woman with her hand on cheek

The Skin Routine for Perfect ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup

woman with her hand on cheek

Jillian Dempsey, a LA-based makeup artist, believes in spicing it up a bit, whether she is working with Kristen Stewart, Julia Roberts or GP. She says, “Cheek color and eye pigment–rub it about and diffuse it. I don’t want to ever look too polished.” Dempsey is a master at the art of the ‘undone’. She says that fresh, energized skin and an off-handed approach are the keys to her effortless makeup. She says that there’s something appealing about a worn-in look. “I love a badass, deliberate cool eye. But most people are trying to look awake and better than they were yesterday. High-quality skin care products and color splashes in small areas around the face are key to this.”

Her easy, sculpting, ultramoisturizing, flattering-on-all-skin routine takes minutes, feels fantastic (ever used a pocket-size face-massage device?) and makes you look your best and most rested.


Dempsey states that all skin types require moisturizers, regardless of whether they are dry, combination or oily. If you are suffering from oily skin, moisturizing may help to temper excessive oil production. “I love a clean and rich, creamy cream that absorbs quickly and feeds the skin. The cream that is packed with skin-plumping and firming botanicals is my favorite. It contains plant-based Ceramides and Squalene to instantly make your skin feel softer and smoother.”

Jillian Dempsey says, “Smooth it on and apply it to your neck. Give it time to do its work.” Allow the cream to work for a while. You can still pick up your clothes or brush your teeth.


Dempsey says that the most common complaint clients have is about their undereyes. She says that the key to a great eye cream is one that’s lightweight enough for makeup to be applied smoothly. She loves the way good cream feels on her skin. She uses it in the mornings on her under-eyes. You can also use your index finger to apply it and smooth it over the crow’s feet. It blends beautifully and looks radiant. The little tube is great because you can control how much you squeeze out. You only need a tiny dot.

To avoid allergies, choose the non-scent products or those with slightly organic scent.


Dempsey says, “I don’t do any makeup unless I have time to do the gold bars. People arrive on the red carpet after having a drink or are stressed–and not everyone arrives with a ready face.”

The sculpting bar, which is twenty-four karats gold-plated, uses subtle vibrations to lift the skin and shape the jawline. To get the lifting effect, you should run it up your face in upward strokes. “To contour, I start at the jowl (where the frown lines are) and work my way diagonally upwards towards the ear and temples. It is also great for smoothing out those small puffy creases below the eyes. It’s easy to see the difference in your skin immediately. It helps relieve facial tension so it feels so good while you’re doing it,” she says.

Jillian Dempsey says that the bar can be used in other areas as well. You can trace vertically across the neck lines and slowly move the bar up or down. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive massage. Even if you only have your fingers, a face massage can help to awaken the skin.


Dempsey says that a little color can be a good idea for those who don’t want their skin completely white. Just dip your finger into the pot and then tap the pigment. Don’t worry about it. It’s better to apply color imperfectly.

“My Lid Tints were created as lazy-girl makeup that can be layered for a youthful, natural glow.” Dempsey states that Ruby has become a cult-favorite shade. “People don’t like ruby on their eyes. But it works. It’s also beautiful on lips and cheeks.”


Dempsey gravitates to brown eyeliner when she feels the need for more. She says, “I apply a soft-brown color to the top and lower eye lash lines. Then I smudge it down the lower lash line. It’s something I live in and wear in, it’s what I prefer.”

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