woman in green shirt lying on gray couch

These are the summer home wear you need to help you relax this August

woman in green shirt lying on gray couch

Balmy, hot weather makes you want to ditch all your tight-fitting clothing and live in light, breezy linen. Lightweight comfort is important, especially if you work from home in an un-air-conditioned NYC apartment. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style.

The fashion world has become obsessed with this concept of leisure. This gap has been exploited by brands, who have created chic alternatives to pajamas or athletic gear that reflect a relaxed lifestyle. Perhaps this is why your Instagram feed is filled with South of France lifestyle images. There are many options for stylish ways to keep cool and enjoy a relaxing summer. Find out how we style our leisure wear, and browse our top picks.

Here are some ideas about summer home-wear clothes.

  • Choose more comfortable clothes like PJs, Shorts, tees, and frocks.
  • Spend enough money to get something lasting and comfortable, but not looking like you’re homeless.
  • Do not stop on only one type of clothing only for home wear like PJs only or just Sweatpants. Choose different things, so that depending on your mood, you can change the type of clothing you wear.
  • Choose a variety of colors. So for example sometimes when you are feeling happy you can wear a bright color like pink or yellow other times you can wear dull colors like grey and green.
  • As you are going to wear these clothes a lot, make sure they are easy to wash and wrinkle-free. You do not want to iron your home wear all the time or run to the dry cleaners because your home wear is not washable in the laundry all the time.
  • Remember you can be comfortable and stylish at the same time given that you choose the clothes wisely.
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