yellow and green beaded necklace

You’ll see this Beach-Ready Jewellery Everywhere this Summer

yellow and green beaded necklace

As summer was a season for celebration and reemergence, this year it’s a season to thank your lucky stars that you’re not inside. It seems that the next few months will follow a similar theme: “Oh my God, yes, we’re out!” Some even call it the season for great escapes. This summer’s beach jewelry trends make it worth your time, regardless of whether you are traveling to distant shores or staying at the nearest body of water.

Christina Tung, the founder of sustainable jewelry and silk label SVNR, believes that escapism is one of this summer’s most popular styles. Tung’s label was actually “conceptualized like a bit of armchair traveling — a reminder about far-away places and a way to incorporate those escapes into real life,” she told us via email. “During a day spent at Culebra’s beach, Puerto Rico in my 20s, I experienced a completely new way of seeing the ocean. It was both sparkling aqua and ultraviolet, simultaneously still and in motion. That moment had a profound effect on me.” Tung founded the brand in 2018 on a rainy weekend in Bedford-Stuyvesant as a way to always return to that sun-soaked moment.

Vanessa Stofenmacher, the founder of Silent Opus minimalist jewelry label, disagrees. She says that not all jewelry trends this season are too reminiscent of waves and sandy dunes. Her expectation is that this summer will see minimal, luxurious pieces of gold jewelry. Before you dive headfirst into the sea in your everyday wares, here are some key facts about the metal.

Stofenmacher explained that solid 14k-gold jewelry means that they are pure gold and will not change in appearance over time or water. The gold-plated, or gold vermeil, jewelry gives off a more expensive look by having a layer of gold applied to the jewelry’s surface. The Silent Opus founder says that this surface layer will wear off over time and is speeded up by water, especially saltwater. If you plan on taking regular dips this summer, it is a good idea to spend more money on higher-quality, more expensive pieces. Solid gold is more expensive than vermeil or plated jewelry but it offers the most longevity.

Why should jewelry be worn to the beach?

Accessorizing in any way is a fun way to show off your personality and elevate your outfit. The long answer is, well, that’s all for now. Continue reading for more information from the jewelry designers. Also, a trend forecaster’s advice on jewelry to wear when you’re spending time on or near the water.

What The Shell?

Shell necklaces, like the ones seen in Prada’s seasonal designer drops and Tory Burch’s season-long collections, will be a hot summer trend. Some designs are more delicate, such as single shell pendants. Others have a more whimsical look that will appeal to people who want their jewelry to tell stories. Tung opts for the latter, thrifting and sometimes hand-sourcing beach souvenirs. The founder says that while most of SVNR’s shells come from vintage flea markets or shops, some are actually sourced from the beach. The beach is socially a place where people get together. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy holiday or recreational activities. Tung shared that she ensures her shell jewelry brings the same joy and peace.

Coastal Grandmother Approved

The internet’s hottest trend is Coastal Grandmother. It’s a result of the relaxed, luxurious lifestyles that Ina Garten and Martha Stewart have modeled. Stitch Fix shared that more than 60% of the shoppers surveyed in its season report stated that this aesthetic was what they were most excited to try this summer. Beyond breezy linen trousers, nubby cream cardigans and breezy linen trousers, oceanside minimalism will filter into the jewelry space this year. This can be seen in barely-there tennis bracelets and delicate necklaces made of gold and subtle pearl drops earrings. Stofenmacher suggests that you seek out Coastal Grandmother-inspired beach jewellery that “feels effortless – like the perfect summer dress that’s both comfortable and stylish.”

Go for Gold

Stofenmacher advises that solid gold jewelry doesn’t need to change in color or properties with salt water, but it is important to make sure your pieces are safe. You should pay extra attention to your rings when you’re swimming in cold water. This can lead to rings shrinking and your jewelry falling off.

Beaded necklaces for grown-ups

Trend forecaster Jessica Richards told us that this summer she expects to see a lot of color in jewelry. This includes curated pony beads, sweet charms, and friendship bracelet-inspired pieces. She cites colorful beaded necklaces as a key trend for summer 2022, such as the strung-together style. The trend is no longer youthful and has matured. The trend forecaster says that this season’s evolution is seeing the inclusion of fine jewelry, including pearls, diamonds and gems. This makes them more sophisticated and grown-up, while still keeping the spirit of their childhood inspirations.

Richards also says that summer 2022’s brightly-colored beaded jewelry trend is deeply symbolic. “The positive vibes, optimism associated with these colorful pieces and whimsical silhouettes are just a gesture and wearable expression towards a larger positive sentimental outlook and future outlook.”

Sun-Reflecting Shimmer

Silver Opus founder Stofenmacher says that she anticipates seeing bright, sparkling pieces on the beaches in the future. These could be anything from bracelets with diamonds and pendant necklaces embellished with gems. Stofenmacher says, “It’s best to leave expensive gems at home. But we know that they shine best in the sunlight.” The combination of solid gold with colored gemstones adds shine to your summer glow.

Created with a Sentiment

Handmade items are expected to be popular. It reported that 29% of its clients had indicated that they would like to experiment with crafty jewelry this summer. Richards agrees with the online styling site’s findings, stating that customized craftcore will be very popular. The personalization element, whether it is choosing large, cute-themed beads, paired with colorful pony beads, or special words woven into beads with symbolic meanings in friendship, is a popular way to share with friends and give them as gifts.

You can personalize each of the items. If you are someone who gets bored at the beach, you can bring your own tools and beads to create a jewelry workshop while you lounge on the sand.

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