woman in brown coat wearing brown hat standing on snow covered ground during daytime

Every French Girls Should Have These 8 Essentials in Their Wardrobe

woman in brown coat wearing brown hat standing on snow covered ground during daytime

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Paris and have some things to share. Although I don’t consider myself a true French girl I do try to emulate their style by finding wardrobe items that are not too fussy (think Emily in Paris, but more casual-chic).

French girls see their wardrobe as a blank canvas that they can paint and embellish when necessary. These investment pieces are timeless and can tie together cool-girl trends. You can add French-girl basics to your wardrobe by adding textured shoes, quilted purses and Bridgerton-esque blouses. Parisians are not only classy, but they also exude confidence and a sense of humor. You can do anything with chic clothes and lipstick, so keep your head high.

Let’s now look at the eight essentials that will make you a true Parisian.

1. Le blanc button-down

The white shirt is versatile and unifies your wardrobe. You’ll love it, no matter how slim or large the fit. The answer to styling is simple: You can wear anything.

2. A classic trench

Trench coats are a great investment piece. It is timeless and will never go out of fashion. It’s important to choose a neutral color for your ensemble so that you can channel the elegance of a French girl. Pro tip: Don’t tie your belt, if you have one, around your waist to create a chic look.

3. Flats in classic styles

Ballet flats, slides and mules are timeless, but they also serve a very practical purpose. Your stride will speak volumes about your confidence. It’s also embarrassing to lose your heel on a cobblestone street.

4. Parisian tee

The stereotypical striped tee has been seen in movies and fashion magazines. But do French actually wear stripes and berets together? But not together, which would be too obvious. Pair yours with simple accessories and leather pants or jeans instead.

5. A wicker basket

Jane Birkin was the original straw bag creator when she wore her wicker basket and Serge Gainsbourg on one side. For a garden party, a small clutch will work well. However, if you plan to shop at the market, a tote bag is better. If you are a perfectionist, add flowers and a baguette to create a Parisian vibe.

6. A little black dress

A LBD is a Parisian must-have. These dresses are a great addition to any capsule wardrobe. They can be worn with almost anything and will make you feel confident, no matter what. You can make your summer entrance with a front cutout, halter-style halter dress.

7. Denim in classic style

Fun fact: Denim was invented in Nimes, France. It was named, so it will remain a French favourite. To capture the relaxed, effortless style of the French, keep it simple with a straight cut or relaxed fit.

8. A blazer that is large

The slouchy jacket will make you feel runway-worthy, even if you’re wearing it with jeans or a powersuit. For an extra touch, wrap it in a belt or wear it over a knit bralette.

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