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The Best Brands of Zip-Neck Jumpers for Men

man in black leather jacket standing beside gray wall

The zip-neck jumper was once associated with Wall Street. However, it has since lost its banker connotations and is now a fashionable garment that should be in every modern wardrobe.

A zip-neck is an excellent choice for layering in transitional climates. A throwback style can give a vintage touch to otherwise simple looks. However, a cashmere-rich version is more comfortable against the skin.

This guide will help you choose the perfect fit and the best zip neck jumper brands.

Considerations when purchasing a zip-neck jumper


Every garment needs fabric, but knitwear is especially dependent on it. It defines the appearance, feel, and warmth of every piece. A lightweight merino zip-neck sweater serves a different purpose than one made of cable knit lambswool.

It’s important to determine where and when you will wear it before you make the leap. The lambswool yarn is thicker than other yarns and will be used as a layering piece in winter. If you are looking for the perfect finishing touch to your spring office wardrobe, consider a lighter wool blend or cotton blend. This can be worn between your shirt, blazer, and jacket without adding bulk.


You’ll get more wear out of knitwear if you choose a classic color. This means you can combine a navy or mid-grey piece with almost any other colour in your closet. Navy and grey knits are great for casual wear. They can be worn with light or dark blue shirts, as well as dark tailored pants, neutral-coloured blazers, and black or brown shoes. They don’t require you to think about what to wear. Simply throw them on over your office clothes and you are good to go.

A zip-neck jumper with a brighter tone might be a better option. This jumper is visually large because it zips up to the neck. It’s great for adding colour to an otherwise simple outfit. It’s easy to wear deep green, burgundy and burnt orange, which adds more colour than the usual navy or grey.


Zip neck jumpers fall somewhere between a jacket and a base layer. They come in many sizes. You can choose a shorter cut if you plan to wear it over a T-shirt. If you are looking to layer your zip neck, it is worth considering a one with a more boxy shape. This allows you to wear shirts below.

Zip-neck jumpers are great for layering. We recommend that you avoid any too tight zip-neck jumpers as they will limit its versatility.

These are the Best Zip-Neck Jumper Brands

  • Luca Faloni

Luca Faloni is the best brand when it comes to cashmere. It is proud to manufacture all its knitwear in Italy at the finest factories. This guarantees that everything, from cardigans and zip-up jumpers, will last. These knitwear are available in a variety of rich colours, from ‘forest Green’ to ‘hunting Beige’. There’s sure to be one that suits you and your skin tone.

  • Asket

Asket is the only brand that will help you create the perfect capsule wardrobe. Asket, a Stockholm-based label, prides itself in its minimalist designs that are always made with the best fabrics. The zip-neck jumpers have a cardigan-like design, and are made from extra fine merino wool fabric.

  • Aurelian

Aurelien is a brand that focuses on craftsmanship and uses luxurious fabrics. These pieces are affordable yet durable. You can expect soft colours in the zip-neck jumpers, as well as fabrics with ‘cashwool’ (a fine yarn made from Australian merino sheep).

  • John Smedley

John Smedley claims it is the oldest manufacturing company on the planet, having started production in 1784. The British brand is known for its knitwear. Its zip-neck jumpers are among the best in the world.

Knitted in the heartland of the UK, you can still expect soft, durable fabrics such as merino wool or Sea Island cotton.

  • Colorful Standard

Colourful Standard does one thing very well: cotton jersey. The brand’s staple products include sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as zip-neck jumpers. They are made from organic cotton. They are available in a variety of colours and come in relaxed, comfortable fits that will easily fit into your existing wardrobe.

  • Reiss

Reiss is a long-standing high-street favorite thanks to its elegant designs, tactile fabrics, and affordable prices. The brand’s zip-neck jumpers show that it is a modern brand with easy wearable pieces.

  • Loro Piana

Loro Piana is the best choice for luxury knitwear, even if price is not an issue. It is a brand from Italy that weaves its own fabrics and then makes them in their factory. This ensures you get the best quality in all of their wardrobe staples. Zip-neck jumpers made from the finest wool and cashmere are perfect for you.

  • AllSaints

AllSaints is best known for its leather jackets but the London-based brand also makes fine knitwear. The brand’s zip-neck jumpers come in a variety of relaxed cuts and are available in the brand’s muted colour palette. They can be worn with jeans, blue or black sneakers, boots, or even boots.

  • Peter Millar

Peter Millar was founded in 2001 with a single cashmere sweater. While its product range has grown significantly since 2001, Peter Millar still values quality and works with the finest factories and mills in the world. The zip-neck sweaters are a favorite of the company’s. They are known for their elegant fit, wide selection of fabrics, and versatility in colour.

  • Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a smart choice for preppy Americana. Its carefully chosen fabrics and elegant fits make it a smart choice. The zip-neck jumpers are a classic design that doesn’t change. Expect vibrant colours to add a little flair to an otherwise basic outfit.

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