green potted plant on white round table

The Home Accessories Our Friends can’t Get Enough of

green potted plant on white round table

It’s not easy to change the direction of your home’s design once you have established a style. It’s much easier to make subtle changes using fun decor accessories. It’s also a pleasure to shop for them. We asked some people to share the home accessories that they have scattered around their homes and apartments. This reveals a little about their personalities. Discover how they fill their empty spaces with their favourite items, from vivacious throws and girly placemats to timeless vase.

Leya Kaufman

My standing desk may not be the most beautiful, but the items that decorate it are. It turns out that a little bit of crystal can make a big difference.

Zebre Camoufle Change Tray

This piece can bring life to a boring corner of any home. Trays are a great way to make clutter look stylish.

Socrate Throw

The neutrals of beige, navy, and grey work well together and don’t clash with any of the striking artwork that we will own. We are in dire need of color right now, so multicolored throws such as this one are essential!

Caroline Dunn

Le Bain Bath Mat

A bath mat that fits my unfortunate “girl who never lets you forget she studied abroad” persona. This one is too good to resist!

Mini Sheepskin

Though I am a self-proclaimed maximalist when it comes to interiors, I value the softness that this sheepskin would bring to a living room when juxtaposed with a statement chair or couch–plus, cozy is key. The subtle texture and the iron base make this shade stand out. This shade is the perfect accessory to enhance your WFH setup.

Santorini Vase

I am a firm believer that fresh flowers are vital to any space, so I am always on the hunt for more vases. Arhaus’s vases are ideal as they can hold large arrangements and look great with nothing.

Ama Kwarteng

Vibrant colors and beautiful patterns are calming for busy minds, while still being visually pleasing.

Squiggle Vase

This multi-hued vases from The Sette looks almost like art. I love the way you can see the subtle variations in color and how it isn’t perfect. They make it more visually appealing.

Vera Ceramic Side Table

The side table is stunning on its own. However, I would add a large plant or small, colorful, water-based trays to it and a lamp to enhance the decor.

Camille Freestone

Fiore Spirit Decanter

A vintage-looking crystal decanter adds a more traditional aspect to my bar cart. I searched for a similar vintage option, and decanted my whisky in it. When I have finished my glass, I turn on Peaky Blinders and I feel right at home.

Bookends Italian Marble Made in Italy Mid Century

As I am an avid reader and don’t possess a single large bookshelf in my home, I have books spilling over every surface. A nice set of bookends can be used to make it appear that a row of books is part of my decor (and not a reason for not having proper storage).

Everyday Tapers

I keep several sets of holders and candlesticks that I use on the mantle, dining table and shelves. I also have a few other types of holders and candlesticks. I love to have a variety of tapers at my disposal.

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