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TOP 10 Keychain Flashlights in 2022

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A keyring is a great place to attach a small flashlight. You will always have your keys with you when you leave the house. A flashlight is always handy. This means you won’t have to fumble with your keys or stumble over unnoticed objects in the dark. Have you ever dropped something while walking to your car from the parking lot? If you have a source of light, it will be easy to find it. Continue reading to find out more about the best keychain flashlights.

Keychain flashlights that are durable and compact are a good choice. Because they share space with keys and other tools in your pocket, they are more susceptible to wear and tear. They should be small enough to disappear in your pocket. They are easy to carry, and will provide illumination when you need it.

The keychain flashlights are not meant to replace your daily carry flashlight. It should be used in conjunction with your regular flashlight. These flashlights are lighter and easier to transport than a larger flashlight. For lighting large areas, a larger flashlight is more useful than a smaller flashlight.

It is essential to have a good quality keychain flashlight. It is very handy for walking in dimly lit areas such as parking lots, walkways, or hallways. There’s no need to fuss or fumble in the dark.

There are many types of keychain flashlights, depending on the battery. The most popular ones use AAA batteries. These batteries are easy to find. However, they are larger than rechargeable lithium-ion, proprietary, and built-in batteries. The following list excludes keychain flashlights that use AAA batteries.

These are our top picks of the best keychain flashlights.

SureFire Sidekick

SureFire produces excellent flashlights, and the SureFire Sidekick keychain flashlight is one of its best. This high-performance LED emits a broad 300-lumen beam which is impressive considering its small size. There are three output levels: 5, 60 and 300 lumens maximum. The polymer body is extremely durable and weather-resistant. The flashlight comes with a built-in battery, which can be charged via a micro USB port. SureFire Sidekick is disguised as a standard keyfob, making it stealthy yet useful.

Nitecore TINI

The Nitecore TINI is the current best keychain flashlight. The Nitecore TINI keychain flashlight is small and powerful. It can emit a smooth floody beam of up to 380 lumens using a single Cree XP-2 S3 LED. The lightweight, strong and compact flashlight is made of solid aluminum. You can choose from a variety of colors and the flashlight is also available in copper and stainless steel. It is easy to use the dual controls to switch between different modes and operate the flashlight. There are four brightness levels, ranging from the lowest of 1 lumen to the highest turbo mode at 380 lumens. The micro-USB port allows you to charge the built-in rechargeable battery of this keychain flashlight.

Nitecore TUP

Nitecore TUP flashlight is another great choice for everyday carry. This flashlight is great for keychains, as it has a high output of over 1000 lumens and a wide beam throw. The flashlight has five brightness levels, and can be operated with just two buttons to change the mode or power. It is powered by a 200mAh lithium-ion battery that can last up to 70 hours. The micro USB port allows for charging. The removable deep-cary pocket clip makes it easy for you to attach to your bag, pocket or brim of a cap.

Fenix UC02SS

Fenix UC02SS compact flashlight is rugged and durable. This model has a stainless-steel body. The Cree XP–G2 S2 white LED is used to provide a maximum brightness of 130 lumens. It is simple to use. Simply twist the head and you can turn on or off the flashlight. There are two modes: 10 lumens for low and 130 lumens for high. The hidden micro USB charging port is found under the flashlight head. It charges one 10180 Li-ion rechargeable battery. This Fenix keychain flashlight is IP68 certified, making it dustproof and waterproof for up to 2 metres.

Olight I1R2 EOS

Olight I1R2 EOS is a small, sleek, aluminum alloy keychain flashlight that features a rechargeable battery. The 5-sided Glowing CSP LED has dual outputs of 5 and 150 lumens. TIR optic lenses produce a soft, broad beam that is ideal for close-up illumination. A hidden micro USB charging port allows the flashlight to be recharged. Simple twisting can control the flashlight and change the output setting.

RovyVon Aurora A4 Titanium

RovyVon Aurora flashlights are among the most well-known and popular keychain flashlights. This is the RovyVon Aurora Titanium A4 model. It is made of strong, lightweight material. This flashlight is small and bright, with a Cree XP-3 S5 LED. You can charge the flashlight via the USB port covered with a micro USB cable. The flashlight’s side switch can be used to turn on and off three modes. RovyVon Aurora 4 Titanium flashlight is small enough to fit in your keychain. This is the flashlight for you if you are looking for a bright flashlight.

Klarus Mini One Ti

Klarus Mini OneT is a lightweight, compact, and long-lasting keychain flashlight made from Titanium. The high-performance flashlight is easy to use. Simply twist the handle to turn the light on or off. The flashlight has a dual output power of 30 and 130 lumens. It can also be recharged using the hidden micro USB port. Included is a removable 10180 Lithium battery.

MecArmy SGN5

The MecArmy SGN5 flashlight is one of our brightest. It was specifically designed to be used as a personal safety tool. The side alarm switch activates a loud siren (115dB) and simultaneously strobe to aid in self-defense and emergencies. Cree XP-2 S3 LEDs with 560 lumens are used to light the bright keychain flashlight. One-handed operation is possible with a single switch on the side. The internal battery can be recharged using a micro USB cable. There are also four other modes.

MecArmy X1S Titanium

The MecArmy X series flashlights are small and reliable for EDC. MecArmy’s X1S model is made from lightweight, high-quality Titanium alloy. The Cree XP–G2 LED is powered by a rechargeable 10180 lithium ion batteries. It can deliver up to 130 lumens of light and is rechargeable via hidden micro-USB. The flashlight’s flat tail end can be attached to a keychain and can also be used to stand on its own. The lowest mode is 8 lumens and has a maximum run time of 6 hours. Other options include X2S (stainless Steel), X3S(copper or Brass), and X4S/aluminum.

Maratac Peanut

This tiny flashlight fits a Cree XP-2 S4 LED. Maratac Peanut flashlight can deliver 145 lumens at high brightness and 12 lumens at low. The orange peel reflector creates a soft light that is ideal for close-up work. The included micro-USB charging port makes it easy to recharge a 10180 lithium ion battery. This keychain flashlight is made of stainless steel and features a tail stand.

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