man in brown sweater standing beside wall

The 2022 Best Cashmere Sweaters For Men

man in brown sweater standing beside wall

You think you have enough sweaters? You can never have enough sweaters! What’s more, are you able to ever have enough luxury? The finest cashmere sweaters available for men. That’s why we are here to tell that you can never have enough luxury (of an accessible variety) in your life. We can almost guarantee that the best cashmere sweaters will change your mind about layering. What’s more? Many of the top clothing brands for men are joining the fray.

Cashmere clothing is soft, warm, lightweight, breathable and easy to layer. It can also be knit into sweaters with your favorite base layers. While cashmere isn’t the only sweater that’s great for men, it’s a superior choice. If you have never tried a cashmere sweater before, it’s time to do so. Go to the top online clothing store for men to discover the best cashmere sweaters.

  • Wills Cashmere Waffle Stitch Crewneck

Cashmere is not intimidating. It’s a modernized version of your classic crewneck sweater. This waffle stitch variety is the best. You can pair it with slim blue jeans, a white Oxford shirt, tan chinos, and brown wingtip booties.

  • Club Monaco Cashmere Sweater

This Club Monaco cashmere sweater is a step up in price and fabric. It’s a great sweater to wear with navy chinos, grey denim or tan cap-toe boots.

  • Nordstrom Cashmere V Neck Sweater

Nordstrom has a simple, stylish and highly wearable cashmere sweater. It is available in a variety of colors. This classic grey option is our favorite.

  • Hugo Boss Cashmere Sweater

These are the best cashmere sweaters men can buy. They can be worn under a navy suit, or on their own with a white poplin shirt. (Navy peacoats sold separately).

  • 1901 Crewneck Cashmere Sweater

This crewneck raglan-sleeve cashmere crewneck combines casual and sporty style details with striking colorways. It’s perfect for beating the warm-weather blues.

  • Alex Mill Jordan Cashmere Sweater

Alex Mill is a trusted source for modern, stylish style staples that are always on-trend. This washed cashmere sweater has a bright color to add some colour to the season.

  • Everlane Grade-A Cashmere Crew

Everlane uses top-quality cashmere to create a variety of fashionable crewneck sweaters. This Dark Jasper Red sweater is perfect for pairing with a white Oxford shirt or tan chinos. This sweater is a great choice for men because of its versatility.

  • Active Cashmere Sweatshirt

Active Cashmere has gone above and beyond with the next-level cashmere sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is minimalist and stylish, but it’s also water-repellent, machine-washable and machine-washable. It’s truly one-of-a kind.

  • Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck

The cashmere crewneck looks great with a navy topcoat and a pair of jeans.

  • Mack Weldon Tech Cashmere Crew

Your crewneck sweater can be both stylish and functional. This machine-washable cashmere sweater that Mack Weldon has created is a great example of how to combine style and performance.

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