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These are the 8 Most Popular Haircut Trends This Spring. They Are A Modern Remark on The Past

Although the Metaverse is being referred to as the future beauty industry, it’s not surprising that we still look back at the past when it comes to trends.

The spring’s most popular haircuts will undoubtedly give you a feeling of déjà vu. The layered look with bangs and flipped out ends of the early 2000s is back in fashion. Mid-length, minimalistic bobs from ’90s also are gaining popularity.

It’s understandable. The past few years were chaotic to put it mildly. Who wouldn’t want to feel the warmth and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia?

We asked the experts for a comprehensive list of the season’s most popular haircuts and hairstyles. Top stylists from across the country have predicted the look you will see everywhere. We invite you to take a look at these looks.

1. Y2K Layers

Y2K beauty trends are continuing to dominate the internet, including space buns and butterfly clips. Some of the most popular haircuts in the decade are also having a moment. Sierra Kener, a Los Angeles hairstylist at Nine Zero One Salon, said that layers with lots of layers are very popular this season. She specifically recommends face-framing cuts with bangs, and styles with bends at both ends. This look is best exemplified by Billie Eilish’s 2022 Oscars haircut.

2. Bouncing and Behaving Curls

Marty Harper, a celebrity stylist and NatureLab founder, shares that there are many natural styles for women with textured hair. Tokyo ambassador. “I’m getting waves from Pretty Woman Janet Jackson and serious curly layers. I also nod to Lisa Bonnet’s styles. The girls would call it ‘bouncing and being behaved’ curls.”

Harper recommends that you wash your hair with NatureLab to enhance your waves. Tokyo’s Texture Curl Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to “add life to all textures of hair” and the brand’s Texture Curl Cream is used to hydrate and smoothen dry curls. Don’t wash your hair too often. The stylist said, “Oftentimes, I call Kevin Murphy Doo Over. It’s the only dry texture spray that can be used on all hair textures.”

3. Bangs, Bangs and More Bangs

Bangs can be tailored to fit your hair’s length and texture. You can transform any style by adding face-framing curtains bangs to your shag, or a set blunt bangs that make it a bob.

Jamie Brice, NYC-based hairstylist, and Amika Pro educator, said that bangs can be paired with any length of hair, no matter how long or short they are. They’re my new favorite hair accessory — I love it!”

The stylist suggests that you go for a more shaggy look. A wave spray can be used to give your hair the desired texture. Brice says that if you want a more polished look, use Amika’s Blockade Heat Defense Serum to prep your bangs before blowdry. This will add shine and sleekness to your hair.

4. The Mid-Length Bob

This season’s hair trends were influenced by more than just the early 2000s. ’90s minimalism was also a major influence. “Hunter Schafer’s mid-’90s lob-bob is a major change in the hair world. It’s very My So-Called Life but in 2022. It’s stylish and tough.”

Harper enjoys mixing products when styling her hair. “I love to mix NatureLab products.” The stylist shares the Tokyo Volume Blowout jelly and David Mallett Australian salt spray. These two products give the style a more natural, malleable and edgy texture. Density allows your hair to move as you want it to – or to follow the IT-Girl’s instructions.

5. Layers and blowouts from the ’90s

“This look is full of layers, body and bounce. This is a departure from what we have seen in recent years. Brice says that everything used to be about simple cuts and keeping it simple since everyone was at home. “But as the world is slowly returning to normal, we are ready to up the sexiness a bit — and this trend is the perfect way.”

For extra bounce and heat protection, the stylist suggests spraying your hair with Amika’s Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Shampoo.

6. The Shag

The uniqueness of the shag is not in its length but in how it is styled. A shag of mid-length like Sandra Oh’s is most popular. Kener explains, “A shag is a long layering around the face and over the occipital bones to create volume.” To finish off the shag look, add bangs to the forehead.

“A shag can enhance texture-haired people,” says the stylist. To give my cut a more natural look, I use In Common’s Magic Myst and a diffuser.

7. Super long hair

Many of us are still holding on to the extra hair length we gained during quarantining so it’s not surprising that top stylists predict super long hair will be big for spring. “The styling possibilities for long hair are endless. It is also one of the easiest styles to wear,” Jenna Spino (a Maxine Salon hairstylist in Chicago) says. Blowing it straight with a part in the middle creates a more striking look, think 70s Cher. A big round brush blowout can be used if you want a more layered style. Air-drying your hair is a great option if you have natural waves.

8. The Sliced Bob

Another way to wear this timeless cut is the sliced bob. Spino says that the sliced bob is different than a traditional layered bob in that it doesn’t use traditional layers. Instead, the texture is created using a slicing technique.

You have many styling options for this bob. She says that this cut can be either air-dried or straightened with a dryer such as Trademark Beauty Speedy Blo. This locks in the style with cool shots. To show off the movement and add volume, you can use texture spray.

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