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The Best Fixed Blade Knives for Your EDC Collection

black and gray backpack on black textile

Fixed blade knives are those that have a single blade, and do not fold or lock into another blade. These knives are used for cutting and stabbing. There are many fixed-blade knives available on the market. It can be hard to choose the right one for you.

And this article we will help you answer some questions about best edc fixed blade knife.

Choosing A Fixed Blade for EDC

It is important to think about the purpose of the knife when choosing a fixed-blade knife for edc. A general-purpose knife can be used to do a wide range of tasks, such as opening packages or slicing meat. A tactical or combat knife is designed for specific tasks such as cutting and stabbing.

Fixed blade knives tend to be heavier than their folding counterparts. This makes them more robust and can withstand more abuse. A fixed blade should be easy to grip and use. Consider the following factors when choosing a fixed-blade: The type of steel used, the shape and size of the handle and whether the knife comes with a sheath.


Fixed blade knives can be one of the most versatile tools anyone could own. Fixed blade knives can be used to cut meat or slicing vegetables. It can be difficult to find the right edc fixed-blade knife. We will be highlighting the top edc fixed-blade knives in 2022, and then recommending one to each person.


  1. It’s easy to sharpen: The high carbon stainless steel blade can be used for cutting edges.
  2. Minimizes Reflectivity: Bead blast finish reduces reflection
  3. Strong and Visual: The resin-infused fiber handle is strong but visually appealing.
  4. Gear compatible: Strong thermoplastic sheath that can be mounted with a variety of options
  5. Compact Utility: Lightweight, compact and easy to transport

The CRKT Folts Minimalist Bowie knife is the ideal EDC knife for people who value simplicity and function. The titanium frame lock and razor-sharp blade are perfect for any cutting task. Folts Minimalist Bowie can be carried easily and is lightweight, making it a great companion for everyday use.


The CRKT Folts Minimalist Bowie knife is a great choice for everyday carry. The knife is very small in profile so it takes up little space in your pocket. It is made from AUS-8 stainless steel, and it is extremely sharp. The handle is grippy and provides great grip in the hand. It comes with a convenient sheath to protect and carry the knife. The CRKT Folts Minimalist Bowie is a great choice for anyone who needs a lightweight, small knife that can do any job.


This blade has poor edge retention

2. KA-BAR BK14

  1. Sheath made of heavy-duty hard plastic
  2. Overall length 7”
  3. Made in the USA
  4. Handles made from the same high-quality 1095 Crovan steel
  5. Sheath made of heavy-duty hard plastic

The Ka-Bar BK14 Becker Necker fixed-blade knife is full-tang and perfect for everyday use. The blade’s 1095 Cro-Van stainless steel is strong and holds an edge well. The G10 handles give you a secure grip. The BK14 has a lanyard hole as well as a Kydex sheath.


Ethan Becker designed the Ka-Bar BK14 Becker Knife, a fixed-blade full-tang knife. The knife has a 5.5″ blade made from 1095 Cro-Van stainless steel and a black traction coating. It also comes with a G10 handle. Full-tang knives have the blade running all the way through the handle. This makes them stronger than knives that are not full-tang. G10 handles are textured to provide a better grip and the blade is protected from rusting by a black traction coating.


The sheath is not a belt clip.


  1. Fixed-blade knife featuring a razor-sharp 1/8 inch (3.2mm) thick carbon-steel blade and a tungsten DLC anticorrosive coating
  2. Blade length: 4.3 inches (109 mm). Blade thickness: 0.125 inches (3.2 mm). Length: 9.1 inches (232mm). Weight with sheath: 5.7 oz. (162 g)
  3. The blade’s spine is ground specifically for use with a fire starter (not supplied)
  4. High-friction rubber grip with ergonomic handle gives you a feeling of control.
  5. The knife will stay securely in your hand with the black plastic sheath and belt loop.
  6. 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Morakniv Bushcraft Knife is the ideal all-around knife for bushcraft or outdoor activities. The durable carbon steel blade has a Scandi grind which makes it perfect for precision work. The knife’s handle is made from tough polymer and has a textured grip.


The Morakniv Bushcraft knife is made for outdoor use. The knife has a carbon steel blade measuring 4.3 inches and is coated with a tungsten DLC dark coating that makes it resistant to corrosion. Rubber grips allow the knife to be held securely even in wet conditions. It also includes a fire starter, a diamond sharpener and a torch lighter. This makes the Bushcraft ideal for wilderness survival and camping.


High prices


  1. Sheath in Black Kydex
  2. 1095 RC 56-58 Blade Steel
  3. Black Linen Micarta Handle
  4. 7-inch Overall Length
  5. 2.38 inch Cutting Edge

Tops Street Scalpel is the best instrument for precise cutting. The blade of stainless steel is sharp and can easily cut through paper, cloth, and other thin materials. Street Scalpel’s lightweight design and comfortable grip make it easy to complete your task quickly and efficiently.


Tops Street Scalpel is an excellent tool for anyone looking to quickly and accurately cut through material. The sharp blade makes it easy for you to cut through difficult surfaces. It also has a comfortable grip that makes it easy and convenient to hold. Street Scalpel is lightweight and portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. The blade can be replaced, which means it can last many years.


It is not suited for large hands, and it is very small.


  1. Spyderco Fixed blade knives are reliable and high-performance. They offer the same performance as innovative folding knives. High-tech Ergonomics are used to reduce fatigue and increase cutting force.
  2. Iconic Design – The Street Bowie knife is a versatile and useful tool that can be used for many purposes. It is also a reflection on Fred Perrin’s exceptional knowledge of functional simplicity and design.
  3. Superior Blade Steel – The Street Bowie knife is made from VG-10 stainless and has a straight clip tip that centers the tip of the knife.
  4. Portable – The Street Bowie is equipped with an injection-molded polymer sheath that snaps into place and has a G Clip attachment.

Spyderco Street bowie is an ideal EDC knife for self-defense or outdoor activities. The lightweight and durable design make it easy to transport, while the versatile design allows for many uses. For safe and reliable operation, the Street Bowie comes with a lock-lock blade closure system.


Spyderco Street Bowie is versatile and tough, making it ideal for a variety of tasks. The full-tang blade is made of CPM S30V stainless and has excellent edge retention. G-10 handles provide a firm grip and the pocket clip can be reversibly clipped to allow you to carry it tip-up or down. The Street Bowie has a large choke for precision work and a jimping at the spine. The Street Bowie’s versatile design and sturdy construction make it ideal for everyday use.


High price

6. ESEE-3

The ESEE-3 knife is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The ESEE-3 is lightweight and durable making it easy for you to take on your outdoor adventures. Its full-tang construction means that it can withstand the most severe conditions. The ESEE-3’s razor-sharp knife makes it ideal for all tasks, including chopping wood or skinning a buck.


The ESEE-3 knife was designed to be used as a general-purpose outdoor and bushcraft knife. The full-tang 1095 stainless steel blade measures 3.8 inches in length and 0.125 inches in thickness. To protect the blade from corrosion, it is coated with a green powder coating. Micarta handles give you a firm grip, even when your hands get wet or muddy. The ESEE-3 can hold an edge well and is easy to sharpen. The ESEE-3 comes with a molded sheath, which makes it easy to transport and store.


Without a sheath.


  1. 8 1/4” overall
  2. 3 3/4″ laminate VG-10 stainless droppoint blade with satin finish.
  3. Thermorun elastomer hand with black checkered Thermorun logo, visible tang end, and lanyard hole
  4. Sweden is the country of origin
  5. Includes Black Zytel sheath.

Fallkniven F1 was the first and most beloved model in the famous F1 Series. This knife is versatile and can be used for precision cutting, prying, and other heavy-duty tasks. The 3.8mm laminated VG10 stainless steel blade is extremely strong and durable. The convex grind gives it a razor-sharp edge which can be used for even the most difficult jobs.


The Fallkniven F1 knife is high quality and perfect for outdoor and defense. The knife features a 3.8 inch blade made from VG10 steel and a full-tang construction that gives it superior strength. The blade is protected from corrosion and wear by a hard chrome coating. The Fallkniven F1 also comes with a Zytel sheath, which offers many carry options.


What is the best EDC fixed-blade knife? It all depends on what you need and your preferences. I think any knife on this list would be a great choice for everyday carry. Thank you for reading!

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