How Pandemic Changed The Fashion Trends for Men in 2021

Our 2021 global fashion trend analysis data for buyers and consumers shows that consumers are choosing styles and materials that fit their home and workplace needs.

Fashion trends analysis revealed that relaxed outfits will be a major part of the wardrobe over the next few years. This is expected to become an Athflow fashion trend. Our styles are a combination of elegance, athleisure and fluidity. This style requires a stylish balance between daily styling and office dressing.

The style that consumers want is professional and sophisticated for work, but also flexible enough to be used at home, for sports and other activities, and comfortable. To emphasize minimalism and comfort, the material texture is soft, natural cotton, wool, and fleece.

Tailored Brands plans to embrace relaxed clothing, but it faces many obstacles. The demand for formal clothes other than those worn to work is declining.

The giant Hong Kong-based TAL Group, a supplier for dress shirts to Brooks Brothers and Charles Tyrwhitt said to Bloomberg that Brooks Brothers Shirt Supplier was Shifting to Face Masks. It expects its business to drop 50% from April to December due to the Pandemic. Due to pandemics, items such as dress stilettos aren’t being sold. Ralph Lauren, which sells clothing for more formal occasions, stated today that its sales have dropped 66% in the most recent quarter, compared to last.

Luxury clothing stores and value shops have seen sales drop since the outbreak of the pandemic. This is due to shoppers cutting back on spending and store closures. The only thing that has been able to offer some hope for the industry is clothing that you can wear while working out or relaxing at home. We call it athflow or home-lounge fashion items.

Asos, which sells activewear from its in-house brand, launched it in 2018. It saw significant growth in casual apparel and sneakers businesses, which helped boost its total sales by 10% despite the pandemic. Evening dresses, formalwear and day dresses sales all fell.

Investment firm Bernstein stated bluntly in a March 18 email to stakeholders that the first half 2020 was “likely going be the worst” in modern luxury goods history.

There have been many disruptions to the luxury industry, including two world wars and 1918 Spanish Flu. The industry’s current standard of globalized conglomerates that sell to wealthy people but also to emerging middle classes around the globe has been in existence since the 1990s. Coronavirus presents the industry with its greatest challenge, even greater than the 2008 recession.

According to Euromonitor International market research analyst the US retail sales for men’s suits will plummet by 24% and fall to $1.5 billion this year. Five years ago, sales stood at $2.1 billion. But, they have fallen steadily despite the fact that suits sales worldwide have risen, thanks to growing demand in China.

Comfort is the main selling point of this season. Comfort-oriented homewear becomes the most important item that meets multi-occasional as well as unisex needs. Mix and match. The cross-seasonal concept can be easily realized by a basic sweatshirt or a basic languid pullover with an oversized neck. Street functional elements can be added to basic styles to improve practicality and function.

  • Styles for larger sizes

An oversized silhouette is still the best option for a hoodie. It is versatile, comfortable, and can be worn by both genders. The most striking details are the decorative zippers and drawstring. The traditional silhouette is enhanced by a smooth outline and large sleeves. The dynamic rhythm is enhanced by the slit detail at the hemline.

  • Layering

Layering is still very popular. Comfortable layers of elastic fabric and a fitted silhouette provide comfort for both leisure and work-at home. Layering is possible with saturated monochrome pieces. The application of patterns is another important aspect to show avant-garde street style.

  • Retro Polo T-shirts

The most iconic item in the retro style is the Polo shirt. This design is full of street elements and reflects the rebellious preppy style. The design is updated with a loose silhouette and splicing details to satisfy the desire for tender and stylish products. The classic elements are maintained by the retro Logo and stripes.

  • Cozy home-leisure

It is still an important category. This can be seen in the latest collections. Comfortable design, skin-friendly fabric and fitted tailoring make this the perfect choice for home and office. To give you versatility, versatile athletic homewear can be combined with formal wear. This set is ideal for consumers who value comfort.

  • Elegant — Suit pants and Sweatshirt

It is imperative that consumers stay at home more often to enjoy the stylish comfort of a combination of suitpants and sweatshirts. This unique mixed style offers a surprising dressing experience and visual effect.

  • Utility and functionality

The outdoor fashion trend still emphasizes utility and functionality. Instilling practical elements and protective details with eye-catching pockets is a great way to show your support. Outdoor security is assured by functions like temperature adjustment and heat insulation. The basic item can be upgraded with artistic detail. Excess materials can also be used to preserve the environment.

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