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7 Natural Hair Influencers That You Should Already Be Following

The rise of natural hair bloggers has made textured hair a more popular choice. These eight social media stars will help you navigate your natural hair journey if you are as passionate about your curly hair as we are.

  • Shanique Buntyn

Shanique Buntyn, a Toronto-based natural hair blogger, is one of the most influential. Since the beginning, she has been documenting her natural hair journey and her online followers grew exponentially. She shares tried-and-true methods to grow thicker, longer hair as well as product recommendations. She is a natural type a/b with a beautiful, straight hairstyle.

  • Sully G

Sully G, a NYC-based hair blogger and influencer, shares her story as a curly-haired, colour-obsessed girl. Her enviable locks give new meaning to the word redhead. Sully’s Instagram feed is ideal for natural-haired girls who don’t mind trying a new colour and don’t wait for a chair to open to make a change. Insta reels by Sully are informative and fun. They cover everything from the latest product discoveries to how to prepare your hair for vacation.

  • Isimeme Edeko

This social media powerhouse is a staple among natural hair bloggers for more than a decade. Isimeme documents everything, from washing days to shopping trips to the drugstore, on Instagram and YouTube. For type 4 hair, her YouTube channel is a great resource. It contains detailed tutorials on many styles and treatments. These include how to care for your hair after heat damage, how to apply wigs, and how to prepare for protective hairstyles.

  • Gaby Santana

This Afro-Latina is proud of her Puerto Rican heritage just as much as her enviable curls. Gaby, also known as @TheCurlyBella and based in Los Angeles, shares easy-to-replicate tips with curly-haired ladies via Instagram and YouTube. Gaby is the perfect person to follow if you love curl definition and finding new ways to make your natural hair shine.

  • Eunice Asiedu

The British beauty is a true one-stop shop when it comes to natural and textured hair. You can find easy-to-follow tutorials for a variety of styles suitable for type 4, including finger coils, top knots, and jumbo knotless box braids. These tutorials will help you achieve these styles, even if you lack the skills or have a busy schedule.

  • Jewellianna Palencia

Jewellianna (@jewejewebee), a Washington D.C.-based hair, beauty, and fitness enthusiast, has an inviting Instagram account that features a variety of lifestyle content and to-the point tutorials. You can find natural hair growth tips on her YouTube channel. She shares her hair care routine and tips for creating thicker hair.

  • Alba Ramos

Alba is a content creator for curly hair whose passion can be seen on-screen. Follow her Insta to see how she maintains her beautiful curls. Her YouTube channel is also very versatile and contains everything you need to know about beauty and DIY hair.

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