WFH Essentials We Can’t Live without

Many of us s are proficient at working remotely after a nearly one-year-long learning curve. We are able to tell you where to take your Zoom calls, what coffee to have before vibrating, and how to split time on the couch or in a dining room chair so that you don’t get back pain the next day. This expertise is also useful in the selection of personal items. People know what they cannot live without, whether it’s webcam-friendly earrings or a cushioned mousepad. We are now experts in WFH style.

The collaboration between Iris Apfel and Zenni has made it possible for everyone to get Apfel’s signature style at a reasonable price. The frames offer a variety of functional options that staff love, such as Zenni’s Blue Light Protecting Blokz(r), which allows for the customization of any frame to be sunglasses, progressives or readers. There are 12 color options to choose from, including emerald green and Serengeti animal prints. Each member of the team can express their own style with the individual frames. Below are the WFH items that make our lives easier.

14k Diamond Cage No Piercing Ear Cuff

Combining a few different earrings gives my professional outfits that extra edge. This is the kind of piece I can easily wear with a blazer.

LED Desk Light

It’s great to be able to adjust the heat of the light so that I can use it as a desk lamp to illuminate my face while I’m meeting clients virtually. It can also be used as a reading light and I can adjust the intensity to suit my needs throughout the day.

Tokio Super Grip

Without my daily commute to the office, I’ve traded in my summer kitten heels for something a bit more conventional. My friends and family know I am a Birkenstock fan. However, I recently purchased the clogs which quickly became a wfh-essential. These clogs are my companions, whether I am walking my dog or taking my dog to the park for a sandwich at a deli.

Dual-sided Desk Pad

My WFH station has become more beautiful and comfortable thanks to the keyboard and mouse I purchased.

Cat-eye Glasses

I grew tired of wearing my contacts every day and decided to go for something that makes a statement. I was drawn to the cat-eye shape by its 1950s glamour.

Silver Alessi Edition Moka Coffee Pot

I bought one of these Moka coffee pots in the early WFH days as a way to save some money and was instantly hooked! It’s so satisfying to make coffee every morning on the stovetop. It’s eco-friendly and leaves my oat milk latte without a hint of bitterness–definitely a step up from a K-cup!

Lift and Lengthen Yoga Block

I was an inexperienced person who struggled to maintain my balance in certain positions. Now I don’t have worry about falling over. During my weekly sessions, I can concentrate my energy on being more present and mindful.

Square Glasses

This pair is perfect for all of your zoom calls. I love the 1970s feel.

The Pink Springs

This shirt has all the benefits of a blouse without the fussiness. It can be worn with leggings or jeans in winter, and then with cut-offs in summer. You’ll see me wearing a shirt similar to this almost every day.

Acrylic Folding Tray Table

This desk can be moved anywhere and folded up underneath the couch for storage. It is perfect for apartment living.

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