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6 Best Massage Gun to try in 2022

person holding black and gray cordless hand drill

It is important to follow a consistent workout routine to get the best results. Exercise can be difficult, painful, or even dangerous if your muscles are sore and achy. It is important to promote muscle recovery after a workout. There are more things than sitting around waiting for your muscles to feel better. A massage gun is the best way to speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

Massage therapy, like many other things, became less accessible due to the pandemic. The market for personal massage guns exploded in response. It can be difficult to find the right massage gun for you. There are many options available. Let’s take a look at how percussive massagers function and what they can do for you.

Massage guns use the force of vibration therapy, also known as percussive therapy, to manipulate your soft tissue. These massage guns are backed by the same scientific research that backs massage therapy as the best tool to treat sore muscles after a workout. These massagers are loved by everyone, from recreational athletes to professionals and chronic pain sufferers, to those who enjoy percussive therapy.

Percussive therapy is proven to speed up muscle recovery, reduce muscle pain, lactic acid buildup, and decrease muscle fatigue. It can also prevent delayed-onset muscle soreness. The percussion gun can be used to immediately relieve pain by focusing on specific muscle groups or muscle knots. You can increase your flexibility and range of motion, improve blood flow, and reduce muscle stiffness. Percussive therapy can even be used to help with sleep and stress. Not that you should buy a massage gun just for this purpose, but slow-motion videos showing massage guns punching muscle look incredibly Insta-worthy. If you are suffering from muscle pains or other injuries, don’t use a massage gun.

Theragun Prime
The best overall massage gun

The Theragun Prime is part the fourth generation of Theragun’s massage guns. The Theragun Liv was its predecessor, and it is now reviewed in depth here.

The main feature of the Theragun Prime is its quieter counterpart. The Prime actually rivals the Hypervolt Plus’s volume level, which is a huge improvement over the Liv.

The improvements do not stop there: The Theragun Liv had only two speeds preprogrammed and included two closed-cell foam attachments. The new Theragun Prime comes with five speeds built-in (from 1,750 to 2,400 RPM) and four closed-cell foam gun attachment heads.

The Theragun Prime costs $299 but isn’t as expensive as the Pro G4. Sometimes, this percussion massager goes on sale for as low as $249. Keep your eyes open for such sales.

The improvements make Theragun Prime well worth the cost. To me, the original Hypervolt is a competitor to the Prime. These massage guns are very similar in features and cost around the same amount. You have the option of making your own choice!

Theragun Pro
The most powerful massage gun

Therabody’s Theraguns percussive therapy is considered the gold standard. Therefore, its most luxurious and feature-rich model of muscle gun must be the best.

To be honest, I have tested over 20 massage guns including three Theraguns and the Theragun Pro. It is quite impressive, especially when compared to the other line of Therabody massage guns. The Theragun G3, which is a similar percussion-based massager, was also previously included on this list.

The Theragun Pro G4 has a quieter design than its predecessor. Since its inception, Theragun customers have complained about loudness. The brand finally took steps to address this issue.

The Pro G4 does not sound silent. It is louder than other massage guns, but it doesn’t rattle me as much as the G3. This is thanks to Theragun’s QuietForce Technology. The Theragun Pro G4 will be a great choice if you are an athlete or serious exerciser and can handle a massage device that sounds like a muted turkey carving (and you’re willing top dollar for percussive treatment at your fingertips).

The Theragun Pro has a maximum force of 60 pounds, an ergonomic handle and rotating arm, deep reach of 16mm into the muscle tissue, and speeds of up to 2,400 repetitions per hour. It is designed for people who require legitimate percussive therapy several times per week. This percussion massager is amazing, but not for most people.

The TimTam All New Power Massager had been my choice for the best high-powered massager, but if money is tight, the Theragun Pro’s power and relative quietness are unbeatable.

Sportneer Elite D9 Massage Gun
Best value massage gun

Sportneer’s $130 percussive massage guns, currently $30 off, works well for their price. You can choose from six speeds of percussive massage and it can reach up to 220 Watts and 3,200 repetitions each minute.

The battery life of this massage gun will vary depending on the power setting. It can last between two and six hours, depending on which setting you choose. The deep tissue massage experience was excellent, even after intense workouts.

Six head attachments are included with the Sportneer massage gun, two of which feature metal tips. The metal attachments can be used to massage your body with CBD oil or essential oils, or you can freeze them for some cryotherapy.

This percussive massager also sounds quite quiet. According to the website, the maximum decibel level of the massage gun is 40 decibels. This is lower than most people’s music volume.

I have previously reviewed the Sportneer K1 massaging gun. It is a similar device for $30 less.

Ekrin Athletics B37
Quietest massage gun

Percussive therapy is a field that demands power in exchange for sound. It is difficult to find a quiet, powerful and moderately priced massage gun. Ekrin Athletics created the B37 massage gun.

The Ekrin Athletics B37 massage guns pack all the industry’s best features, including an ultra-quiet motor that can deliver up to 56 lbs of force, multiple pressure and speed settings, a battery life of eight hours, an ergonomic design, and a handy carrying case that includes several attachments for massage heads.

The Ekrin massage gun is a great value at $230. It’s also a lower price than other popular brands in percussive therapy. The Ekrin Athletics B37 massage guns are covered by a lifetime warranty so you really don’t have to pass up on the chance to try it.

Ekrin Athletics, a relatively new brand on the muscle gun market, is not a household name. However, it is clear that this brand, which was founded by two former college athletes, is setting standards for percussive therapy and decreasing prices.

Hypervolt Go
The best portable massage gun for traveling

Hypervolt Go, the latest launch from Hyperice is lighter, smaller, and more affordable than the other Hypervolt guns. It’s less than $200 and nearly as powerful as full-size guns that cost $300 or more. It is lightweight at 1.5 pounds making it easy to carry around in your bag or gym bag.

The Hypervolt Go was extremely powerful when I tried it. Comparing the Hypervolt to which I also test, I was almost unable to tell the difference in terms force. Although the Hypervolt comes with two more attachments, the Go has three. This is impressive for a small gun. The Go is a great choice for anyone who’s new to massage guns, and wants a reliable product at a low price.

Achedaway Pro
Ideal for sensitive or sore muscles

The Achedaway Pro is the perfect tool for those days when you are really sore. The Achedaway Pro is quiet and simple to use. It has five speed and power settings that range from 1,700 to 2,800 RPM. These settings, according to the company, are designed to stimulate muscles, relieve fascia, remove lactic acid, give deep tissue massages, and aid in muscle recovery.

The list price of $299 is close to the high end — in fact, the Theragun alternative is comparable with the top-level Theragun Pro — but often the Achedaway Pro goes on sale. The Achedaway massager is sturdy and doesn’t rattle your head. It also provides different levels of muscle relief massage, which are appropriate for sore muscles.

The higher settings were great for me when I was not sore but also didn’t cause tenderness to my muscles. The Achedaway Pro, like many other massagers has multiple attachments that can be used to massage different muscle groups. The rechargeable battery can be removed for portable and easy charging.

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