7 Best Colognes under $100

It is understandable that someone would want to find the best but cheap cologne. However, the term “cheap perfume” is more insulting after a bad Tinder date and less like something you would actually use on your skin. It doesn’t matter what you call it, “cheap cologne” is still affordable? It is important to consider the cost of fragrance for people who are paying rent, caring for their families, or going to school.

You don’t have to borrow money to purchase a great fragrance. While $100 is a significant investment, you can still spend it intelligently and apply the scent in a responsible manner. We prefer to be conservative and only use one spritz per wrist. Then, rub the other wrist with the sprayed scent. Finally, apply the scent to your neck at the pulse points.

We believe that the best cologne is not cheap. It’s usually smaller bottles with the same quality. Most of the top-rated brands in the market have a 1.7-oz. This budget-friendly option is available. Dior and Hermes are the heavy hitters, you know! There are the top 100 fragrances below $100. These were chosen with value in mind. However, we didn’t include sample-sized vials. They are a great way to try new fragrances. These scents will last for many months if you keep using them. A larger size bottle is the best way to save on perfume if you are truly in love. If you are anything like us, however, it can be difficult to get even a small bottle of fragrance before you move on to the next item.

Malin+Goetz “Cannabis” (1.7 oz.) $95

This one won’t make you smell like a Phish concert parking lot. If that is what you are looking for, then maybe you should just light a joint. This scent will give you the same mind-clearing and spirit-warming effects as cannabis. It’s not a secondhand high. It’s more of a background to a lazy, relaxing Sunday.

Dior “Sauvage” (2 oz.) $85

Mamas, best friends, and partners should take notice: Sauvage may be the “easiest perfume to gift” or “best for first-time users.”

The Nue Co. Mind Energy Fragrance (1.7 oz.) $95

The Nue Co. sells “functional fragrance”, which uses aromatic associations to produce a certain end feeling. Mind Energy’s example uses clary sage and juniper. They work together to clear the head and increase focus as well alertness. The spicy-clean smell is also very good!

Vacation “Vacation” (1 oz.) $60

This instant hit is a cult-classic created by the genius noses behind niche brand Arquiste. It evokes a day at sand with notes of banana, coconut, and pineapple. Although it is not the most appropriate scent for the office, it is perfect for sunny weekends.

Snif collection (1 oz.) $65

Snif has many scents that I love, but none of them are my favorite. This is because they rotate fragrances to ensure you always have a new scent. You can subscribe to their try-before you-buy program, browse their bestsellers, and even get on the waiting list for “Way with Woods”. This endorsement is not limited to a single Snif product.

Cartier “Declaration Haute Fraicheur” (1.7 oz.) $76

Cartier’s latest scent was also a top choice for spring scents. It is the smellable equivalent of waking up in the morning after a long winter. The spicy-citrus cocktail is a great way to smile, even if it’s your 100th time encountering the scent. It’s beautiful.

Hermes “Terre d’Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver” (1.7 oz.) $100

It’s $100 but not under $100 as we promised. But, considering that it’s an “eau de parfum”, which means it contains a higher percentage of perfume oils, it’s a bargain. Rarely can you use “bargain” or “Hermes” together.

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