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How to Choose Your First and Best Dishwasher in 2022

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A dishwasher is primarily designed to clean up after meals, but there are many other functions. A dishwasher can also be a housekeeper who helps children learn chores, or act as a couple’s therapy or self-care. This comprehensive guide will show you how to load your dishwasher correctly.

It’s not as easy as it seems to find the best dishwasher for you in 2022. Dishwashers come in a fairly standard size, measuring 24 inches wide by 35 inches high. Choosing the right model for you will depend on your budget and the features and options you desire. CNET and other rating sites have found that dishwasher functionality is often more important than dishwasher itself. You will get more racks, hidden controls and smart features for a higher price, but not necessarily cleaner dishes. Some may even make your dishes drier.

A dishwasher costs between $600 to $1,100. There are many good options, but the average model is not that expensive. The higher-end models offer more features than you can imagine, except for the fact that it will actually load.

To bring you the best built in dishwashers, I looked at a variety of models and priced them accordingly.

Bosch SHEM63W55N
Overall best dishwasher

Bosch’s 300 Series dishwasher ranks highly in terms of features and price. It is just below the average price for the amount of amenities it provides. The dishwasher’s large capacity can hold up to 16 items. It also has a third rack. There is an adjustable middle rack that can accommodate larger items. Flexible tines are available in the lower rack to allow for more flexible loading. There are five wash cycles available: normal, heavy, rinse and hold, normal, rinse, and rinse and dry. Four additional modes include delay start, half load and extra dry. This dishwasher is quieter than the average dishwasher at 44 decibels. Bosch offers a range of dishwashers in different price levels, including 100, 500, and 800 series dishwashers. This helps maintain consumer popularity as well as high ratings.

This dishwasher was the most impressive looking of all the ones we tested. If your children are picky and touchy, the sleek stainless look can be tarnished by fingerprints. The adjustable top (third-tier) silverware rack was my favorite, as well as the removable lower silverware rack. This rack is sturdy and allows for more space for larger items, such plates, pans, and other large items.

Whirlpool WDF520PADM
The best budget dishwasher

There are many dishwasher options available, and they range from $500 to $600. However, Whirlpool is a reliable dishwasher that can be used in a small space. It costs less than $500 for a full size appliance. This model still has the same amenities as the Bosch dishwasher. The basin can hold up to 14 place settings and has an in-door silverware rack. You still get a stainless-steel finish and heavy, normal, high temperature, and one hour wash cycles. There are also sanitize, heated dry, and sanitize options. Higher-end models have soundproofing options that lower the dishwasher’s noise when it’s in use. This Whirlpool dishwasher is quiet at 55 decibels.

Although this model was not as visually appealing in person, it did have well-organized racks inside and plenty of space. You should be aware that the front panel of stainless steel feels a little less sturdy than other panels, so it is easy to get dents.

Kitchenaid KDFE204KPS
Quietest dishwasher

You might consider noise, or lack thereof, when you have cycles that can last several hours. This is especially true if your open plan kitchen is near your nursery or bedroom, or if it is also your office. Standard dishwashers operate in the 50-60 decibel level, which is about the same noise level as normal indoor conversations. Many models include extra technology to reduce the noise level to 40-50 decibels. However, this Kitchenaid model is almost whisper-quiet at just 39 decibels. This high-end model can be used to take a break while the dishwasher runs. It also has a third rack and a ProWash sensor to automatically adjust the cycle to the dish soil level. There is also an extended heat drying option that can evaporate even the most stubborn drops from your plasticware.

The model reminded me of a Bosch SHEM63W55N, both inside and outside. It has slick modern design. The top silverware rack has a slim, but sturdy design. The middle adjustable rack was easy to use and intuitive to place in the right position to hold items of different sizes.

Smart features dishwasher: Best dishwasher

The smart LG dishwasher has Wi-Fi connectivity that allows it communicate with other devices. This means you can remotely start and lock the machine from your mobile phone or voice activate the appliance within the home. The dishwasher’s LED lights can be seen inside during the cycle. This makes it almost as a babysitter if your pets or children are interested in the machine. The LG has the same wash cycles as the Bosch model, plus a third rack and adjustable top rack that can accommodate up to 15 places. This is one of the quieter options available on the market at 42 decibels.

This dishwasher conceals the control panel and buttons on the dishwasher’s top, giving it a minimalist look. I was able to see the LED lights on the door when it opened. They were bright enough to spot any forks and dishes that had fallen. The model was as sturdy as any other I have had the pleasure to vigorously open, close and jostle about with.

Samsung DW50T6060US
Compact dishwasher

Samsung’s 18-inch-wide dishwasher is a highly-rated model that is budget-friendly due to the many amenities it offers. The bottom rack can fold down to accommodate larger items. It can also hold eight place settings in its standard configuration. It runs very quietly at 46 decibels. In addition to the five cycles available with four modes, there is an auto-release door. This opens the dishwasher and allows for air to circulate quickly. This helps to cool your dishes and improves drying performance.

Even though it was smaller in size, the model seemed to have plenty of room inside to hold a large load of dishes. This Samsung, like the LG has its controls built into the top of each door. When the door is closed, there is only one clean stainless steel panel. The top rack was adjustable and easy to use.

How to evaluate dishwashers and the best list methodology

I analyzed specs and reviews from major retailers such as Lowe’s, Home Depot and Best Buy to determine which dishwashers were best. I also looked at their top-selling models as well as their available features in relation to their price. I focused on models with at least 4.5 stars and at least 500 ratings. This was the minimum rating I could find amongst the highest ratings for the size or feature I was evaluating.

For energy efficiency assurance, only dishwashers that have been Energy Star Certified by EPA were eligible for consideration. To ensure that there weren’t any complaints, problems or issues with a particular model or brand, I looked into the user reviews and ratings. Although we didn’t have the opportunity to do extensive testing on the dishwashers in this list, I was able access to several models at various appliance showrooms to assess the build quality and the ease of use of the controls.

Here are some things to consider when buying dishwashers

  • Size of dishwasher

Because not all kitchens are large enough to hold a full-size dishwasher, the size of your dishwasher will be the first thing you decide. Standard models measure 24 inches in width and 35 inches tall. Kitchens are usually designed to fit a model with these dimensions. However, there are smaller dishwashers that can be used to accommodate smaller kitchens.

Standard dishwashers measure 24 x 35 inches. However, compact models and customized models are available for smaller spaces.

  • Selecting a style

Most dishwashers can be ordered in stainless steel. This fits well with most kitchen designs. There are many models that come in white, black, and other finishes. There aren’t many color options, but Samsung has a unique line of colors that include navy and brownish Tuscan steel.

KitchenAid and Bosch are more expensive models and have more flashy interior design and sleeker front doors. Whirlpool and Maytag are more budget-friendly, but they have more traditional aesthetics.

  • Rack placement and dishwasher racks

Although it is often overlooked, this feature can have a major impact on your daily dishwashing. The small flat third rack at the top, which can hold extra silverware, kitchen tools and other smaller items is a new trend. These are usually added to the upright silverware holder that is housed on the bottom rack. This feature allows you to clean and organize your silverware holder if you are prone to filling it up.

A lot of dishwashers now come with adjustable racks that can accommodate pans and dishes of unusual or large sizes. A dishwasher with adjustable racks is a great option if you have ever had trouble fitting large items in it.

Different dishwasher features and cycles: What do they mean?

Nearly all models come with standard dishwasher cycles — quick, medium, heavy-duty and delicate. But more expensive units will have additional cycles like mineral-assisted washing or presoak cycles. Although these extra cycles are nice, I wouldn’t consider them too important when making a purchasing decision. You’ll use the standard cycles more than the niche.

Do not get too involved in the different cycles. Most likely, you’ll only use two or three.

Drying cycles: Condensation or electric drying

There are two options for drying dishes after washing in dishwashers. A condensation process is where the dishwasher heats the dishes in the dishwasher to dry them. As the hot dishware cools, condensation will happen and water will run off the dishes.

Some dishwashers, such as some KitchenAid models have an electric heating element that heats the air and then drys dishes. Although this method is more efficient, it can dry dishes faster and is cleaner. However, it is less sanitary and less energy-efficient. It will also melt plastic items on the bottom rack because they are so close the heating element.

Dishwasher noise level

Dishwashers have more in common than differences. However, noise levels can affect how satisfied you are with your dishwasher. Modern dishwashers are very quiet and can reach 40 to 50 decibels. Some dishwashers, such as the Kitchenaid KDFE204KPS have more advanced technology that can keep the machine running at a whisper-quiet 39 decibels. This information should be clearly listed in the specifications section for each model.

How long does a dishwasher last?

Although a dishwasher is supposed to last for 10 years, manufacturers will not tell you how long it can actually last. However, you may expect to get more years if you take care of the machine well and don’t use it too often.

You can extend the life of your dishwasher by doing things like scraping solid foods off plates before loading them, cleaning the filter once a month, and not putting vinegar in your dishwasher.

What are the differences between dishwasher styles?

Standard size dishwashers are 24 by 35 inches in width and height. There are also narrower options available, such as 18-inch models. The main aesthetic choices you make are the finish of the dishwasher, the type of handle, and whether the controls will be located on the front panel or along the top of your loading door. These are referred to in the search features as “front control” and “top control”.

After you have chosen a size and model, most dishwashers let you make specific choices among the features. The next step is to decide what additional features you want in a dishwasher, and what budget options are available. Smart-enabled models have a third rack and adjustable settings as well as multiple wash cycle options. They also include bonus features like leak sensors and self cleaning filters. Although budget-friendly models may not have as many features, you can still expect a variety of wash cycle options with clean dishes and dry dishes at each cycle’s end.

What is the best time for a dishwasher to be purchased?

Consumer Reports and Gap Intelligence report that dishwasher prices start to fall at the beginning of summer, with the largest drops occurring in the months leading to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What’s the difference between a stainless steel and plastic dishwasher tub?

The price of a dishwasher is affected by soundproofing technology. Although stainless steel models are more efficient because they conduct heat better and can maintain temperature more efficiently during cycles, most plastic tub models have Energy Star Certification and shouldn’t be considered an energy concern. Both stainless steel and plastic tubs have a similar durability, lasting about 10 years.

What warranty should I get for my dishwasher?

A dishwasher should last for 10 years, without any major repairs. However, it is always a good idea to have a warranty in case something happens soon after you bring it home. The warranties provided by the major brands listed here include labor and replacement parts for a year after you bought it. They are meant to protect you in the event of a major manufacturing defect.

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