open book beside black and red digital watch and silver macbook

12 Items to Add to Your Everyday Carry

open book beside black and red digital watch and silver macbook

As the season changes into fall, it’s the perfect time to review and re-assess your everyday carry. You’re likely to be wearing warmer clothes as the weather gets colder. This means you will need more pockets to store your gear. We’ve compiled a list with both new releases and old favorites that you can add to your fall pack.

Streamlight Pocket Mate

Shorter days and darker nights mean it’s a good time to make sure you’ve got a proper flashlight handy. It has a compact design so you can attach it to your hat or clothes for quick illumination. Its smooth reflector reflects light up to 76 meters and delivers bright white LEDs that can reach 325 lumens at high. A general use low mode provides 45 lumens and a range of 28 meters for one hour of continuous usage. The Pocket Mate is made from machined aluminum and features impact resistant polycarbonate and IPX4 weather resistance.

Glow Rhino Reactor Knife

Glow Rhino is a specialist in gear with Tritium inserts. These are self-illuminating, non-rechargeable isotope capsules that glow by themselves. It comes with a large Tritium vial that provides over ten years of glow without the need for batteries. It is finished with premium materials, including titanium handles and an S35VN blade. It measures in at 2.9 inches and is perfect for EDC use. Premium steel provides excellent edge retention. This knife is available in a choice of matte Titanium Black PVD or matte Titanium Black.

BOLDR Supply Co. Venture Wayfarer

This watch is a tribute to classic watches, but with a modern twist. It features a 24-hour subdial in an ultra-durable 38mm titanium Venture case. The main dial, sub-dial and date window are powered by a Japanese automatic movement. The Wayfarer has a screw-down crown and a scratch-resistant sapphire glass. It also has 200M water resistance. The Wayfarer is an excellent choice if your life falls outside of the typical day/night cycle most people follow.

Everyman Grafton Pens

Whether you’re jotting down notes or signing receipts after meals, having your own pen as part of your daily carry can come in handy. Everyman is known for its many successful Kickstarter projects, including the EDC-worthy. This is a great value-packed, durable, buy-for life design that has won over many EDCers with its simplicity, durability, and affordable price. The Grafton Line of pen is expertly weighted and built for durability. There are many styles and colors to choose from so that you can find the right one for your EDC. You can choose from a variety of pens, including the Original Grafton, Mini Grafton and Mini Twist. There are also crimson versions, crimson versions, and even a mechanical pencil.


EDC experts don’t recommend that you buy a bulky, heavy bag. Their bag is minimalist, waterproof, and modern. It provides both organization and durability to protect your gear, rain or shine. The main compartment has 26L of storage space, divided into 6 parts. A magnetic buckle secures the smaller items. The SHADOW 26 features both YKK Aquaguard zippers and their exclusive BOND-STITCH construction to complete its waterproof construction.

Dango MC01 Titanium Money Clip

While Dango understands that minimalist wallets are on the rise thanks to the increasing popularity of credit cards and contactless payment, they also know that cash is still a day to day reality for many. This is a great option to securely store your cash, while still being lightweight and durable enough for EDC. The titanium’s springy qualities allow the clip to expand to hold up to 50 bills and shrink to fit one bill without losing its shape. If all this space is not enough, you can add a silicone band to give you additional space for around 30 bills or 10 cards.

G-SHOCK “Master of G” Series

The quad-sensor technology of both watches includes an altimeter/barometer and thermometer as well as an accelerometer and compass. They both have a two year battery that can be used for minimal maintenance. There are five alarm settings and stopwatch functionality. These watches can not only keep track of time but also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to provide daily tracking functions such as a steps counter and calorie calculator. They also have a mission log function and a phone finder. The GGB100 and GRB200 have an extra-resilient design that includes a carbon core guard structure, carbon fiber insert bezel, and a carbon core protector. The MUDMASTER can withstand mud and the GRAVITYMASTER has an aviator-inspired design, as their models names indicate.

Deejo MyDeejo Custom Knife

Whether you prefer to keep your loadout lightweight, appreciate timeless design, or love to customize your gear to be one-of-a-kind, look no further than a from Deejo. You can customize every aspect of the knife using their online customization tool. This includes its handle materials, blade finish and decorative blade embellishments. To help you visualize your ideas, you can view each option on a 3D rendering. MyDeejo allows you to personalize the handle with engraving text. This makes it perfect for gifting. Deejo’s unique knives can be customized in just two business days.

Ridge Wallets

The Ridge wallet is more durable than a traditional leather wallet and can be used in a variety of configurations, finishes and materials. One of the most popular “Forged Carbon” wallets is a carbon fiber one. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around. The unique carbon fiber patterning adds just enough visual interest to the subdued design. Ridge’s 2021 top-selling wallet, the “Forged Ember,” has red speckles that imitate volcanic ash. This gives you a pop inspired by nature. If you are more outdoorsy, the 2020 bestseller “Topographic” wallet will be a favorite because of its patterning which features popular American landmarks.

Glow Rhino Tritium Glow Fob

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the right tool at a glance when it is dark. This is where the added visibility of a shines. The key fob is small and lightweight, and contains a vial tritium, which glows in darkness for more than a decade without the need to be charged with an external light source or sunlight. For emergency situations, the fob can be made from durable materials such as titanium or CNC-machined stainless steel. It also has a glass breaking tip at its end. It can be attached to keys, bags, or any other gear so you are prepared for anything, even if the lights go out.

Inforce TFx Flashlight

With a rugged but lightweight reinforced polymer body that offers high-impact resistance and extreme durability, the flashlight aims to strike a balance between performance and resilience. The TFx is not your ordinary aluminum flashlight. Instead, it makes use of the more flexible polymer body to add unique touches such as large heat-dissipating ventilations to improve temperature management and a deep, textured knurling for superior grip. The main modes of the TFx are controlled by a rubber tail switch, which controls 700 lumens for two hours and 60 lumens 12 hours respectively. There is also a momentary and strobe function to complete its outputs. The TFx is lightweight and powerful, even with its 2 x CR123A battery, weighing only 3.75 ounces.

Recycled Firefighter

Each wallet is unique because it’s made from repurposed material. It comes with its own battle scars and wear pattern so you know that you’re getting an original product. The original Recycled Firefighter front pocket wallet, “The Sergeant”, can hold between 4-8 cards. Recycled Firefighter has a men’s bifold (“The Lieutenant”) and a front pocket bifold (“The Captain”) for those who prefer to keep their wallets organized.

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