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7 best eyebrow gels to achieve neat, defined arches with just one swipe

woman with black eye shadow

Beauty is still a big topic. The best eyebrow gels will keep your eyebrows in check. There are excellent eyebrow gels at all price points, from affordable options to luxurious splurges.

The best eyebrow gel depends on your budget and preference, just like choosing the right eyebrow pencil. Sarah Fogg, celebrity eyebrow artist and founder of Brows by Sarah, says that brows are very individual. “We all have different needs, shapes and colours. Certain colours will suit different faces.”

A good brow gel is a must-have for quick makeup looks. The best eyebrow gels can transform your lashes just like mascara. They keep your hairs in place and create natural-looking texture. If you choose a pigmented formulation, they can even thicken the appearance of sparsely grew hairs.

The eyebrows are a key part of the face. They provide structure and definition. A great eyebrow gel can help you achieve this.

  1. You have sparse eyebrows. If your brows aren’t growing back properly after you’ve pluck them, the best eyebrow gel will promote growth. A brow gel that contains a serum, which encourages healthy growth, will also help to give your lashes fullness.
  2. Thin brows: Brows with fullness already don’t require fibers to increase their thickness. You can use a clear, simple eyebrow gel to keep hairs in place. It will look natural. Fogg says that gel use too heavily is one of the biggest problems she sees. It’s all about using light strokes with product.
  3. Unruly eyebrows: If your brows are unruly, you will need to use a long-lasting, fixing gel. A good brush will make it easier to style them. Fogg says to use a makeup brush or a spoolie to smoothen your eyebrows and shape any unruly hairs in the right direction.
  4. Fair eyebrows: While it is tempting to give definition to your fair brows using a darker gel, a matching shade will look more natural. Don’t apply too much of any color.
  5. Dark eyebrows: If you don’t want to use color, a clear gel can be used. These will not add any additional pigment to your eyebrows and make them look slugged, but they will keep your hairs neat and tidy.


Best eyebrow gel overall

This brow gel is the best I have ever tried. Pricey? Yes, it is expensive but completely worth it. It feels luxurious in your hand, and it looks great in your makeup bag. But, it’s more than style. It’s also very effective.

This narrow, small brush can be used to precisely brush your hairs. The tiny fibers stick to your existing eyebrow hairs and give it a natural look. This creates fuller, more natural looking brows. You can use the transparent color on all skin tones. However, there are also brown and blonde shades available if you want more depth.

My only complaint was the price – Chanel is expensive – and the limited selection of colors. We recommend that you go for the universal transparent option if your desired color is not available. To fill in any gaps, use a fine-point eyebrow pencil.

Best eyebrow gel for sparsely brows

Gimme Brow+ gel from Benefit is a top-quality brow product. The tiny wand can be used to brush even the most delicate eyebrow hairs. It also allows for precise product placement, so you can achieve the perfect eyebrow shape.

This formula has microfibres that stick on your existing hairs. I tested it and found that it significantly improved the thickness of my over-plucked arches. There are 10 shades to choose from, so there is one for everyone.

Although it holds well, I find the tube can dry out quickly after a few weeks. To minimize drying out, ensure you keep the lid closed after each use. Unfortunately, this is almost inevitable.

Best eyebrow gel to ensure maximum hold

Anastasia Beverly Hills has a great eyebrow gel that won’t flake throughout the day, and will not cause your brow hairs to move. It’s superglue for your eyebrows.

You will need a small brush to properly apply the waxy formula to your eyebrows. Unfortunately, it does not come with one. We recommend using an old, clean mascara stick to save money. You might find this process a bit tedious if you are trying to do your makeup quickly, but if you take a few minutes to properly apply the product, you will be fine.

It did an amazing job keeping the hairs in place and gave us a fluffy, lamination-like look. Clear so it doesn’t add depth, but you can add a few strokes to the brows with a pencil if there is less growth.

Best eyebrow gel to achieve natural-looking brows

While some eyebrow gels can make your brow hairs feel dry, this Givenchy product is not. This formula contains conditioning vitamin B5 which will make your eyebrows feel softer and healthier with each use.

Although we were skeptical about the curved wand’s ability to do much other than a novelty selling point for hair, after trying it out, I can tell you that it does a fantastic job of placing product in every hair and putting it in its place. It won’t require you to clean the brush after applying the product to your eyebrows, unlike gels.

This brow gel gives natural-looking brows. It has a firm hold, and is suitable for all hair types. If you are looking for something that gives you more depth or color, this product might be the right one.

Best eyebrow gel to shape your brows

Revitalash’s HiDef Brow Gel is the best when it comes to shaping your eyebrows and maintaining them. It features a double-ended wand that has two different-sized brushes at one end and a spatula at the other. This allows for maximum control. It allows you to shape your brows, brush them and maintain hairs in place.

The peptide-rich formula is a great choice for people who frequently tint their eyebrows, as it softens them and helps to nourish hair. Soft flex polymers can also increase the density of your hair. These polymers stick to your existing hairs and create thicker brows that still look natural.

We found the only problem was the price. It’s a bit pricey at $32/PS32, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to spend a lot.

Luxury lovers will love it

Although it may seem expensive, this eyebrow gel is an extravagant purchase that offers many benefits. The hairs will be conditioned with passionflower extract and pro-vitamin B5. This is great for repairing damage from brow surgery.

The brow gel also includes nylon fibers that thicken eyebrows and give them a fuller, more fluffy appearance. The fibers attach to existing hairs and add length and fullness. If you are looking for Brooke Shields-style brows, this could be worth the cost.

This gel is not cheap, but it’s worth it. Look elsewhere if you want a brow gel that is more affordable than expensive.

Best budget eyebrow gel

This is a functional, non-fussy beauty product that does the job well and doesn’t look glamorous. NYX’s no-frills, fussy eyebrow gel does exactly what its name says – it keeps brow hairs defined and in place.

It’s a good brow gel for the price. However, after using it for a while, it became a bit flaky. My eyebrows felt dry and brittle, and I could see small white flakes. This could be an issue if you have dark eyebrows. However, fair brows should not notice the difference.

The formula was also a little messy. The product in the spoolie applicator is too thick and needs to be wiped away. The gel can also remove any pencils or powder you have already applied. To avoid any waste, I recommend wiping the gel back into the tube.

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