woman in black coat wearing eyeglasses

Top Hair Trends for Older Women

woman in black coat wearing eyeglasses

Due to lockdown restrictions in 2020, at-home hair cuts and dye jobs were in fashion. However, salon appointments are back in 2022. You may be longing for a professional hair cut and big hair transformation. To inspire your next hairstyle, you might want to take a look at these trendy styles for older women before you book with your stylist.

There’s a style for everyone, no matter what your goal is. As we all know, hair changes are frequent as we age. Women can take control of these changes by choosing the right color and cut. Many women are now wearing long hair because of the “rule” that older women should trim their hair. Kris Jenner is a good example. If you prefer long hair, there’s no reason to do it differently. You only need the right style to address issues of volume and texture. There are many color options available, including blending, solid and gray-toned silver, as well as unusual shades like blue and purple.

This means that you can get the hairstyle you want at any age. Keep scrolling for some inspiration.

Curly Bob

A great way to give life and vibrance a simple bob is to curl it. You can easily achieve this look at home using curl cream, hairdryer and a curling iron. The following Glamour article offers some suggestions: “To create loose, textured waves, use a curling iron to curl sections of different thicknesses. Some curl towards your face while others curl away. Finally, don’t forget to leave the ends. This is the key to achieving a natural, flowing texture.”

Shades Of Gray

Kathy’s varied shades of gray give her hair so much depth! Accept your natural hair texture and gradation.

Long Layered Cut

Layers can be used to add texture and dimension to thin hair. Eva Scrivo, a hairdresser, stated on Oprah.com that without layers, your hair will lack the magical, youthful quality stylists refer to as ‘movement’. Layers that are long remove excess weight from your bottom half, allowing your hair to bounce and swing. Layers can soften your face and reduce the appearance of lines. Side-swept bangs are a great way to round out your face and make your cheekbones more prominent.

Wavy Bob

Bobs are a classic and popular choice for women of any age. For older women who desire more volume, adding waves is a great idea. The HuffPost article gives some tips for women with fine hair: “This hair texture does not have natural waves so you will need to curl it. You can use a curling iron or clipless wand, or hot rollers. There are many ways to curl your hair. Use whatever tools you feel most comfortable with to get the look you want.” Marc Mena, celebrity hairstylist, adds that dry shampoo can extend the look for a few more days while texturizing spray creates a tousled look.

Wavy Shoulder-Length Cut

A wavy cut is a good choice for those with thick hair and long faces. JohnFrieda.com states that a longer cut will make regrowth less noticeable, so you can trim every two to three month. It is easy to air-dry and maintain. A shoulder-length cut is recommended, but Dave Stanwell, celebrity hairstylist, says that if you know you will be wearing your hair curly most of your time, your stylist may allow a little more length to make it look longer.

Layered cut for the Shoulder-Length

This is an excellent example of how layers can add texture, volume and depth to your hair. Did you know you can save money on styling products with this cut? Oprah.com’s article states that if you have a well-layered cut, which is not too heavy at its bottom, styling products won’t be necessary to give you volume. A small amount of lightweight mousse can do the trick. To add shine to your hair, apply a little silicone serum once it is dry.

Long Pixie

A long pixie is a great alternative to a pixie that feels too intimidating. This cut has a great feature: while it doesn’t have much length at the neck, it does have a lot of volume at crown, sides and front. This article from Allure recommends that you use a lightweight volumizer… to give your pixie cut more volume. You can also gently lift your hair with your fingers while blow-drying it. Flip your head upside-down while blow-drying to add more body.

Pixie Short of Silver

Pixies are a popular choice for older women. They are chic, modern and easy to manage. You can embrace your silver hair and avoid the hassle of coloring it. Tim Rogers, hairdresser at Allure shares his advice: “Using products that add texture and toughness to your hair is the key to keeping it young and modern.” This means choosing lightweight pomades or waxes, and tossing any products that are associated with frizz fighters or gel.

Highlights and Wavy Bob

As we’ve mentioned, adding waves to your hair can make it look fuller and more vibrant. We want to stress the power of highlights. Aren’t waves and highlights so chic together? The look is enhanced by the contrast between the lighter blonde ribbons and the darker brown base. Brianna Colette, a hairdresser, stated that it roughens the cuticle. This makes hair naturally flat and limp last longer.

Subtle pink

You don’t have to be old to experiment with unusual hair colors. This cool pink blonde shade looks great on anyone who has the right amount spink. It blends well with silver which we love, and is great for anyone who wants to embrace their natural color with a twist.

The A-line bob is super trendy, especially when paired with the long, dramatic fringe. This is a modern look thanks to the striking color and the sharp style.

Curly Bob with Violet Highlights

This caption says “Coolest granny in the block” and we couldn’t agree more. This curly bob with violet highlights, just like the pink blonde bob in the previous paragraph, is for more adventurous women. The curls are adorable, but it’s the color which elevates this look to another level.

L’Oreal Paris has a tip for brunettes looking to get this color job: “Chestnut colours are more resistant to changing in colour. If you want a pastel lilac color, this means that your hair will need to be lightened a lot. The good news is, that you can choose between a dark purple or light violet shade, which is not the case for blondes.”

Beachy Waves

L’oreal Paris suggests getting beach waves using a perm. “While the solution to your hair will look similar, if not identical to that used for any other permanent or perm type, what will make your waves different is the tool you use to set them.” Foam rollers are used to create a beachy look. When your hairdresser is done, you’ll be left with straight-from-the-beach waves.”

Waves of Copper and Magenta

This gorgeous hairstyle shows you how magenta and copper look together. Before you save this for your next salon visit, make sure to check if copper is a good match for your skin tone. Jack Howard, a Popsugar colorist, says that copper is a warm-toned metal and that pale skin and eyes are a good match for Titian-strawberry coppers. It is also great on Afro-Caribbean women with light skin and golden Caucasian skin. I believe deeper coppers are better suited for darker skin tones.

Silver Swept Waves

This combination of silver hair looks natural and beautiful, especially when paired with a soft side-swept style.

Layered Lob

The lob, like its shorter cousin the bob, is one of the most timeless styles you can choose. Try it with choppy, flipped out ends for a slightly different take on the classic look.

Layered Razor Slice

There are many ways to style your short hair, even if you have very little length. If you prefer your hair to be more edgy, this layered razor cut is for you. The Allure article gives tips for achieving this look. You can achieve a roughed-up look with a small amount of product.

Feathered Bob

A feathery texture gives your bob a polished look. We love the dimensional effect of balayage, which can be done in both dark and light brown.

All-in-One Pixie

This pixie cut is perfect for Maye Musk. This is a beautiful way to show off silver hair!

Shoulder-Length Waves with Bangs

Waves are great for adding volume and movement to fine hair, as we’ve mentioned. Bangs are very in-fashion.

Pixies in Silver and Blue

Not only are crazy hair colors for young people, You don’t have to be proud of your silver hair. But, you can add some blue to make it more fun. The two colors look great together, especially when paired with a wavy pixie.

Silver Layered Cut

This beautifully blended color features both blondes and dark greys. You can also get a nice texture with the layered pieces.

Wavy Platinum Pink Pixie

This pixie has a cut, color, curl, and style that is “chef’s love”!

Bangs and Shag

A layered cut is a great choice for a casual, everyday look. This style is easy to maintain and doesn’t require much product.

Short Layered Cut

Another example of how adding texture and volume to thin, fine hair is the use of layered styling. This style is very popular among older women, and it’s not hard to see why.

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