white charger adapter on brown wooden table

The Top New Anker Gadgets for Remote Work

white charger adapter on brown wooden table

No matter where you are, your everyday carry is part of you. Even if you work from home, you can still customize your loadout to make you more efficient at every task. You can always upgrade your tech collection at home. This is especially true if you don’t have the IT department available to help you get the gear you need. Anker offers the most popular tech EDC accessories and essentials that you can buy today. This roundup will highlight the top gadgets and tech Anker offers for everyday carry, from your home office to your local coffee shop to your next business trip.

Anker Nano Pro Wall Charger

Anker Nano Pro has a small footprint and a strong 20-40 watt USB-C output, depending on how many ports and items you need. Both the 40W power delivery model and the Nano Pro are small enough to be used for charging a variety of devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops. This is the upgrade for those who still use a USB-A charger.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Anker’s wireless Soundcore Libery 3 Pro Bluetooth headphones feature dual-driver technology and a wider range of audio certification. Active noise cancellation adjusts the performance according to pressure in your ear. This ensures that you can listen without distractions. The four sizes of silicone wings and the ergonomic shape of the tips ensure that your ears stay in place even when you’re doing more intense activity. You can also listen to conference calls and participate in them with the microphone, even if the battery has run out.

Anker PowerConf Webcam C300

It is best to ensure that your webcam image is sharp and clear so you can make the most of online meetings and events. Although your smartphone, tablet or laptop may have a built-in webcam, you will likely get better quality and faster frame rates with a dedicated webcam. If you don’t have one, you may find yourself on calls with blurry images, choppy movements, unwanted grain, and unwelcome noises in low-light situations. Anker’s PowerConf C300 webcam has a microphone that is high quality and can deal with all those issues. The autofocus sensor is equipped with AI technology, which predicts when it should focus in and out based upon the image it sees. It can also adjust the field of view to accommodate multiple people if it detects them outside the frame.

Anker PowerConf S500 speakerphone

Although your phone’s speakerphone function can handle noisy meetings, it is not able to handle large groups. Anker’s PowerConf S500 speakerphone can help you bring the same high-quality desktop setups to your home or office. With its four microphones, it can pick up multiple voices in a room and VoiceRadar noise cancelling technology, it excels in removing any unwanted noise. This device is certified to work with Zoom software. Even if you don’t use it for work, the 1.75″ speakers are great for listening to music. Especially if you have two units connected together to make a stereo pair.

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