black glass bottle on brown wooden table

These are the 11 best bottle openers for EDC in 2021

black glass bottle on brown wooden table

One of the easiest ways to add a bit more functionality to your EDC is by integrating a bottle opener in your daily kit. They can be found on keychains and wallets as well as multi-tools. They are so common that they don’t get enough attention. There are many fun and interesting ways to incorporate a bottle opener in your daily carry. Even if you don’t drink much, they’re great for parties (when we have them again). Below are 11 of our top picks for bottle openers.

The Best Bottle Openers for EDC

It’s even more important if the utility knife you choose also does other essential EDC tasks like opening and prying open boxes. Gerber Prybrid X, the smaller of their two new utility knives this year is made with a standard craft blade. This one allows for finer cuts and makes smaller prying operations. You can also use the tool with 550 paracord to retain it, or you can remove it in a pinch for its many uses.

TI-EDC Titanium Bottle Opener

The lightweight titanium construction ensures that it will not crack or corrode and can be used for one-handed cracking of any drink.

Griffin Pocket Tool Mini Bottle Opener

This update to the classic EDC-favorite Griffin Pocket Tool Mini sizes things down to just 2″ long while still providing you hex wrenches, a mini pry tool, a flathead driver, and most importantly, a bottle opener on the side. The GPT Mini is available in a variety of colors, including the standard bare-titanium color.

Pangea Designs PiCO Bottle Opener

The typical keychain bottle opener can be bulky and cumbersome. This makes it even more difficult to use if you have a key organizer. To crack open a bottle, you only need a little bit of a lever. The Pangea Designs PiCO bottle opener is small and lightweight and can be used with the keyring to lift the bottlecap.

CRKT Pry Cutter Bottle Opener Tool

A rotary cutter is located in the middle of the tool for cutting utility cords in an emergency. The tool’s tip is made for easy prying and can be used in an emergency as a flathead drill driver.

Kershaw Nacho Bottle Opener

The Kershaw Nacho was designed as a lightweight keychain bottle opener with a glass-filled nylon handle for a bit of visual contrast and extra grip when your hands are wet. You can hang it as a hook to make it easy to stow on your keychain, gear loops, or for quick grabs at home or in the cooking area.

TiSurvival Exo Titanium Pry Bottle Opener

For retention purposes, the tip can also be used as a flathead drill driver. A hole in the back allows for a small lanyard or lanyard to be threaded through.

BBbarfly Butterfly Trainer Bottle Opener

The smooth, balisong-style opening mechanism makes it an excellent trainer if you want to learn tricks without getting hurt.

Victorinox Jetsetter@work Alox Bottle Opener

It measures in at 2.75″, making it ideal for keychain use. The titanium construction keeps it light at 0.58 oz.

Kershaw Cinder Bottle Opener

The handle has a bottle opener. It contains a 1.375″ 3Cr13MoV Stainless Steel blade with a hollow-ground edge, sheepsfoot design and a useful 1.375” handle. It is especially useful for utility tasks such as opening rare bottles of beer or wine that have been wrapped in wax or foam. It’s also easier to maintain the blade due to the soft steel.

CIVIVI Mandate Bottle Opener

This is a great way to integrate a bottle opener into your daily carry, without needing to carry a separate tool for each task.

The James Brand Halifax Bottle Opener

The titanium construction makes it lightweight. You can attach it to your keys, or carry it around independently. It’s one the most modern, minimalistic, and aesthetic bottle openers available today.

What’s your favorite way to crack open a cold one? Comment below to let us know. Cheers!

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