This is Why Luxury Fashion Houses Are Exploring the Metaverse

Welcome to the virtual world! Luxury fashion houses are joining the metaverse, following Nike and Adidas. OTB Group and Balenciaga have recently announced their plans to join the game. South Korean giant Naver Z Corp launched its Zepeto platform, where many avatars are dressed in couture gear.

Fashion brands are finding the virtual world of metaverse a real life-size playground. These labels are not content to partner with online video games like Balenciaga x Fortnite. They want their own arenas where they can present and sell their collections digitally. This makes them more accessible than ever before.

Accessibility and exclusivity. Interaction

Luxury fashion houses, long considered impossible to reach, have been working for years to expand their client base and their horizons. First, they used social media, then online games to reach a key target — Millennials, and Gen Z consumers, who in essence represent the future.

The metaverse allows such brands to reach a younger audience. While they may not be able afford designer shoes that cost several hundred dollars, they could purchase their virtual counterparts to outfit their super-stylish avatars.

The South Korean Zepeto is the one to watch closely in the fashion world. It was launched by Naver Z Corporation. Users can get kitted out as never before with their avatars. This metaverse is indeed located around the world fashion — it has a seemingly endless marketing potential.

Louboutin and Ralph Lauren, Gucci, MCM and Louboutin are just a few of the fashion houses that have entered the South Korean market. Dior and Nars also offer virtual cosmetics.

Zepeto is not only luring the luxury sector, but also creating a buzz among artists and animation giants who want to offer virtual clothing to their fans. For example, Miraculous, Selena Gomez and Major League Baseball are reaching out to users.

Zepeto is now accessible via a mobile app and has over two million users per day, according to The Wall Street Journal. It is not difficult to see that Zepeto has attracted the attention of major fashion companies.

The digital revolution is here. Luxury fashion houses aren’t stopping at partnerships. These are definitely lucrative but less interesting than brands creating their own digital universes. Expect a series of announcements like this, which will reveal not just one, but many new worlds. Nike and Adidas are already moving from theory to practice. To create Nikeland, the former has partnered up with Roblox, while the latter has teamed up with Bored Ape Yacht Club and Gmoney to build its virtual community.

Balenciaga, bolstered from its recent experiences, announced during a conference on Business of Fashion the creation of an entirely dedicated unit to this parallel universe. However, it did not say more about its projects. OTB Group, via its company BVX (Brave Virtual Xperience), is also continuing to work on this subject. The race for the title is on.

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