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What is The Ombre Eyebrow Trend? And Why Everyone is So Obsessed With It?

closeup photography of woman's face

There are a lot of options for brow treatments. One trend that seems to be more popular is ombre brows. While ombre has been a popular trend in hair, nails and almost every other category of beauty, it may be a little harder to explain when it comes brows. (TBH, same.)

Jennifer Sanchez, the owner of Brows By Jenny Rose, explains that Ombre eyebrows (also known as powder eyebrows) is a semi-permanent way to shade your brows. This technique can improve the shape of the eyebrows, fill in any missing areas and in most cases replace the need for applying makeup.

You may be wondering what makes them ombre. Sanchez explains that the brows’ tails are darker than the beginning and fade to light towards the end of the brow, creating a soft ombre effect. The look can be customized, as with all treatments. The pro says that brows can be customized to suit the client’s preferences.

What to Expect during an Ombre Brow Treatment

It is important to take some measurements. Sanchez explains that “I begin by mapping out my eyebrows with a brow ruler.” She reminds us, however, that “brows should be sisters, and not twins!”

The pro explained that ombre shading is achieved by a tattoo shading machine. This machines implants pixelated ink to create an overall powder effect. Don’t be alarmed about the word tattoo. She says, “The best thing about my clients is that they feel minimal pain.”

Ombre Brows: The Benefits

This treatment not only gives you fuller brows but also eliminates the need to use brow makeup or tools. Sanchez says, “You’ll literally be able say, I woke up like that’.” You will be able to say, “I woke up like this,” and save time getting ready.”

The treatment is available to almost anyone. Sanchez says that Ombre Brows can be used on all skin types, ages and hair types. To achieve visible results with microblading you will need normal-dry skin that is free from blemishes.

Ombre Brows: Side Effects

Sanchez claims there are no side effects. However, it is important to be aware of a few things before you make an appointment. Sanchez says that he has to complete a health history form for each client in order to make sure they are not suffering from any medical conditions or taking any medication that could slow down the healing process.

Sanchez says that some people leave with slightly reddened or swollen eyebrows. This can last for several days. Sanchez says that you must trust the process.

Ombre Brows Aftercare

For the best results, there are some things you can do at home. Sanchez says that the most important thing to do is keep your brows clean and hydrated. She also recommends staying away from excessive sweating and moisture for at least two weeks.

Sanchez says that if the aftercare isn’t done properly, it can lead to infections and the brows won’t heal properly. Sanchez recommends that her clients visit her for a follow up appointment after 8-10 weeks, “so I can assess the retention” and “to correct any areas that might not have taken the pigment.”

  • BBB London Nourishing Oil ($35)

It’s easy to maintain your brows with this roll-on oil.

  • Briogeo B. Well Organic + Cold-Pressed 100% Castor Oil ($26)

Castor oil is also great for moisturizing your brows, hair, and lashes. The treatment may also be affected by certain skincare products. Sanchez says that after the healing process has been completed, I recommend to my clients not to apply facial acids, retinoids or anti-aging products directly on the brows. This will ensure that the brows do not fade prematurely.

  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O ($15)

Use a gentle cleanser such as micellar oil to avoid irritation and prevent your eyebrows from becoming drab.

  • Dermstore Collection Days of the week Reusable Cleansing pads ($15)

These soft, reusable cotton round are gentle on the skin and remove makeup.

  • Supergoop! Unseen Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Spf 40 Pa+++ ($34)

Sanchez warns that direct sun exposure is not a friend. He advises clients to wear a hat and to use clear sunscreen when they are out in the sun. Protect your investment!

The treatment can last for up to three years, even though it is expensive (between $500-1000 depending on where you live). Sanchez says that a color-boost refresh is recommended every one-to-two years.

How to Make the Ombre Brow at Home

Although you may not be able do ombre brows at home easily, there are a few products that can help. Sanchez says that you will need a brow pencil to determine where your eyebrows should be placed. Fill in the eyebrows using a brow pencil, powder or a light hand to create an ombre effect. You will then need to fill in the middle and ends with a brow pencil or powder. Make sure to use a light hand to blend the colors.

  • Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cream Refillable Brow Pencil ($25)

This pencil is perfect for both filling in and tracing brows. Bonus: It’s refillable!

  • Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga the Edge Precision Brow Pencil ($20)

Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories created the first brow product. It mimics hairlike strokes and is perfect for creating a ombre look. You’ll always find the perfect match with 13 different shades.

  • Velour Lashes Fluff’n Brow Pencil- 3-in-1 Balm and Brow Pencil ($25)

This tool includes a brow pencil, a wide balm to fill in more area and a spoolie.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo ($23)

This blendable, customizable duo is for you if you prefer to use brow powder to fill your brows. It comes in nine shades.

  • Maybelline Brow Drama Pro eyebrow palette ($7)

This compact trio of highlighters, powder, and wax is only $7.

  • Merit Beauty Brow 1980 ($24)

This pomade is vegan and clean. It contains kaolin clay and natural colors. A 2021 update will give it a more ’80s-esque appearance.

  • Glossier Boy Brow ($16)

This cult-favorite eyebrow wax comes in four shades and clear for grooming. It also contains conditioning ingredients.

  • It Cosmetics Brow Volumizing Tinted Fiber Eyebrow gel ($25)

Although it may not last as long as a true ombre brow gel, this gel is natural looking and can be used for up to 16 hours. It’s not too bad.

  • Benefit Cosmetics Pomade waterproof brow pomade ($20)

Use an angle brush to apply this highly pigmented pomade for color, shaping and lasting power.

  • Refy Brow Shape and Hold Gel with Lamination (24$)

The gel-wax combination keeps your brow hairs in their place. The dual-ended applicator allows you to control your appearance and shape.

  • Patrick Ta Major Brow Shaping Oil ($22)

This wax not only keeps your brows in place but also conditions them with olive oil and hydrating gelin.

  • NYX Professional Makeup Doesn’t Stop Willing to Stop 24HR Full-Color Matte Concealer ($9)

A full-coverage concealer, whether drawn-in or real, can be applied around the eyebrows to keep it clean and defined.

  • Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Sculpting Wax Pencil & Styler ($20)

To ensure brows that don’t move: The one side contains a clear brow wax and the other houses a tool to shape your brows. It looks a lot like a toothbrush.

  • Sigma Beauty E75 Angled Brush for Brows ($17)

You can use a firm, angled brush to apply powdered or pomade-like strokes to your hair.

  • E.l.f. E.l.f. Brow Wand ($2)

A spoolie is a must-have in every brow toolkit. This one costs only $2.

  • Lastswab Beauty Reusable cotton Swab ($12)

A swab can be used to erase mistakes or apply brow pomade. This swab is biodegradable and washable to reduce waste.

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