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13 Best Hoodies Brands Worldwide

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What garment has been more popular in the past two decades than the hoodie? This simple sweater went from being vilified by the media in the 2000s to appearing in fashion week’s front row in the mid to late 2010s. It has been a mainstay for moody teenagers and is now a haute-couture icon.

The mainstream acceptance of sportswear and the cross-pollination between high fashion and streetwear has helped to make what was once a uniform for teens and muggers a common choice in offices.

You’re probably a little late to the party if you don’t have at least one. It’s not too late to join the hoodie revolution, thanks to its growing popularity and acceptance by mainstream fashion. We take a closer look to the best brands and dive deeper into menswear’s most iconic classics.

The Modern-Day Hoodie

The hoodie of today is still casual. It is not formal, and unlike a sweatshirt it can be hard to dress up underneath a sports jacket. There are two types of hoodies. One is the slightly smaller, faded and printed hoodie. This is great for lounging on the couch or going to the pub on Sundays. The other end is the sleek, slim-fitting, plain hoodie.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear a hoodie with a dress shirt, or with dress pants. Instead, try dark jeans or chinos. It does suggest that the hoodie can at least move towards respectability.

Quality is important. The best hoodies are made from heavyweight, all-cotton fabrics. Reverse weave and loop-wheel manufacturers all help to raise standards. However, that’s not what the hoodie really is. The onesie is something that no man should ever be seen alive or dead in, but the hoodie provides a way to feel wrapped up. It is the ultimate security blanket for menswear and should be treasured.

The Best Hoodie Brands For Men

This versatile accessory is a great addition to your casual wardrobe. Here are some labels to consider when looking for high-quality hoodies. Each one is revered for its unique qualities.

Athleisure: Pelota Sporting Clothiers

Pelota Sporting Clothiers is a brand that bridges the gap between leisure and sport. They are purportedly purveyors stylish comfort. We couldn’t be more pleased with the logo hoodie. The fit is both athletic and forgiving, made from organic cotton, recycled materials, and vegan-friendly sources. This is the perfect fit for sport or any occasion when you want a casual, smart-casual look.

The Original: Champion Reverse Woven

The inventor of the style is a better place to start. Champion, a heritage sportswear brand, has been producing official kits for American national teams and professional sporting clubs for generations. They know a lot about making hoodies that perform and look great. The patented reverse weave cotton is durable and reduces shrinkage so your hoodie can last for many years.

Great Value: A Day’s March

Look no further if you are looking for a high-quality, minimal, and comfortable hoody you can wear every day. A Day’s March is a direct-to consumer label. This means you can get premium-quality products at a reasonable price.

The hoodies by Swedish brand are available in six classic colours. They are made in Portugal from thick fleece-back fabric, which is designed to mold to your body and break in with everyday wear. This is a wardrobe essential and a great value.

L’Estrange London: Grown-up Option

L’Estrange London makes versatile, comfortable pieces that can be worn in all seasons. The brand’s Monochrome Hood, which is a smart jacket with the comfort of soft cotton hoodie is the perfect example of this, is a more sophisticated, refined version of a casualwear staple that can be dressed up and down easily. It is available in three timeless colours and will soon be a favorite.

Sunspel: British Quality

Sunspel, a British brand, is known for its premium approach to wardrobe basics. Their range of sweats live up to that reputation. The hoodies are made from high-quality loopback cotton for breathability and durability. They also come in neutral and block-colour options that can be matched with any existing wardrobe.

Sports Luxe: Reigning Champ

Reigning Champ, a Canadian brand that specializes in athletic wear, is a byproduct of athleisure and sports luxe. This sophisticated, stylish sportswear is made from high-quality fabrics that they create and develop in-house.

Street cred: Stussy

Streetwear has grown in popularity over the past few years, with everyone from high-end designers to luxury designers looking for inspiration from skate culture. Stussy is one of the original promoters of streetwear. It was founded by Shaun, the founder in 1980. Expect hardwearing hoodies with street cred and that can withstand daily wear.

Designer Desirability: Gucci

Gucci is the hottest designer label right now. Alessandro Michele is the brand’s creative director. The luxury Italian brand appeals to everyone, from fashion experts to hip-hop artists to Hollywood A-listers. The brand also reignited the logo trend. If you plan to spend a month renting a hoodie for a luxury Italian brand, it may be worth the envy glances.

Skate Icon: Carhartt WIP

Skatewear is not for everyone, especially if you are a man over a certain age. It’s easy and stylish, like Carhartt WIP, so we can all join the fun. The European counterpart to the American heritage workwear brand makes some of our favorite hoodies at affordable prices.

Stone Island – Advanced Fabrics

It might be known for its football-hooligan connotations, or the fact that it is often worn by Drake head to toe. Stone Island’s fervent fans know that it’s all about the groundbreaking fabrics and dyeing techniques. Although loopback jersey cotton may not be very innovative, we would lie if we claimed we didn’t love it when it was beautifully garment dyed. This is true for all hoodies from the Italian luxury brand.

Cult Status: CDG Play

Comme Des Garcons, designed by Rei Kawakubo, has a loyal following due to its bizarre and beautiful avant-garde aesthetic as well as unpredictable runway shows. Its extravagant garments wouldn’t be well received at your local bar. There is a solution in PLAY, the label’s streetwear-leaning subsidiary. The brand’s collection of high-end wardrobe essentials includes the hoodie, which is a classic piece. It also features the iconic bug-eyed heart logo.

Vintage Americana: The Real McCoys

It’s safe to say that Japanese vintage Americana is better than Americana these days. This is more apparent than in The Real McCoy’s Nippon label. The brand has been reviving vintage pieces for over 20 years. These heavyweight jersey hoodies don’t differ from the originals.

Ivy League: Polo Ralph Lauren

The hoodie has always been casual and unpreppy. But Polo Ralph Lauren was the first to change that. New York’s brand was instrumental in bringing this hoodie to new audiences. It transformed a frowned upon outsider into something that could be worn on an Ivy League campus. You can expect classic cuts, collegiate branding, and reassuringly thick construction.

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