The best gua sha products for glowing, de-puffed skin

As more people incorporate facial massage into their daily lives, the best gua sha tools will be in high demand. These hand-held tools, pronounced gwa sha, are rooted in Traditional Chinese medicine and can be used to stimulate circulation, relax tight muscles, and promote lymphatic drainage.

Gua sha is a wonderful way to get started. Although they are a recent addition to skincare routines, their use dates back thousands years. “Gua Sha is an ancient practice to improve energy flow and blood circulation. ‘Gua’ means to scrape, and ‘sha’ means sand,” explains Chinese medicine practitioner and founder of Philosophia Botanica, Francesca Canzano-Franklin. The act of scraping skin to remove energy blocks using a stone made from bian, jade or rose quartz is called “the term.”

Gua sha tools were originally used to relieve pain. However, today, they can be used as facial rollers to stimulate facial tissue and provide multiple benefits. Charlotte Conwy, acu-east acupuncturist and TCM Five Element practitioner, says that it boosts circulation (studies show up to 400%), creates microtrauma and boosts collagen and stimulates lymphatic and immune systems. It could be smart to invest in the best gua sha instruments if you are looking to enhance your skincare products. Here’s all you need to know.


Demand drives supply and over the years, many beauty brands have launched their own gua sha tools. There are many options available, and it can be difficult to find the one that is right for you. Here are some key points to remember:

  1. Material: Jade is a cooling, smooth material used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is especially good for facial scraping, and relieving puffy eyes. Rose-quartz is said to have properties that soothe, purify, and bring an inner feeling of healing. Black obsidian is one of the most durable crystals.
  2. Shape: Other gua sha tools are smoother and more rounded and can be used to massage larger areas and relieve jaw tension.

We tried many different gua sha tools to find the best. They all had different shapes and sizes. We tested each tool by using it in our daily skincare routine with one of the finest facial oils to add slip. The gua sha needed to be comfortable to hold and hug the contours of the skin without pulling or tugging to achieve high scores. All of the tools featured here were easy to use and provide de-puffing results without requiring any skill.


Best rose quartz gua sha

Gua sha doesn’t just focus on skincare results. This gua sha tool can also help relieve anxiety symptoms and relax facial muscles. Rose quartz is used in this gua sha, which is widely considered a heart chakra aid. It also contains healing properties that reduce stress and tension in the facial muscles.

It was particularly helpful in relieving jaw tension. The gua sha is a great example of the mental and physical benefits this practice has. After just one week of daily use, our facial muscles looked and felt better. We also noticed a noticeable glow. We couldn’t help but love how beautiful this one looked on nightstands.

Best jade gua sha

This handy jade tool from Beauty Bay is a great example of how you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy one the best gua shas. It costs less than a few morning lattes, but it will add a lot of joy and enjoyment to your daily life. Jade, a popular material in Gua Sha, is well-known for its cooling properties. This makes it an ideal choice for people who want to calm their rosacea-prone skin.

The gua sha is simple in shape and easy to use. The long edge can be used to massage larger areas of skin. While the inverted “lip” is ideal for achieving facial contours, the inverted ‘lip’ is great. Beauty Bay’s tool is the least expensive on our list. However, it’s not surprising that its offering is slimmer than others. It also lacks extras like a storage pouch. This is a great tool for anyone who wants to try gua sha, but it’s also very affordable.

Best metal gua sha

This unique metal gua shama tool is a great option for people who already practice gua sha and wish to increase their routine. Why? It’s versatile and can be used in many ways. There are six types of edges, including the traditional long and curving sides that allow for lymphatic drainage.

Although it is not a traditional material, stainless steel makes a great massage tool. It is also easy to clean. This was our favorite gua sha tool. It is easy to grip and holds well even with serums and oils. It fits every contour and runs along the jawline, under the cheekbones and into the eye. Although it may not be the most beautiful crystal option, this is a great tool for anyone looking for an effective, no-nonsense and high-quality tool.

Best budget gua sha tool

This gua sha tool is unique in that it allows you to target specific areas and use different techniques, all while using the same tool. We used the longest edge to shape our jawline and cheekbones. The medium-length edge was used to encourage lymphatic drainage. The smallest edge was used for general pressure and massage.

Although the slight difference in the edges may seem a bit odd at first, it was actually quite simple and made our gua sha practice much more enjoyable. It was also possible to reach the undereye and massage gently, which helped reduce puffiness.

Gifting gua sha is easy with this best gua sha tool

Another rose quartz Gua Sha, another symbol for universal love. This adorable tool, which is heart-shaped, is just as useful as its regular-shaped counterparts. This unique beauty gift idea is not only adorable, but also allows you to use it to gently dig into trouble areas and to define your edges.

The stone can be kept in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before being used. This added cooling effect was our experience. Although the heart shape covered more of our cheeks, we found it cumbersome for smaller areas and our foreheads. This is a great gift option for those who are looking for the best skincare products.

Best multi-use gua sha tool

This gua sha, which can be used as both a shaver and a comb, is our favorite tool. This option is loved by our editors because it offers two facial sculpting options: The rose quartz roller head can target smaller areas of the face, while the larger stainless steel portion can be flattened against the jawline to create an uplifting motion.

This is an excellent starting point for anyone who’s just starting to use a facial roll. It also has a supplementary gua-sha scraper. This clever approach to consolidation is appreciated. Although it felt a little different (and fingerprints, sigh), we still give it points for originality. We also appreciate the convenience of having a dual tool that can be stored in a small counter space. This tool, like many other gua sha tools, can be stored in the fridge for a longer-lasting cooling effect. It can also be used in an evening routine massage or as a morning de-puff.

Luxury gua sha

This ESPA tool is one of our favorite gua sha tools. There are many benefits to investing in it. This is a great skincare tool that can last a lifetime, as it’s made from crystal rose quartz. You won’t need another one if you take care of it.

This particular gua sha is clearly well-crafted. The elongated, heart shape of the gua sha fits perfectly with facial contours. It glides up the cheekbones and gets into the jawline for a powerful lymphatic massage. This gua sha is perfect for ESPA’s finest skincare products. These are exquisitely sensorial facial oils and serums. This gua sha is very sturdy and comfortable in the hand. We also loved the added touch of a cotton washbag to keep the tool clean when not in use.

Best blue sodalite gua sha

Blue sodalite has healing properties. It can bring about emotional balance, a distinct calming feeling, and encourage peace and inner calmness. Odacite Crystal Blue Sodalite gua sha added luxury and calm to a regular gua sha practice. The heavier weight of this tool was what made it stand out from other gua sha tools.

Our gua sha experience was more grounded and luxurious when we used this heavy tool. It also added the feel-good factor that it supported a PETA-certified, woman-owned brand. This stone is great for gifting and we love the vanity flex it provides, as opposed to rose quartz or jade.

Best gua sha spoon

This Gua Sha Spoon by Muihood is a great way to add advanced massage techniques to your skincare routine. This small, round spoon can be used to contour cheeks and reduce puffiness, giving you a healthier, brighter complexion. Yau says that the gua sha can provide a contoured massage, which is more effective than the traditional heart-shaped tool. “It can be used to define facial features or release tension.”

Yau suggests that you use the spoon to lift the cheekbones and create sculptural shapes using several strokes. She continues, “Use tip at opposite end of tool to release tension by using acupressure trigger point, such as the temples and ears, jaw, and jaw.” After mastering the technique, this tool was a joy to use to massage the contours beneath the cheekbones. It can also be used to relieve sinus congestion.

The best gua sha tool to help beginners

Are you new to the practice of Gua Sha? Lanshin’s top-rated tool is perfect for beginners thanks to its simple design and easy use. This gua sha tool is not the traditional heart shape. It has a square shape that you can grip and move along your facial contours. Although the shape of the gua sha may differ from other tools, its benefits are the same. This tool can relax tight muscles, improve circulation, and help with congested skin.

This tool is a great choice for traveling and comes with a matching bag. We were impressed by the strength and weight of this guasha tool. This is due to the Nephrite precious stone, which is high-quality. It won’t crack under pressure so you can be sure it won’t. It’s luxurious and cool to touch. We found it especially soothing for congestion problems like headaches.

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