3 ways to get Barbie Ponytail Look

Summer fashion trends are filled with fun, unique shapes and bright prints. These hairstyles are appropriate for the season and can be paired with both classic warm-weather pieces or new, seasonal styles. The Barbie ponytail is a favorite addition to many outfits this year. This is a fresh take on the classic ponytail. It’s flattering, bouncy and full of body. This is a look at the style, as well as a few ways you can rock it!


Barbie, the most beloved doll and fashion icon of all time, is a timeless classic toy and collector’s item. She has her blonde hair in a beautiful ponytail, no matter what her job is. Barbie’s ponytail has a distinctive swoop, volume and a section of hair wrapped around its base.

The Barbie pony is versatile and very stylish. However, there are many fun variations of the hairstyle. These hairstyles require only a straightener, curling iron or straightener, and a few professional hairstyling tools.


The real thing is better than anything. This is especially true of iconic hairstyles such as the Barbie ponytail. This is a great way of adding flirty flair to other ponytail styles, making it suitable for all occasions.

For the Barbie pony look, begin by removing the top layers of hair from the crown of your head. Secure them in a clip later. Next, add volume to the section by gently teasing the next one. For a subtle bump, or for Barbie-like vibes, tease the next layer. Cover the section that is not being used to expose the smooth top layer of hair. Secure the hair in a ponytail.

To create the Barbie ponytail swoop, backcomb the ponytail at the end near the elastic. You can give the ends body and movement by curling them in 1-inch sections using a large barrel curling Iron. Then, brush them through until you get a single curled shape. Wrap a small portion of your hair around the elastic at its base several times. Finally, secure the section with a pin. Hairspray can make the Barbie ponytail last longer by removing flyaways and locking in the iconic shape.


Barbie loves to exercise, in addition to her many other hobbies. Barbie isn’t one to be seen in old sweats or a messy bun. Instead, she dresses in her most athletic clothes with a sporty version her beloved pony. This style is similar to her classic ponytail and can be worn with any workout outfit or athleisure ensemble.

You can tone down the volume or skip the backcombing at your crown for a sporty ponytail. For a little more balance, keep the hair straight and close to your head. After the hair has been secured, the root section should be sprayed for security. For any hair that falls out of the ponytail elastic, you can go back to Barbie volume and body. The salon-approved texture hair products will keep your sporty, yet elegant look intact throughout your workout. It’s also a great option for second- or third-day hair.


You can wear a Barbie-inspired ponytail to formal events. The possibilities are endless when you have a Barbie-inspired ponytail for special occasions. This is a great way for you to create a more sophisticated look, add length to your updo, and highlight your facial features. This pair is great with statement earrings, a Barbie pink lipstick and a sparkly cocktail gown.

Barbie’s party ponytail is very similar to the Barbie classic ponytail, but with a few more steps. After the volume has been created at the top of your head, secure the ponytail. Next, use a smaller curling iron for lots of spirals in small areas. To maintain individual curls, brush or comb the hair gently. For extra body, backcomb the ponytail near the top. To keep the style in place, use hairspray or other hairstyling product. To add some flair, you can use a jewelled clip or a decorative hair comb instead of attaching the wraparound piece to your hair with a hidden pin.

The simplicity of ponytails is what makes them so popular. For a trendy look that is easy to achieve, whether you are out on errands, or getting ready for a fun event.

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