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Everything you need to know abou the at-home eyebrow tints

woman in white dress shirt holding pink balloon

You’re not the only one who finds the idea of applying eyebrow tint at home daunting. As I was researching this topic, I felt a slight panic that I would experience a disaster on my face. To be honest, I was nervous.

Brows are serious business. Once upon a time, you only needed to know how to pluck your eyebrows. However, it is worth noting that the ’90s skinny-brow trend has been largely ignored. We now know that perfecting your eyebrow shape can make a big difference to your face. It will add definition and emphasize your cheekbones. If you want to be a minimalist, you can use your favorite eyebrow pencil. However, in-salon treatments such as tinting or eyebrow lamination can help shape your eyebrows with minimal effort.

If I’m there for a thread, a wax, or both, I opt for brow tinting. It adds a touch of elegance to my faded brunette eyebrows. It’s fast, simple, and typically costs around $10. At-home eyebrow tinting was something I had never considered – I was afraid of making mistakes. After seeing more at-home eyebrow tinting kits on the market, and being tempted by the time-savings and money-saving potential, I was curious. How did it go? Let’s dive in.


  1. Tint before you remove hair: Sara Sordillo, a makeup artist, explains that eyebrow tinting should be done first. Tinting can be applied to the hair after it is removed. If tint gets in this area, it can cause irritation, infection or ingrown hairs.
  2. It is important to perform a patch test before you apply your eyebrow tint. You can apply a small amount to the inside of your elbow or behind you ear. Let it dry for between 48-72 hours. You are unlikely to have a reaction if you don’t experience any symptoms within that time. However, it’s not certain. Be aware of any possible signs after treatment.
  3. Choose the right color: MUA Laurretta Power says that a shade that’s one to two shades darker than your natural eyebrow shade will make you look more convincing. “But, it’s not impossible to go darker if you prefer a more sultry style.”
  4. It’s possible to fix everything: Don’t panic if you have gone too dark. Tint is not permanent. They usually fade after one wash and then slowly diminish each time you clean your face. You can speed up the process by using oil-based makeup removers. Phew!
  5. Avoid self-tanner. Although ginger eyebrows look great, they are not as beautiful if your goal is to be brunette. To avoid fading your shade, you should not apply fake tan 48 hours before or 48 hours after tinting.


To be completely honest, I procrastinated with my first eyebrow tint at home. It was a stressful experience for me. I thought it would be messy, and it would take forever. What a mistake! I only had to wait for 10 minutes all-in. The result was bolder and darker without me even having to go outside.

I did a patch test on my eyebrows two days prior to application. Then, I mixed the color with the activator, applied the mixture to my brows and waited. My home eyebrow tint kit recommended that the formula be left on for between 5-10 minutes. I decided to leave it on for 6 minutes. It was amazing how easy it was to wipe off. I was so impressed with how my brows looked. They were not scary dark like I was afraid. To keep my bushy eyebrows in shape, I used my best eyebrow gel.

I am now completely converted to eyebrow tinting at home – I don’t think I’ll ever need to go to the salon again. The Eylure kit that I used can be used for 12 applications. This brings down the cost per use to pennies. I love that I can get a beauty treatment done in my pajamas. This brow treatment is something I am able to do at home.


STEP 1: Clean your brows of any makeup or skin care products and let them dry completely.

STEP 2: Apply Vaseline or another barrier cream to the areas of your eyebrows that you don’t wish the tint to stick. You shouldn’t apply too close to your brows. Instead, keep it a few millimeters from the edges.

STEP 3: Use a spoolie to apply the mixed tint to the brows. Make sure that the hairs are completely covered. To ensure that each hair is covered, brush up, down, left to right. You can start your timer once the first brow has been coated. Follow the product’s time guide to determine how long to keep the tint on.

STEP 4: Use a damp cotton pad to wipe the first eyebrow clean. Continue wiping the cotton pad until you see no color. Continue wiping until the cotton pad is completely dry.


Eylure Dybrow Permanent Tant for Brows RRP $21.99

This is the kit that I used, and I was very impressed. It was fast, efficient, and virtually foolproof. It comes with a color, activator and a spoolie that can be reused for up to 12 different applications. You can get it in black or dark brown.

Maybelline Tattoo Brow Color Lasting Tint RRP $18.99

You don’t have to worry about a tinting disaster if you follow the steps. This will give you better eyebrows with less worry. This is a great way to get started with eyebrow tints at home. It’s also quite satisfying to peel off.

Mylee Brow & Lash Tint RRP : $15

This salon-quality kit is designed for beauticians. It includes everything you need to tint your eyebrows at home. Once you have mastered the art of brows, it can also be used as a tinting tool to your eyelashes. Tinting your lashes will reduce the need for mascara, especially if your lashes are light.

Schwarzkopf Brow Tint Permanent Eyebrow Colour in Dark Blonde RRP: $16.29

You can tint eyebrows that are very light or brown if you want to. The tint can be applied in 10 different ways and lasts for up to 4 weeks.


It’s a no-no. Power warns that the chemicals in hair dye are too harsh to be used on eyebrow hair. “I know a friend who used hair dye. Needless to say, it did not end well.” Yikes.

You don’t want to use any chemicals on your brows, which are so close to the eyes. Stick with the specially-designed kits listed above.


You can use your at-home eyebrow tint kit to color all hair colors, even grays. Gray eyebrow hairs may be more resistant to changes in color or tone than gray. You may need to apply the tint for longer if that is the case. It’s important to adhere to the instructions and not go beyond the recommended time.

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