white bmw m 3 coupe

The 1995 Toyota Supra is in near-stock. Someone has to save it

white bmw m 3 coupe

The fourth-generation Toyota Supras are appearing on the market more often than ever. This means that there is a lot of diversification. Some are in pristine stock condition while others are straight out of Fast & Furious. But, they are all in stock.

This Supra, despite having had a mechanical overhaul and remaining largely stock, could prove to be one of the most desirable originals on the market. The 21-year-old Supra, has 82,000 miles. This is despite the fact that the Supra already has a $65,000 USD bid on Bring a Trailer.

There are still five days of bidding. It is clear that even though the Supra has accumulated a lot of miles, a near-stock manual Supra can still be a good investment.

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