man sitting on gang chair with feet on luggage looking at airplane

The Best Travel Pants Should be Comfy and Fashionable. Here are the best options

man sitting on gang chair with feet on luggage looking at airplane

Pants are a type of clothes that covers the legs, usually from the waist down to the ankle. That’s from the dictionary. Accordingly, joggers and some type of tapered sweats in dark colors are the best travel pants. This style is flexible, comfortable, durable, and sleek. It has all the necessary components to allow you to sit for long periods of time in a small space. When I travel on planes, I don’t wear anything else. The days of poor airline service are gone. Gone are the days when passengers were served dry martinis in glasses and roasted duck on plates. Whether you travel in economy or first class, the point of traveling is to get to your destination quickly and without any delays. Why wear trousers or a suit with a button-closed waistband and no elastic waistband? To me, dressing up is absurd.

If you are flying from one place to another, a suit or chino will be appropriate. A two-piece is fine if you have to be on the move quickly and don’t have time to change. Another exception is when you simply want to look presentable. That’s something I fully understand, and so do many brands.

Vuori, Everlane, Lululemon, and Bononbos are some of our favourite labels that have made pants specifically for travel. These pants combine the comfort and performance of a jogger with traditional trouser design. These pants are made with elastic waistbands and stretch that will allow you to move quickly through terminals. Many have drawstrings, and some are made from materials that can be sweaty. They all look like the kind of pants you would wear to work or at a formal event. We have ten of our favorites, all ready to take you on your next adventure in comfort & style.

  • Classic Fit Flat-Front Chino Pants with Wrinkle Resistance, AMAZON ESSENTIALS

Amazon’s own label offers a stylish, affordable option with a flattering silhouette and wrinkle-resistant technology.

  • Ripstop Pant, VUORI

Vuori has styles that are built to withstand sweat. These pants are made from DuraTerra ripstop fabric and can be worn outdoors in cool conditions.

  • Layover 2.0 Travel Pant, ROARK

A layover is something that no one likes. It is terrible to wait in a terminal waiting for another plane after you have traveled in one. These pants are the best option if you find yourself in this situation. They have an elastic waistband with drawstring closure, mesh vents and two-way stretch fabric.

  • Performance Traveler Chino Pants, EVERLANE

Everlane is the maker of timeless basics that can be used over and over again. This chino-jogger combination is made specifically for travel. It’s a slim-fitting style that sweat-wicks and dries quickly. You’ll want to wear this chino-jogger every day because of all its features.

  • Extra Stretch Travel Jean, BONOBOS

Bonobos? Are they the top pants? Yes! This brand is known for creating bottoms that can be worn anywhere, even on the road. This five-pocket, garment-dyed jean has so much stretch it almost feels like a pair of joggers.

  • Stretch Linen Traveler Pants, ONIA

Linen is the most breathable fabric. It allows maximum ventilation even when you are crammed into a seat waiting for the attendant to bring the pretzels. And these pants from Onia–which feature an elastic waistband, snap closure, and zip pockets–are the lightest style you can wear on a fully booked, claustrophobia-inducing flight.

  • Radius Flex Pant, MACK WELDON

These Radius pants by Mack Weldon are perfect for travel. The high-tech fabric is water-resistant, quick-drying and breathable (no need for spills), as well as extremely comfortable. These are the perfect alternative to the brand’s travel-ready Ace sweats.

  • Commission Classic-Fit Pants, LULULEMON

Lululemon pays attention to comfort, performance and functionality. Lululemon’s famed Commission pants, which are made from breathable, wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, shape retaining fabric, are a shining example.

  • Commuter Pant, RHONE

Rhone was a mainstay in the running scene, and for good reason. It also offers nifty styles that can be used for travel, such as these Flex-Knit pants, which are so soft, flexible, and sleek, you’ll soon forget about traditional trousers.

  • Straight-Leg Cotton Seersucker Drawstring Pants, BOGLIOLI

Seersucker’s beauty is its ability to be wrinkled. It’s one of the most versatile fabrics available for travel. It is lightweight and airy but still has enough structure to look sophisticated. Add the drawstring and you can easily recline your seat.

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