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The Hourglass Shape: Facts About Your Body

man standing near woman in forest

Is it not crazy to imagine that fashion in years past (and Kardashians included corsets to create an hourglass silhouette)? Wild. Your hourglass figure is the envy of most women. But, it doesn’t mean dressing up your figure has to be difficult. This simple guide will help you dress your hourglass figure no matter your features.

What is an hourglass shape?

  • Your body would be described as curvy.
  • A well-defined waist is a sign of your body.
  • Your bust measurement and your hip measurements are approximately equal
  • Your bust, hips and thighs may be larger than average.


Two things are key to dressing up an hourglass figure:

1) show off your beautiful lady shape

2) define your waist.

Your curves are amazing. Now it’s time for you to show them off in flattering silhouettes that hug your body and pieces that hit all the right spots.

These guidelines will help you embrace your hourglass shape.


Must-Have Tops for Hourglass Shapes

We’ll tell you: Fitted, fitted, fit! It’s all about highlighting your neckline and celebrating your waist with hourglass shapes. These are your power pieces:

  • Form-fitting jersey knits
  • Wrap tops
  • Peplum blouses
  • Tailored tops that fit comfortably in the chest
  • Anything with a V neck, round neck, or boat neck

The perfect shape for tailored, structured silhouettes is the hourglass. The beauty of this shape? Your curves are already perfectly balanced. All your basic pieces, including casual tees, should be fitted. Your button-up blouses for work should be tailored to highlight your slim waist.

The Best Sleeve Lengths For Hourglass Shape:

Sleeve length can be adjusted with great flexibility! Do you want to draw attention to your waist? Wear elbow-length clothes. Do you love to show off your arms? You can wear a cap sleeve, flutter sleeves or even a tank-top to show off your arms.


The Best Jackets for Hourglass Figures:

Jackets that highlight your waist are a good choice. You will look stunning in a classic trench, a fitted blazer, a cropped silhouette, or if you have elastic waistbands, he bomber jackets, a fitted blazer, or sleeveless blazer, and sleeveless bomber jackets.

Avoid boxy styles. They won’t flatter your curves. Focus on silhouettes that draw attention to the slimmest part of your frame.


Perfect Dresses for the Hourglass Shape:

Dresses were made for the hourglass figure. You can channel your Monroe spirit and choose iconic silhouettes such as the wrap dress or fit & flare. These shapes will highlight your best features.

An empire silhouette is a great option if you are looking for something different. Why? They show off your natural waist.

Avoid flowing styles. A belt can be added to a dress if it is a trapeze or another loose-fitting silhouette that you love. As a rule of thumb, belt it if in doubt!

How about hemlines?

You have a lot of options when it comes to hemlines. The mini is the best option if you are proud of your legs. High-waisted skirts with a hem that falls below the knee are great for covering up. You can flatter the hourglass figure by reducing their curves with a high-waisted skirt. Choose simple silhouettes in dark, solid colors.


The Best Jeans & Pants for the Hourglass Shape

Grab your floor-grazing, high-waisted flares and dancing shoes. You can wear more daring, low-rise hip-hugging styles if you are proud of your flat stomach. These look great with either a very fitted or slightly cropped top. Leggings and skinny jeans are great for showing off your curves and leg. They work best when the inseam length is regular and not cropped.

Jumpsuits that fit snugly are so in-style can look incredible on you. Be sure to choose flattering styles for your waist. Your hips are so well-balanced, you don’t need to add any additional details like cargo pockets or large seams to highlight them.


Outfit toppers for the Hourglass Shape

Your best friend is a skinny waist belt! You look amazing with necklaces. If you want to show off your bust, choose a length that falls just below your collarbone. A clutch or purse with a little structure is a great way to contrast your flowing curves.

One last thought on body shapes

Everybody is unique. Even if you aren’t an hourglass figure, you can mix and match shapes to find the perfect fit. These are just guidelines for

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