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What is the World’s Most Powerful Passport, and Other Interesting Facts About Your Travel Booklet

white and blue identification card

You need a passport in order to travel internationally. But they are more than just a travel document. They also keep track of your global travels and provide access to your journey. These are 12 facts that you might not know about your passport.

  • The current U.S. passport design was created 6 years ago

It was likely that your passport looked different from the ePassport book you have now. You’ll find inspirational images and quotes in the new design. The theme was created by six people from various government agencies. In 1993, the U.S. passports were completely redesigned.

  • So-called “Next Generation Passports”, are on the horizon

The State Department has released an updated passport book. It is designed to be safer than the current one. The Next Generation Passport will again feature updated artwork depicting U.S. architecture, history, culture and landscapes as well as a redesigned data webpage.

The new version will be issued by some passport agencies starting in 2022. However, you cannot request it and your passport book is not required to be replaced until the expiration date.

  • The colors of passports are influenced by geography

Passports are available in black, red, green, and blue. While the exact colors of passport booklets are not known, they do have patterns that are related to policy and geography.

Many countries that use green shades have large Muslim populations or are part of the Economic Community of West African States. Red is common in former communist countries as well as Nordic states. Only a few Caribbean countries and South American members are able to have blue passport books. Black is the least commonly used color, but it can be found on passports of certain African countries, New Zealand and U.S. diplomats.

  • When you apply for a new passport, your old passport can be returned

Although you will need to return your old passport when renewing your passport, you will usually get it back after your new passport has been processed. You may have to request it for renewal of a passport. You may get it in a different package, but the important thing to remember is that your stamps or visas from prior travels will not be lost.

  • A few people may be eligible to receive a second U.S. passport

Some travelers can have two passports from the United States at once. These circumstances could qualify you to receive a second passport book.

A stamp issued by one country will prevent you from traveling into another country. For example, a stamp issued by Israel may prohibit you from entering certain Middle Eastern countries without proof of travel to Israel.

  • Constant international travel means that visas are required frequently

You need urgent documentation if your main passport is delayed during a visa process.
Secondary, “limited validity” passports can be valid up to four years rather than the normal 10.

  • Passport cards can only be used for land or sea travel

Although secondary passport books are uncommon, many Americans have both a passport book and a card. Cards can only be used at land or sea borders (not at airports) to return home from Canada, Mexico and Bermuda. However, you can use your passport card to identify yourself for domestic flight travel.

  • Your passport booklet can’t be extended

If you were worried about running out of pages, you could have additional pages added to your passport. If you plan to exceed the standard 28 pages, you will need to request a 52-pager book along with your renewal application.

  • Gender markers for passports are being updated

Individuals can choose a binary gender option in their passport. This is even if the documentation required to apply for citizenship doesn’t match. The State Department plans to roll out an X-gender marker in early 2022 for people who don’t identify as binary male or female.

  • Visum-free travel is defined as who has the strongest passport

The Passport Index shows that the citizens of the United Arab Emirates have the strongest passports in the world. This is based on their overall mobility. It also means that they are subject to the smallest visa restrictions. The United States is tied fifth with a few European countries as well as Singapore.

Japan also ranks at the top of the Visa Index’s passport power list. Its citizens have visa-on-arrival and visa-free access.

  • Only 45 passports are accepted by the USA visa-free

The United States is ranked #75 on the list as the most welcoming nation based on how many people are allowed to enter the country without visas. The Passport Index lists 23 countries which accept citizens from all 198 listed nations, while 17 require visas for all visitors.

  • You can lose your passport if you don’t pay your taxes

If you owe more that $54,000 in taxes, the IRS can work with State Department to deny or cancel your passport. Unpaid taxes were the reason why more than 400,000 Americans lost their passports in 2019.

  • You can buy passports and citizenship

It is not surprising, then, that even countries with strict immigration and citizenship requirements can be bypassed by those who have enough money. These programs, called citizenship by investment allow the super-rich to get their way. Some Caribbean countries can be opened for as little as $100,000. However, the UK, Australia and New Zealand require a large investment.

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