woman in blue sleeveless dress wearing blue and white floral tiara

Ten Ways to Wear Your Prom dress Again

woman in blue sleeveless dress wearing blue and white floral tiara

Many people around the globe have experienced Quarantine as a confusing and difficult time. COVID-10 caused many great memories to be put on hold, or even cancelled. One of these events was prom. Many people worldwide look forward every year to finding the perfect dress and being pampered for a night out with friends. Many are heartbroken that their dream night has been cancelled because they don’t have the occasion to wear it. Fear not! We have ten fantastic suggestions for where you can wear your Faviana prom gown.

  • Take a photoshoot with your friends

Get dressed up and ready to take amazing pictures at a cool location with a great backdrop. To get the best shots, you could hire a local photographer. It’s all about getting a great picture for Instagram. So why not hire a photographer to capture the perfect prom shot?

  • Fancy dinner

For dinner at a fancy restaurant, most customers must wear formal attire. This is especially true if you are on vacation. Your dress is optional until things return to normal and you can go on the vacation you’ve been wanting to take. You can rock that stunning look but be careful not to make it too dirty.

  • Pageant

This is the time to step out of your comfort zone. You were all stuck in your house, with nothing to do. Quarantine wanted you to get out and be confident. It’s obvious that you already have the perfect gown, so show it off!

  • Charity Event

Are you a socialite who wants to make an impact in the world? Faviana’s prom dress will make you stand out and give you the confidence to change. Brynn &. Sarah was a master at this when she raised money for the Faviana Give Back Gala.

  • Marine/Army Ball

Are you a close friend or partner to someone serving the country? You are likely to be asked by them for a date at their annual ball. Get out there and dance the night away!

  • Wedding

A formal wedding in quarantine, which was delayed a year ago, is the perfect time to wear your prom gown. This is especially true for black-tie events. It doesn’t matter if your dress is white, cream, or ivory. Don’t upset the bride on her wedding day!

  • Plan a backyard prom!

With increasing numbers of people, you can have a great party with your friends. This is a great venue to wear your prom dress and it will also be a place to celebrate the beginning of new season. A unique graduation party could be planned with a prom theme. All of your guests would need to wear formal attire. This will be an unforgettable night.

  • College outing

Your Faviana prom dress is a must-have! It’s possible that a formal event may arise and you will need the Faviana prom dress. This is something you should remember if your plan is to join a sorority, or even a team. The college students love throwing parties and there will be occasions that require formal attire.

  • A Halloween Costume

Make your Halloween costume! Get creative with your Faviana prom gown. A stunning gown is a great way to make Halloween unique. You can make it a Disney princess by adding a sash to the top. There are so many options!

  • New Year’s Eve

Do You have a sparkling dress you can wear to the New Year? It’s a great place to wear your dress: a formal New Year’s Party! You can dress down even if you don’t have to wear long dresses. To dress down, cut your dress and add a leather jacket. Faviana is the best way to start the year!

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