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Top 10 Online Shops for Comfortable Bras That Fit!

pink brassiere on clothes hanger

If you have fallen prey to the temptation of wearing the same bra day after day, it is probably because it is the only one that fits. You won’t have to wear the same bra every day again, we’ve all been there.

Lively and ThirdLove are continuing to transform the lingerie market by offering bra sizes and styles that are larger than traditional retailers. Lively was founded by Michelle Cordeiro Grant, a former employee at Victoria’s Secret. She wanted bra shopping to help women feel more confident, rather than diminish it. ThirdLove, a company that was established in 2013, offers sizing quizzes customers can use before they shop. We all know how difficult it can be to find the right bra size.

Shopping for bras is more fun than ever these days. We’ve collected the top 10 online stores to purchase bras and selected our favorite styles. These bra brands are experts in creating bras that fit all sizes and shapes. These bra brands are able to make bras for all sizes, no matter what your cup size is.

Most supportive: Spanx

Spanx, a shapewear brand, launched in 2000 with Footless Body Shape Pantyhose. Today, Spanx offers a variety of flattering leggings and denim styles. Spanx introduced the Bra-llelujah in 2008. Bra-llelujah was a bestseller! Bras are different from others because of their softness, comfort and smoothing design. They also have thick straps that offer plenty of support but don’t slip off. After years of searching for a bra without straps that doesn’t slip, Real Simple’s writer has settled on the Up For Anything Strapless bra. The bra’s SmartGrip technology is a gripping material that keeps the bra from moving around during wear.

Lively: The Best Style Variety

Lively bras are a favorite of our editors because they offer extremely comfortable styles, and most come in sizes A-DDD. Lively is disrupting the lingerie market with its styles that empower women. It’s also creating a whole movement called “Leisuree”. The Lively bras are a mix of the old and the new. You can find everything from push-up bras and T-shirt bras, to mesh-trimmed bralettes and unlined bralettes in many colors. You can bundle a few bras that you love and save: Bras typically cost $35. But you can get any two or three bras for $60, or all three for $80.

Best for Big Busts: Soma

Soma was founded in 2004 with one goal: To make women’s bras as comfortable and beautiful as possible. The brand currently sells hundreds in highly-reviewed bra styles. They have three top-selling collections and include inclusive sizes. These ranges include cups up to 42, and sizes G and DDD. There’s even an DD&. The site has an Up filter. There are three collections: Enbliss, which is cloud-like and supportive and soft and seamless. Vanishing Back is smooth and seamless and creates an invisible transition between bra and back. Embraceable offers everyday comfort and support.

Best Bralettes: Richer Poorer

Imagine a bralette that is so comfortable, more than 1,000 people are on a waiting list after it sells. Richer Poorer’s classic bralette was a perfect example of this. Richer Poorer now offers a wider range of bralette styles, including the Cut Out and the Scoop. Each style is light, comfortable and a great addition to any lingerie collection. Richer Poorer bras are made of a super soft, modal-cotton blend. This fabric wicks away moisture and keeps you cool in warmer temperatures. These bralettes are recommended for those who don’t require support from an underwire.

Best Wireless: Knix

Knix bras are wire-free. Knix underwear is a brand known for making comfortable, confident underwear. Knix has a patent-pending bonding technology that creates seamless bras with supportive materials. Knix’s Evolution bra is a best-selling product. It has received thousands of 5-star reviews due to its versatility and flattering fit.

Best Value: Harper Wilde

Jane Fisher and Jenna Kerner, founders of Harper Wilde, asked themselves why bras are so expensive. The Harper Wilde $40 bra styles were created after hundreds of women were surveyed about their needs regarding support, style, comfort and price. The Base is a bra with a light, lined design that can be worn every day. The Boost is a push-up bra with minimal padding. The Flex is a classic underwire bra with a strapless design. Harper Wilde’s virtual fitting feature allows you to connect with a stylist for a 20 minute digital session to find the perfect bra. Harper Wilde offers a variety of bundles that allow you to buy as many or as few bras as you want, so you can completely revamp your underwear collection while still sticking to a budget.

Nordstrom is the best brand variety

Nordstrom is a great place to shop for designer bags and shoes, but they also have a wide selection of bras, especially bras for large breasts, from trusted brands like Chantelle and Natori. Nordstrom offers a variety of cup sizes, from AA to J.

Best Size Range: Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities may have a bra that you love. You can find 80 of your favorite bra brands at Bare Necessities, including Calvin Klein and DKNY as well as Natori and Maidenform in sizes ranging between 28 and 56 in the band size and AA-O in the cup size.

Best Online Test-On: ThirdLove

Take the 60-second Fitting Room quiz by ThirdLove to start your search for the perfect bra. You will answer questions about your current bras such as the brand and how the cups and bands fit. ThirdLove is a great brand for finding the perfect everyday bra. The Perfect Coverage Bra has over 17,000 5-star reviews! All styles are available in five different “naked colors,” so you can be sure to find the perfect color for you. If you have ever tried to find the right size in a store but couldn’t find it, ThirdLove has a great selection of sizes. Styles are available in 30 to 48 band sizes and AA to II cups, even half-cup sizes.

Everlane: The Best Everyday Bras

Everlane sells intimates in addition to its affordable, high-quality, minimalist-inspired staples. There are bras in the collection that are super supportive and don’t have padding. The bras, like many Everlane products, are made of supima Cotton, which adds a soft feel to the already light designs.

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