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Some Style Inspiration from “Bridgerton,” “Pride and Prejudice” and Other

woman in red hijab sitting on concrete bench

If you’re like us, you might be binging-watching “Bridgerton” season 2. If so, it could have lead to a marathon of movies starring Regency heroines. We can’t get enough regencycore these days, thanks to Jane Austen’s classics “Pride and Prejudice” and “Emma.” This is the look you’ve been looking for, whether you’re ready to make your spring debut or enjoy walks in the country. Take a virtual tour to The Modiste and discover how Bridgerton-inspired style can be incorporated into your own wardrobe. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and start our study session to see if this fashion style is for you.

What is Regencycore?

Regencycore gives modern sartorial flair to Regency fashions. King George III, a Londoner in the early 19th century, was declared unfit for power. His son, Prince Regent, assumed his place and usher in the Regency era. The young prince was dissuaded from taking important governing decisions and instead spent his time enjoying the splendors at court. The Romanticism movement brought back simplicity, love of the natural world and freedom of expression.

The Regency-era London fashion style embraced a more classical style, moving away from the elaborate gowns of the past century. For dresses of ancient Greek and Roman antiquity, think long, loose, draped fabrics. The empire waist dress was the most popular and came often with puff sleeves and signature necklines. This silhouette is enjoying a moment with silver screen adaptations Jane Austen’s classics, and Netflix’s “Bridgerton” series. TikTok’s hashtag #regencycore has received over 20 million hits, making it a permanent fixture on every fashionista’s wishlist.

Majestic Must-Haves

Regencycore’s simplicity is its beauty. It only has five elements. There are corsets, empire dresses, intricate necklines and puff sleeves, as well as a variety of accessories. Cottagecore’s dressier cousin is here with a soft pastel palette and flowy fabrics. The “Bridgerton”-inspired dresses and details can be worn to a formal or casual event. Are you looking for something to wear to a picnic at the park? A regencycore-inspired nap dress is a must-have. Let’s take a look at the must-haves for Madame Genevieve Delacroix, a dressmaker.

1. Regencycore Essentials Empire Waist Dresses

The bodice of this dress is fitted and cinches closer to the bust than at the natural waist. The billowy fabric, which drapes from below the bust, elongates and draws the eye to the neckline.

2. Regencycore Foundation: The Corset

The original purpose of this garment was to support the body. Modern versions mimic the hourglass shape and offer more comfort. This fitted top, which is bold and striking, can be worn over clothes.

3. Necklines or nothing

Necklines are the key to regencycore tops and dresses. They can be high or ruffled, square or sweetheart. An elegant vintage necklace will catch the light perfectly with a low neckline.

4. Regencycore Needs: Puff Sleeves

Regencycore sleeves come in a variety of lengths, including capped or short. There is no such thing as excessive volume. The larger the volume, the better.

5. Accessories: Gloves, pearls and headpieces

For a modern crown, try an embellished hairband. Add pearls to your “Bridgerton” look. And don’t forget the gloves! You can choose between leather gloves for fall and delicate, longingly lacy spring gloves.

Enjoy the Regencycore Details

After identifying the key pieces of regencycore, let’s now look at the other defining characteristics. This includes the distinctive colors, fabrics, patterns, and embellishments that give regencycore a sophisticated, yet elegant, vibe. The corset and empire dresses are simple silhouettes that call for playful flourishes. It’s all about the details, from embroidered luxe textiles to bold flowers and pastel shades.

1. From light pastels to rich jewel tones, colors

Regencycore colors are fit for a queen. They range from light pastels and neutrals, to rich and regal jewel tones. In Regency times, dying fabric was costly so ivory and white were often worn. It may be down to your affiliation with Team Bridgerton or Team Featherington that you choose a color story. You are looking for a Daphne Bridgerton gown? Avoid whites, pale blues and pinks. Penelope’s cheerful frocks are a delight. Bright yellows, oranges, and green make the Featheringtons stand apart from the rest. A nostalgic jewel-tone look is possible with Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth Bennet dress from “Pride and Prejudice.” This emerald gown features a sweetheart neckline and an empire waist.

2. Regencycore Fabrications: Linen, Silk and Cotton Reign Supreme

Regencycore fabrics can be described as a mix of sophisticated and casual. For relaxed occasions, you will need cotton, linen and muslin. Natural fabrics give dresses, skirts, blouses and pants a delicate feel. Luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin and velvet are best for formal occasions. These fine textiles give “Bridgerton” style outfits and dresses grace and elegance.

3. Patterns: Antique Regencycore Prints Take Center Stage

Regencycore style is a bit of pattern play. Solid shades are prominent, but floral prints dominate. There are many options for floral prints, from cheerful blooms to hand-painted flowers and vintage ditsy prints to suit every occasion. You can add gingham checks to your mix. If you are brave enough to mix patterns, florals and gingham can be a match made in Heaven. Keep your colors complimentary and pair larger prints with more prominent ones.

4. Embellishments: The Regencycore Finishing Touch

The embellishments are the finishing touch to any regencycore garment. The ‘fit’ is defined by its dainty details and extravagant flourishes. Look out for intricate embroidery, applied and lace. The Regency-era fashion “Pride and Prejudice”, which features colorful sashes and scarves, embodies refined and approachable style. Bridal-inspired outfits with “Bridgerton” accentuate the sophistication of “Bridgerton’s” outfits with sparkling sequins or beaded floral appliques. You can top it all with dazzling sequins and beaded floral appliques. You can choose from pearl hair clips and an embellished hat. A feather-trimmed clutch will complete your look. You can put a feather in the cap!

For a contemporary Regencycore Aesthetic, these are the styles to be swooned over

Are you wondering how to incorporate “Bridgerton” fashion in your daily life? It’s easier than you might think. Regencycore draws inspiration from many modern styles. Mix and match romantic styles with boho-chic flair for a flowing silhouette. For a touch of desert daze and cottagecore, add embroidered details to your blouses and balloon sleeves. Don’t forget the Peter Pan collars, which are from dark academia, or a pair preppy style high waisted wide-leg pants. Regencycore incorporates elements of all your favorite fashion movements. Do you want to know how to wear “Pride and Prejudice”, “Bridgerton” clothes? We’ve got you covered.

Casual Regencycore Outfits

We don’t need to wait for the Bridgertons or Featheringtons to come out. Our season is all year. We would be remiss if we didn’t incorporate regencycore into every day of our lives, dear readers. Stock up on pieces that are chic and reminiscent of the era, such as high waistlines or dramatic necklines.

Do you have weekend trips planned to the farmer’s markets? You might consider a maxi with a “Bridgerton” style. You can make this look feminine and floral with a light cotton fabric. Add a few layering necklaces and flat sandals to complete the look. This outfit would be a hit with Lady Whistledown.

This dreamy style can be worn with denim. Look for high-waisted jeans with a loose fit and a slim-leg silhouette in a light wash. For a night out with your friends, pair them with a fitted shirt with a square neckline. You don’t have to be the most glamorous to promenade like the ladies from “Bridgerton.” Instead, take inspiration from the iconic Vivienne Westwood corsets. You only need a fitted top with the right details. Voila!

Soiree-Ready Regencycore looks

Do you receive gold-foiled envelopes in the mail? Perhaps your mailbox contains a Paperless Post invitation for a summer party. It doesn’t matter what, you can get inspired by “Bridgerton” dresses or your regencycore best. We don’t want to be seen as part of the “ton” but we do want to look our best.

The time and location for the ceremony and the party will determine the wedding attire that is appropriate for women. Regencycore dresses work well for both formal and casual events. A floor-length gown with a flowing drape and silky fabric is the best choice if you are asked to dress up for an invitation. Soft jewel-tone colors like citrine yellow and amethyst purple will make you stand out from the crowd. To add a royal touch to your look, you can get into the pearl trend by adding a choker necklace. For a stylish finish, a chic envelope clutch and slingback shoes are all you need.

Regencycore style is a great way to add a little regencycore flair to your outfit for less formal events. Wear a sky blue, petal pink or grass green jumpsuit with espadrille wedges for garden parties. The wedge heel is perfect for uneven and lawns. For a striking silhouette, look for ruffle details in the jumpsuit straps. Are you planning to attend a graduation party? To celebrate the hard work of the graduate, wear a skirt with a floral brushstroke print. These dynamic duo are party-ready in no time with statement earrings and stilettos.

Incorporate the Regencycore Trend in your business wardrobe

Our wardrobes are getting a much-needed overhaul as we return to work. You can add some regencycore to your wardrobe with workleisure and more relaxed dress codes. It is possible to add elegance and whimsy to your work outfit, depending on what type of business attire it is.

To dress warm-weather offices, start with straight-fit linen pants. This will ensure a billowy and flattering hem. You can then choose a classic button-down or tie-neck shirt. For a touch of regencycore, you can add a statement necklace to an Oxford shirt and pop the collar.

For those colder days, warm up with wooly and rich textiles. A timeless neutral-tone turtleneck sweater with ruffle shoulders and a turtleneck sweater sets the tone. Pair it with a pleated, midi skirt. This professional and polished outfit looks great in a boardroom or corner bistro. To complement your overcoat, you should also consider a pair leather gloves. A regencycore twist will make Queen Charlotte and Elizabeth Bennet proud.

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