person wearing multicolored wedge shoes

These Fashion Trends are Defining 2022

person wearing multicolored wedge shoes

You might be tempted not to pay attention to 2022’s most important fashion trends and opt for a 24/7 sweatpants lifestyle. Soft clothes are an important piece of the 2022 fashion puzzle. They’re not the only thing on deck.

Nostalgia is the name for the game.

The reemergence of Y2K fashion is on the rise, and there are plenty of exciting trends for the rest of the year. The spotlight-grabbing attire is characterized by a joyful mood. It includes bright colors and prints, bold silhouettes, cutouts galore and ultra-low-rise pants and skirts.

Accessories are also in the mix. Think chunky platforms with rainbow-bright colors, bright bags and more-is-more jewelry that combines beads, pearls and rhinestone-adorned baubles. You should also make purple your new year’s resolution. It’s the 2022 color in all tints, including Pantone’s Very Peri color of the Year and saturated violet and lavendar shades.

Here’s a deeper look at 2022’s most popular fashion trends.

  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Sweats 2.0

We predict that leisurely bottoms will be a constant in 2022, largely due to the continued hybrid work setups.

  • Voluminous Silhouettes

Dresses and tops will continue to retain their volume throughout the year, whether they are oversized or ballooned. The latter will actually spice up the soft bottoms you’ll likely still be wearing.

  • Platform Shoes

Flatform silhouettes and sky-high heels are all possible with loafers, ankle strap heels, boots and even clogs. You can give your micro-heels a rest, 2022 is all about chunky soles.

  • Rise Pants

The micro-mini skirt and low-slung pant are back, but they’re a lot lower than the belly button. You can embrace this look with low-slung jeans, leather pants or cargos, if you aren’t the tight ‘n stretchy thong-revealing type.

  • Color Purple

Pantone’s Very Peri, a calm tone, to richer tones that give off a royal air, purple is everywhere. Get yours now!

  • Continued by Regencycore

There are no signs that corsets, pearls and lady cardigans have slowed down. Prim florals also show no signs of slowing down. This elegant style can be worn for formal occasions such as work or parties. You can also flirt with this trend by wearing a single frilled piece with leggings or sneakers.

  • Cutouts

There’s no shame in cutting out. Aughts 2.0 is all about skin. Cutouts on tops, dresses and even low-rise bottoms will still be in fashion.

  • Tops

You want real shirts? The bra is now a “real top”, whether you’re looking for comfort at home or going bold on the town, For balance, layer your bra under a shacket and/or oversized blazer.

  • Bright Bags

You can get rainbow-bright bags in many colors, including orange, yellow, green and bright blue. You don’t need to choose one color to complement an outfit. Instead, you can go for a two tone design or one that swirls in multiple shades.

  • Mod Print

Designers drew inspiration from the ’60s runways, incorporating a touch of Y2K nostalgia. You can mix bold and bolder by wearing a jacquard knit sweater or a swervy skirt.

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