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What You Need To Know About Very Peri

purple and black pyramid wallpaper

Sometimes, it’s only when we look back that we see that a particular color can be associated with an era or a year. Avocado green was a popular color in the late 1960s due to its availability on many household fridges. Perhaps the mid-’80s will be able to claim neon yellow, or any other shade of neon yellow. Instead of looking back, Pantone takes a look at the current situation and declares the Pantone Color of the year. Today, Pantone, a company that is known for its ability to determine all things color-related has announced that 2022 will be all about Very Peri.

Pantone describes Very Peri (AKA 17-3938) as “a vibrant periwinkle-blue hue with a vivifying purple-red undertone.” Blurple, in other words. The new shade is truly special. Pantone is known for its poetic descriptions of the Color of the Year. This year it said that the “inquisitive” shade displays “a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity which animates our creative spirit.” Pantone also stated in a press release that Very Peri “helps to embrace this altered landscape, opening us up for a new vision as he rewrites our lives,” referring specifically to the global changes over the past two years. Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri rekindles gratitude for the many qualities blue represents, paired with a fresh perspective that resonates today.

Very Peri is a beautiful color to wear, especially on your face, hair, and nails. Pantone announced that Very Peri is a color that reflects personal creativity and daring imagination. It can be used in eyes, nails and hair, in a range of finishes and applications, from shiny and glam to matte. There will be collaborations across many industries as usual. However, you don’t need to wait to incorporate the color into your own look.

We are most excited to use Very Peri as our eyeliner. Wet n Wild MegaLiner Lipstick in Voltage Blue is a great choice for highlighting the eyes with mascara or on the bare skin. J. is a blendable option that can be used as a liner and shadow. Cat Beauty The Big Eye Pencil Violet. The shade Vanilla Sky reads very Very Peri but in a more soft, blue-leaning manner.

Although Very Peri might seem bold, there is a subtle way to wear it. Pat McGrath Labs Lust Gloss in Astral Mon Flower. This adds periwinkle pearlescence and lets your natural color show through.

Very Peri will be a big hit at nail salons. There are many options if you want to add the shade to your home arsenal. OPI Nail Polish in Show Us Your Tips is a beautiful periwinkle color with lots of shimmer. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Crying Out Loud is a creamy option for a muted manicure.

For the most low-maintenance way to wear Very Peri look for easy hair accessories such as headbands or scrunchies. Madewell’s Fleece Scrunchie, Dusk Peri is our favorite. Although the fabric has a casual feel, the color is bold and screams “Yeah! I’m quite fancy!”

We are excited to see Very Peri make its way into many aspects of our lives in 2022. Laurie Pressman, Vice President at the Pantone Color Institute, stated that “As society continues recognize color as an essential form of communication and a way of expressing and affect ideas, engage and connect, and the complexity of this new, red-violet-infused bleu hue highlights the vast possibilities that lie ahead of us.”

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