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10 best hair thickening products that instantly add volume, body, and fullness to your hair

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Do you want to increase the volume of your hair? You can find the best hair thickeners that will give your hair body and fullness fast. We have tested sprays and creams as well as foams to bring you a list of the top hair thickeners that actually work. Promise!

Do not be discouraged if you don’t have a thick, full head of hair. Haircare issues that affect volume – or lack thereof – are common. There are many ways to increase volume quickly, regardless of whether you have hair that is thinning because of lifestyle factors or fine hair. Anabel Kingsley, consultant trichologist and brand president of Philip Kingsley, assures that there are many products that instantly add thickness to your hair. Adam Federico, a collective member and stylist, says that these products can be used in two ways. They can either swell or coat hair making it feel thicker and more dense.

However, it is important to be realistic about your expectations. Federico says that although there are many great products for thickening hair, none of them can permanently alter the density or thickness of individual hairstrands.


The best overall hair thickening product

This luxurious thickening spray by Oribe is our number one pick. This clever formula instantly gives your hair more volume and lift thanks to the thickening copolymers. To create a bouncey blow dry, spray the mist on damp hair. This hair mist not only increases volume but also strengthens the strands over time. The hair’s natural keratin is protected by watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flowers (aka the brand’s signature formula).

This must-have mist also protects hair against heat and UV rays, minimizing dryness and breakage. Although it is more expensive than other thickening products, it really does double as a multi-tasking beauty that strengthens, protects and bulks hair. The results were amazing and we noticed significant lift at the roots. It’s safe for hair that has been color treated. Bravo Oribe!

The best budget-friendly hair thickening products

John Frieda’s thickening spray is a great budget option. Although it might not seem like much, this magic mist does really work. It lifts and volumizes roots, adds texture and gives all-over fullness. We don’t think so. Look at the many rave reviews about this product’s volume-boosting capabilities.

The formula is powered by a triple polymer system (in other words it contains copolymers). This lightens each hair and gives it volume and hold. It also contains a technology called “air-silk technology”, which makes it so light. It has a light feel, and it didn’t leave any residue. Spray your towel-dried hair with the sprayer, concentrating on the roots. Then, style your hair using a high-quality hair dryer.

The best luxury hair thickening product

Sisley is a luxury cosmetic brand that makes some of the most effective face moisturizers on the market. This brand also produces a variety of haircare products, including the Volumizing Spray. This nourishing product transforms dull hair by giving it a long-lasting body, thickness and shine. Boswellia gum gives texture, while rice bran proteins add volume and shine. Triple tick!

Although it is a more expensive product, it feels luxurious. It makes hair look and feel healthier and gives it a polished finish. Spray damp hair and lift sections with a spray. To add more body, we used the best curling irons. The formula is also resistant to humidity and has a wonderful smell (like fresh flowers).

Best hair thickening shampoo

Mousse products were once criticized for making hair dry and hard. R+Co’s mousse is a game-changer. The mousse is thick but lightweight and adds moisture to your hair without leaving behind a sticky look. Howard McLaren, co-founder of R+Co and hairstylist, says that the foaming formula contains vitamins and minerals to nourish, strengthen, and give hair a natural shine.

This hard-working formula is not a one-trick pony. It does more than just thicken your hair. It can give curls definition and bounce. McLaren says that fine hair can be plumped to increase volume and hold long-lasting styles. Before styling, we recommend that you work a little bit through damp hair or towel-dried hair. We were amazed at how high our hair grew after applying this product. It also smelled amazing (in a combination of cardamom and lavender).

Best hair thickening products for texture

This product is great for curling hair and creating beachy waves. The lightweight mist is somewhere in between a salt spray or a dry shampoo. It adds real grit and makes hair look fuller, thicker and more tangled. It can be applied to dry hair. This is a great feature! Spray it on your hair whenever you need a boost. It’s also great for refreshing second-day hair.

The only problem is that this bottle was very quickly used up. Each application required a lot of mist. We recommend keeping this bottle for special occasions like weddings and holidays when you need lots of lift and body. The formula contains active natural ingredients such as silk powder, hydrolyzed Wheat proteins, and Zeolite that add texture, hold, and shine to the strands.

Best hair thickening lotion

Are you looking for thicker hair? Living Proof’s lightweight cream is designed to give you thicker hair. The brand’s “thickening molecule” makes the hair appear thicker and fuller. This clever, but mysterious formula places small dots between each hair strand.

Here, bounce and body are not the goal. We recommend you look elsewhere if you are looking for lift. This product is for those who are experiencing hair loss or want to increase their overall volume. Use a little bit on damp, towel-dried hair. After that, style as usual. This formula can be used on colored or chemically-treated hair. We found that a small amount works well.

Best hair thickening products for hold

L’Oreal Professionnel’s TECNI.ART Pli-Shaper is a staple on the backstage and a must-have for every hairdresser. This fine mist is a great primer that helps build body and bounce, while keeping curls and waves in their place. Spray onto towel-dried hair and then dry with a flat, bristled hair dryer. Style hair with a curling iron or a waver (try our Amika High Tide Deep Waver).

This spray can only be used for heat styling because it is heat activated. It works well when creating curls and waves. Top tip: Use less product when thickening. You may end up with stiff strands.

The best hair thickener for fine hair

We trust Philip Kingsley. We were excited to try this plumping cream from Philip Kingsley, the mastermind behind Elasticizer, our favorite hair mask. It can be used straight on damp hair, from the mid-lengths up to the ends. This product is not recommended for use at the roots. It doesn’t increase hair’s height or lift. Instead, it adds volume to the hair without adding weight.

This cream is extremely lightweight and contains volumizing wheat proteins as well as the multi-vitamin complex of the brand to soften and smoothen strands. The results? Fuller, thicker hair with an ultra-glossy finish. We must warn you that too much product can cause hair to become dry. We applied too much product the first time, making our hair stiff and sticky.

Best hair thickening products for oily hair

This haircare hero boosts fullness and also acts as a dry shampoo. Thanks to witch hazel extract and lemon, it dissolves excess oil and refreshes hair between washes. This is a win-win situation in our books. The formula also thickens with maltodextrin, a natural sugar starch which coats each hair strand for extra fullness. What are the results? Volumizing, shiny hair that felt like we had just stepped out the salon.

This product not only delivers instant results but also promotes longer-lasting healthier hair. Ginger and Ginseng increase blood flow to the scalp, while biotin strengthens hair follicles to promote stronger, healthier growth. This product is a must-have for those with oily hair or fine hair.

Best root lift hair thickener

This Instant Lift Thickening Spray spray will give you a lot of lift. The formula is described as a liquid mousse and adds thickness to hair without adding weight. Instead, the formula makes hair look fuller and shiny. Kristin Ess, founder of the product, says it’s an “easy-to-apply option for those who have difficulty using a traditional mousse but still want thickness and lasting hold after styling.”

Spray your towel-dried hair from the roots to the ends with the sprayer, then flip it upside down and blow dry it with a hair dryer. The root lift was amazing – expect voluminous results. This is a great product, especially considering the price. It is a little difficult to apply because the nozzle sprays rather than squirts the product.

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