropomorphized characters from fast food. These are our top picks.

  • Overcooked!

Overcooked! provides the same stress as working in a kitchen, but it’s a bit more imaginative. You can choose to play as an alligator or raccoon chef and work with three other friends to complete as many orders as possible before the time runs out. As more ingredients are added to the dishes, and additional tasks such as washing dirty dishes are added, the levels of this couch-co-op video game become more difficult. It’s chaotic, yes, but it’s all for Kevin, your onion king.

  • Bugsnax

The video game Bugsnax may seem whimsical, but there is a darker side. Although the half-food and half-bug creatures may be cute to look at, the objective of the game is to capture and eat them. Once you have done that, the food item on the creature’s body will become part of your character’s makeup. You will be eating your way around the Island, collecting strawberries feet and french fries arms along the way. There are plenty of twists and turns on the journey.

  • Ultra Foodmess

Ultra Foodmess can be used for quick competition. You can have up to four players choose your favorite food and fight each other in mini-games. This brightly colored game, set to a fun tune, is easy and fun for all ages.

  • Sushi Go!

While you don’t need to be a chef, you can pretend to be one to earn points while creating a meal or scoring points in the card game Sushi Go! Each player creates a delicious sushi dinner, complete with dessert, in this card drafting game. It’s all about strategy and luck. Certain ingredient combinations can double your points. If you pay attention to the cards of your opponents, you may be able to work with them to undermine their efforts. The adorable illustrations add the cherry (or wasabi), to this quick and simple game.

  • Pot-YUCK!

This is for the people who don’t know how to cook. The goal of the Pot-YUCK! competition is to be the head chef at “The Don’t Eatery”, by creating the worst dish on the menu. Each player is given a recipe card and they each list their ingredients. One person acts as the manager and chooses their favorite (or least favorite) combination to be the winner. The manager position is then rotated. However, players may find that certain ingredients are banned or time restrictions are added to the game. Only one person will be able to hold the title “head chef” at the worst restaurant.

  • Taste Test

The trivia card game Taste Test will test your knowledge of food. The questions can be used for virtual or in-person hangs and are divided into four categories: cooking tools + techniques, regional dishes (ingredients), people + pop culture, and people. This allows you to cover all aspects of food. Even if you don’t win, you will still learn a lot.

  • Foodies

Have you ever wondered what it takes to own a restaurant? Foodies is a board game that allows you to test your abilities as a manager at a food court. You can hire star chefs to create delicious dishes and attract customers to your restaurant. Each dish and chef is represented by a card that offers varying bonuses, such as high cash value or positive ratings. The publisher offers a print-and-play version of the game that you can use at home to give it a try before buying the full board game.

  • Mama Cooks

Download Cooking Mama, a chore-based mobile game for addictive and adorable fun. Cooking Mama’s World allows you to decorate your kitchen and grow your own ingredients. You can also cook delicious recipes and have them served in your restaurant. You can also play a variety of non-food related mini games and watch cooking videos to learn how to make the recipes in the game.

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