woman sitting on the stone in front of the ocean

Great Fitness Recovery Tools to Help You in the Rest Days

woman sitting on the stone in front of the ocean

Exercise is good for you. We all know it. Exercise helps lower stress, anxiety, blood pressure, improves heart health, and makes daily movements easier (e.g. walking, vacuuming, picking-up our cats, and so on). It’s important to remember that recovery days are also very important.

While we were designed to move, overworked bodies do not make happy bodies. Exercise can slow down muscle repair and affect all metabolic processes. What can we do when the rest day arrives?

First, resting or being off for a day doesn’t mean that you have to stop moving. You can still do light activities such as walking, dancing for 10 minutes or doing some light mobility exercises (think slow and low-intensity yoga), to break up your rest days.

These products will help you get back to work quickly, no matter how easy or hard you are taking it. These products can be found in your local store or online. It includes everything you need, from feminine care to wellness tools and supplements.

  • Theragun Mini + TheraOne Revive Stick

Price online – $195

These massage guns improve circulation, reduce tension, and release fascia. The Theragun Mini is almost silent, and it’s small size makes it easy to carry anywhere. Theragun understands that speed is not always the best way to ease tight muscles. The Mini lets you adjust the speed to 1750, 2100 or 2400 percussions per minutes.

TheraOne Revive Stick is a great way to boost the soothing effects of your Theragun Mini. It contains 100% USDA organic CBD certified as well as anti-inflammatory legends such turmeric and menthol, moisturizing shea butter and many other healing ingredients.

  • Hachiko Heating Pad & Massager

Price online -$42

Are you tired of being tied to an outlet for warmth? The Hachiko HeatingPad is wireless so you can take it with you anywhere. It also doubles up as a concentrated massager.

The device has three heat and massage settings so that you can choose the one that suits your needs. It can also be adjusted to fit your neck, back, or belly. The Hachiko Heating Pad & Massager is perfect for anyone who needs to recover from a hard workout or just need some pampering during the “that time of month”.

  • Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier – Pearl

Price online – $21

This portable humidifier uses ultrasonic technology to create a cool, quiet mist. You can charge easily via USB to get eight hours of continuous misting bliss (or 12 hours if using the intermittent setting). This continuous hydration device will nourish your skin throughout your beauty routine, whether you use it before, after, and/or during. It doubles up as a nightlight, too!

  • Motag Hot/Cold Foot Roller Massager

Price online -$15

You might feel discomfort if you work or live a lifestyle that requires you stand all day. The hot/cold foot roll is designed to fit comfortably in the arch of the foot. This can provide relief for tired feet and can also relax muscles and minds.

  • Motag 2-Piece Massage Ball Set (Smooth & Acupressure)

Price online – $15

Rolling is a great way to help your muscles recover. This two-piece massage ball set is a must-have. The acupuncture ball is more focused and gentler than the smooth ball, but provides more specific treatment.

  • BluZen Essential Oils – Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Lavender – 3 Pack

Price online – $14.99

The sweet aroma of high-quality essential oils is perhaps the most relaxing. The set contains oils that are scented with lavender for relaxation and sleep, peppermint to give you a quick boost, and eucalyptus to provide a gentle refreshment. You’ll feel great after a few drops are added to your favorite body scrub or diffuser, or even a few in a bath.

  • Gaiam Restore Hot and Cold Neck Cradle

Price online -$11

Relieve sore necks! The super lightweight and inflatable neck cradle is easy to store in hot or cold water. It will keep its temperature for up to 20 minutes. The neck cradle is perfectly contoured so it fits snugly on the neck at the base. This gently supports the head, ensuring that the neck, shoulders and jaw are supported. Its compact size makes it easy for you to carry on the move!

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