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The absolute best products for your healthy, happy scalps

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We’ve all heard it before: Your scalp is the soil that your hair grows from. Even the most effective dry scalp treatment will not make a difference in the quality or quantity of your hair. Unbalanced hair and scalp yield poor crops.

However, scalp care is not the only thing that can prevent hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by many factors. Scalp care is as important as eating a healthy diet, quitting smoking and cutting down on alcohol. It’s the key to growing hair that your DNA allows.

The bald brothers need to be extra careful with their hair. They have a lot more skin to care for–the scalp is their calling cards! Itchy, oily, or peeling scalps are a sign that you have a problem.

The products you use are a major factor in scalp care. You might say it like this: A lot of your problems could be due to the products that you have already purchased or are still using. We’ll help you correct any mistakes by going over the fundamentals of great scalp care and selecting the best products available.

You can use a Scalp-Focused shampoo (or two)

Shampoos can dry out hair, so it’s important to use conditioner after every wash. However, shampoos are great at removing buildup and grime from the scalp. The best shampoos have targeted ingredients that work for specific scalp conditions.

A detox shampoo is a deep cleanse. This is a new start. In case the detox doesn’t work, it is important to follow up with a deep nourishing conditioner and a scalp balancing therapy. This shampoo is great for people with oily hair.

Best Scalp Detox Shampoo
OUAI detoxifying Shampoo

Balancing shampoos are great for oily hair and scalps. They remove excess oil, but leave enough behind to moisturize the hair and scalp. This shampoo is a better choice for every-other-day and twice-weekly use, as it will get more mileage than a cleanse option (not that this means it is superior).

Best Scalp Balancing Shampoo
Rebalancing shampoo for Davines

Anti-dandruff shampoos might not contain the same active ingredients as the ketoconazole or pyrithionezine. However, the ones that do have these ingredients can be great treatments for existing flakes, itching and buildups. Anti-dandruff shampoos can be preventative and are more similar to detox + balance shampoos. They will clearly indicate this by the ingredients, such as sage extract which restores scalp harmony but does not treat active dandruff. This product can be used as often as you need it. For assurance against flaking, use it once a month or whenever you notice itching and flaking. If you use active ingredients, they can dry out your hair.

Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Nioxin Anti-ditching and Flaking Shampoo

Stimulating shampoos will contain ingredients such as biotin and saw palmetto that stimulate hair growth. They may also include other ingredients that help maintain scalp balance. These are not an effective way to prevent hair loss but can be used as a supplement to a proactive hair retention program.

You can add a targeted scalp treatment to your regimen

The naming of scalp treatments products is not always clear. You will see scalp serums and creams as well as oils. Some are called “treatments”. This category can be thought of as “treatments”. However, each treatment requires a different frequency depending on its purpose. To achieve the best results, it is up to you to follow the brand’s instructions. We recommend having at least one of each, as some can help keep your scalp healthy and balanced, while others will provide the muscle to perform more specific, heavy-duty tasks.

Scalp hydrators – Some creams, serums and masks are designed to hydrate the skin. Many creams and serums can be used daily, while some masks are best used once a week. These products are not only for those with dry scalps. We all could use some hydration after a wash. Some nourishing treatments can also be used to stimulate hair growth and boost hair follicles.

Scalp clarifyers – These treatments target toning oil production, sometimes gentle chemical exfoliation and to remove dead skin cells to promote follicle growth.

Scalp balancers are also known as clarifying treatments. However, the specific category is those that soothe and calm the hair. These treatments may target fungal and bacterial threats. This prevents itching, inflammation, flaking, and other symptoms.

  • Harry’s hair cream
  • Fortifying scalp serum by Sisley Paris
  • Briogeo dry scalp mask
  • Sunday II Balancing and Soothing Scalp Treatment
  • Sachajuan scalp soothing treatment

Exfoliate the scalp

The scalp is exfoliated to remove dead skin cells. This allows the follicles and hair to grow naturally. They are effective in preventing sebum buildup as well as clogged pores. Many scalp treatments, such as serums, masks, and other products, contain chemical exfoliants. These include salicylic acid, lactic acid, and a variety of other exfoliants. However, you can exfoliate your scalp using a handheld scalp scrubber or viscous scalp exfoliant. It is up to you which method you prefer.

  • Bread exfoliating scalp cream
  • Scrubber for scalp with Nizoral
  • R+Co scalp scrub

Protect Your Scalp from the Sun

Your scalp can be thought of as an extension to your face when it comes sun protection. If you have a bald spot or receding hairline, use SPF sunscreens or moisturizers for your face. An SPF powder is easier for hairlines, cowlicks, and bald spots. A spray can be beneficial for buzz cuts, fine hair, and thinning hair. You can also use a hat to protect your head.

  • MANTL SPF 30 scalp moisturizer gel
  • Supergoop SPF35 mineral scalp powder
  • COOLA SPF 30 scalp mist
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