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Check out these TOP 14 Spring Fashion Trends

Are you ready to ditch the winter coats and get back in touch with your spring favorites? If you are anything like us, it is possible that you breathed a sigh of relief when you realized that winter was over – all 1000 weeks.

It’s not an exaggeration for us to say that after spending two summers in various states of lockdown, the latest one blessed us UK residents with four days of sunshine.

Although we may only be tentatively excited in the event of new variants emerging and restrictions being reintroduced in the future, whether you’re enjoying the summer sun for the first time in what seems like forever, or socially distancing yourself from your garden for the third consecutive year, this season looks to be a scorcher, if the SS22 Fashion Weeks are any indication, it’s sure to be a great one.

Winter was not so bad, sartorially speaking. Our post-lockdown wardrobes were allowed to socialise again and we were greeted with many autumn/winter options that proved more appealing than our current tracksuit-clad outfit. This made it all the more enjoyable for those occasional excursions back into society.

Let’s face it, there isn’t much better than a carefree summer outfit – and SS22’s looks are a lot more joyful, nostalgic, and celebratory that we have seen in a while.

We are talking ULTRA minis, super sheer fabrics and outerwear as well as underwear in the ’90s and ’00s. And yes, there are more cut-outs. Are you ready to plan your spring fashion moments after the longest winter ever?

Scroll down to see the 14 SS22 trends we will all be following this season…


While high-rise jeans have been the norm for more than a decade in our wardrobes, spring 2022 will see a shift as the low-slung waist returns to the forefront of the sartorial consciousness. It’s all about showing the midriff so it’s not trendy to opt for a low-rise top and hide it under a long knit. For maximum ’00s drama, opt for cropped tops.


The pleated skirt was one of the most popular trends that emerged from this round of runways. While there were a few mini versions of the tennis-inspired skirt, SS22 is all about the pleated midi. There are no set rules. You can print, be plain, colorful, monochrome or pair it with knits. As long as the bralette is pleated, you are good to go.


The new season offers a way to create metallic sparkle without using sequins, which can be very harmful to the environment. We encourage you to shine with liquid metal sheens. This is a subtler, more modern and sophisticated version of shimmer. These sheeny dreams are primarily found in silvers and golds. However, they can also be found in other metals.


Super sheer fabrics are a great trend for those who want to have some fun with fashion after two years of wearing tracksuits. They can also be cleverly layered to protect modesty making this trend flexible for SS22.


Pleated skirts are midi this season. However, all other seasons have increased the length of their hemlines. These are the minis that supermodels from the ’90s would be proud to wear. They leave well over half the leg exposed underneath the short slip of fabric. To ensure the skirt packs a punch, choose super-statement colors, prints, or fabrics.


While suiting has been off the radar for a while as many people have taken to working at home in loungewear, this season will see the return of the classic staple. These pieces, which are a stark white color and have striking accents such as contrast black hardware and bold shoulders will make it easier to return to work in the morning.


Tights are a staple in winter wardrobes. However, summer is when most people don’t give a second thought to dressing their legs. We’re content as long as they are covered with SPF and not overheating. This season, however, all that changes as thigh-high boots with feathered trims and lace leggings take center stage.


Although strapped accents are becoming more popular in recent seasons, they will be a big trend starting in summer 2022. You can choose from a top with multiple straps across the shoulders, decolletage or trousers with a strapped waistband that crisscrosses across the stomach.


Tonal beige lovers, get out of my way! Neon yellow is not for those who are afraid of wearing it, but it looks like this will be the most popular color this summer. Even more exciting news? It is especially epic when worn head to toe.


Knitwear is not a popular summer trend, for obvious reasons. However, SS21’s obsession this season with crochet means that fairweather knits now have a more mature look thanks to netting. You can wear your netted knitwear on tops, bottoms, pants, and even bags.


We all know that cut-outs don’t seem new. Although they were popular a few seasons back, they are now far more effective over the long-term than we initially thought. This is surely a good thing. Cost-per-wear and environmentally-wise, the more frequently you’re happy to wear an item the better, and with cut-outs – wherever they are on an item – seemingly going nowhere fast, you’d be wise to hop on board.


With muted hues and style androgyny gaining traction season after season, it’s been a while since super traditionally-feminine pieces had their moment on the industry’s radar. Summer is a time when frothy fabrics, pretty pink hues, from pastel to candy, rose, and fuchsia, are proving to be a playful and interesting point of difference in fashion.


Summer 2022 will see underwear becoming an acceptable type of outerwear. This is another one for the brave dressers. Layer it under a blazer or top/dress with a cut-out for an elegant look.


The season of the largest, most bulky handbags will see the end of micro bags. This is great news for those who have struggled to fit all of their essentials into tiny handbags in recent years. Our posture is less fortunate.

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