brown leather sling bag hanged on green and red clothes hanger

The best bag according to your Zodiac Sign

brown leather sling bag hanged on green and red clothes hanger

Spring is a time for a new beginning. If you are looking to add some style to your wardrobe, it might be worth updating your bag. There are many fun and joyful options available right now. However, if you have to spend a lot of money it is best to make wise choices.

It’s possible to transform your vibe and manifest your best life by buying a purse that matches your inner energy. You can find the best designs for each sign by clicking here. Or, you can go another route and make color magic.


Aries are always on-the-go, so it’s important to have a bag that can carry all their essentials. You can make Aries feel more prepared for the warmer months with a fun crochet accessory, complete with brightly-colored flowers. It might even become their favorite accessory.

  • Lele Sadoughi Natural Daisy Crotchet Shoulder bag $245


Taurus will love a simple bag in pastel colors this spring. The Bull will style the baby with any spring outfits as long as it is practical and has a crossbody or top handle.

  •  Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulderbag $495


Geminis are often portrayed as being suspicious. This is why they might prefer transparent purses that allow others to see inside. This sign doesn’t have any secrets and will let everyone see how amazing (and honest) they are. They are truly amazing.

  • Brandon Blackwood Arlen Mesh Top Handle Bag $185


Cancer will be the sign that can not only score a Telfar bag but also has several options in different colors to wear throughout the year. The medium-sized red shopper is the best choice for this crab. They’ll be proud to show it off to their friends.

  • Telfar Medium Red Shopping Bag $202


Multicolored fringe bags are a great way to attract attention from Leos. They will be admired every time they take it with them, and it will help them embrace their fiery and unpredictable nature. The playful, shiny design will bring joy to their lives and spark some excitement.

  • Dries Van Noten Multicolor Small Fringe Shoulder bag $1,720


The earth sign Virgo tends to avoid the extravagant purses and frills that can make them feel sexy. A simple, neutral-colored pouch is the best choice. Their timeless style will be matched by the classic design and versatile color.

  • Gucci GG Marmont Mini Bucket Bag $1,050


Libras love love and spring is the best time to attract the relationships they want. Libras should show their innermost feelings and not keep them hidden. They will be able to express their deepest feelings and passions for romance with a bag that is shaped like a heart.

  • Fiorucci Angels Mini Heart Bag $135


Scorpio should add a satchel to their accessories this season. It’s a great match for Scorpio as long as it comes in a neutral color that allows them to wear whatever they want and doesn’t distract from their fabulous outfits.

  • Isabel Marant Botsy Small Satchel bag $890


Sagittarius is a sign of love and adventure. A bag with a variety of elements in it will be their favorite, sparking their wanderlust. Bright and vibrant colors will be a hit with the archer, who will enjoy wearing this accessory in spring and summer as well as the years to come.

  • Nannacay Karin Satchel $288


Capricorns are well-known for their business-ready, sleek attire. However, a straw clutch can add a touch of spring to their everyday look. The best part is that the sea-goat can take this bag with them from work to the beach to social events.

  • BTB Los Angeles Ella Clutch $58


Aquarius are the Bohemians of the Zodiac. A beaded bag that inspires their “love child” spirit will take them back to their childhood spring flings. This Zara bag will give them a vintage feel and bring a pop of color to their outfit.

  • Zara Beaded Mini Bucket Bag $60


Pisces love accessories and bags so any bag that is unique and colorful will be a hit with them. The pisces are known for their whimsical, artistic taste in colors. A braided handle will make this bag stand out among the sea of purses.

  • Hereu Espiga Mini Bag $468
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