man wearing red long-sleeved shirt standing beside wall

Why every man should choose clothes subscription services?

man wearing red long-sleeved shirt standing beside wall

What can you do if shopping is not something you enjoy? This is a dilemma men of all tastes face. They want to look good, but don’t like the hassle of trying on clothes that don’t fit or pants that are too big. This excuse was possible in the past by having a closet full of classic, high-quality pieces. You searched for a high-street retailer that was affordable and offered good quality construction. However, you only wanted to buy a few essential pieces. Perhaps you bought a new button-down shirt and a peacoat about every five years. This combination can be boring and make you feel like you are missing out.

The menswear subscription box is here to help you. Subscription boxes were created over a decade ago as a convenience tool that provides a wide range of information – such as grooming, snacks, and vegetables – that you might not normally use or promise to try again. You don’t have to be a clothing expert to find boxes of any type, from basic underwear to vintage or plus-size clothing.

Menswear subscription boxes are generally good in a few areas. They’re an easy way to update your wardrobe without having to spend too much time shopping and browsing. They make it easier to shop, especially if you have a busy job or other obligations. Menswear subscription boxes are able to be customized based on your style, size, brand preference, and budget. You’ll probably end up wearing the majority of the items you receive, provided you have a stylist to guide you.

Working with a stylist can help you to explore new options or find what you like. Sometimes even the most well-dressed and stylish men can feel like they are winging their way through life. This is why it’s so important to have some guidance, especially if there are areas in your wardrobe that need improvement. You might look great in casual weekend wear but not so well when dressing up for work or formal events. Here’s some information to help you decide whether a subscription box for menswear is right for you.

  • There’s always something for everyone

The Trunk Club is the place to go for subscription boxes that are specifically designed for menswear and not men’s grooming products. The Trunk Club was owned by Nordstrom department store. It had a unique format that is different from other subscription services. Trunk Club is more like Suitsupply or Knot Standard. It offers a combination of in-store and online services to help you find the right size. These appointments allow you to discuss your style preferences with a stylist, have your measurements taken, and negotiate prices.

Trunk Club was the platform for today’s larger players. Stitch Fix offers a wide range of styles for men and women from a variety of brands. Bombfell has become the most popular box for smart-casual food, while Amazon Prime has entered the fray after it launched its own menswear brands. There are many other options available that target a niche consumer beyond these three.

Frank & Oak is a French Canadian company. Oak offers a sustainable alternative, with garments made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. It also gives local brands visibility. Basic Man is, however, exactly what it sounds. It’s a box that contains essentials you will run out of, such as briefs, T-shirts and socks. There are also options for brighter colours. Italic, a luxury brand, has launched a similar members-only program to allow access to more expensive styles and accessories.

For plus-size men, there are options such as The Winston Box, which offers access to high-priced accessories and styles. Vintage boxes like Comma can also be found. The subscription box model also includes men’s accessories. SprezzaBox allows you to explore various sunglasses and pocket squares as well as other accents. Bespoke Post matches high-quality clothing brands such Grayers and Taylor Stitch and various accessories such shoes, grooming products, knives, and cooking tools. There’s a subscription service for almost every style angle and facet.

  • Usually all offerings are comprehensive

Each month your box is delivered by a stylist. You will meet with the stylist to discuss your personal preferences, price range and what you would like in your box. This is partly due to machine learning and combines with a wide selection of accessories and apparel from partnering brands and in-house brands to ensure that you receive a more appealing selection. Stitch Fix, for example, has over 100 brands to choose from and offers sizes XS through 3XL. Whatever service you use, they will do their best to match your needs.

  • Various factors

Menswear subscriptions can be affordable to a certain extent, as they can fit within your luxury budget. For some services, clothing starts at $20-30 per piece. Designer clothes and tailoring options can cost upwards of $500. You will spend less on your wardrobe if you buy everything separately, even if styling fees are included. The price of the service’s inhouse brands can be significantly reduced, while the cost of name-brand options will increase. Your box doesn’t have to be limited to clothing, as we mentioned above. You can add accessories or grooming products to certain services, such as Bespoke Post and mainstream ones like Bombfell.

  • Why not?

A clothing subscription box may not be for everyone, despite the above points. If you are working only with a digital stylist, it may take several shipments to find the perfect fit. You may have to return the box and make changes, especially if your height and torso are not included in the sample.

Subscription boxes are not like an eCommerce storefront. There are no sales. Some customers have experienced similar subscription-type arrangements to gym memberships after signing up for box services. We know what we are referring to: After being tempted by lower rates, you end up in a two year contract that will require legal assistance. You will still receive mail if you decide to end the arrangement. You won’t have access to all the drops, even with high-end services.

Subscription boxes that are streetwear-centric are very limited, given the market demand. HypeBox is the strongest competitor. ThreadBeast is a distant second, mixing streetwear brands such as Elwood, The Hundreds and 10. Deep with simpler offerings. Grailed or similar marketplaces are a good place to start if you’re searching for something truly unique.

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