woman in black and white crew neck t-shirt

Ten Trendy Korean Hairstyles That Will Be Big in 2022

woman in black and white crew neck t-shirt

These trendy and attractive Korean hairstyles are set to make waves in 2022.

Koreans are the best at doing hair dye, from bold and unusual colors to perms that make heads turn to classic dark shades. This is the perfect time to do your hair. We’ve gathered the top Korean hairstyles and trends, from the Hime cut and subtle bangs to a bold ash pink shade that will take over your Instagram feed.

These are 10 cool Korean hairstyles you should try in 2022


Soft perms are a popular hairstyle for 2022, regardless of whether you are Korean or not. It adds volume to your hair, and can frame your face well.

Ash pink hue

Summer break is approaching so why not get on board with the Korean hair trends? Why not dye your hair ash pink to celebrate cherry blossoms and the Korean hairstyles? It doesn’t matter if your hair is ash pink all year. It is a subtle color that will not overpower your overall appearance.

Layers for face-framing

Red Velvet’s Joy shows you how to achieve this hairstyle. It involves cutting your hair in different lengths to frame and define your features. If you want to create the illusion of a slimmer and sharper face, ask for layers that start just below your chin.

Brown hue

Brunette hair is often thought to be a simple colour. But it’s far from that. You can enhance your hair in many different ways. The rose brown mane by Sandara Park is a popular choice. This low-maintenance option adds depth to brown hair.


Sooyoung, from Girls’ Generation, attended the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards. She wore some very heavy bangs. To achieve her lash-skimming look, blow-dry your bangs using a round brush.

Blunt bob

The current trend is a blunt bob. Experts advise against this style for people with large heads and unruly hair.


Red hair is unmistakably striking. Red hair is eye-catching, but you don’t need to do it all. A copper tone can give your hair a subtle reddish hue without being too bold.


You can try some streaks if you aren’t brave enough to change the colour of your hair. You can customize your hairstyle! You can choose a color you like, and then decide how bold your streaks should be.

Pixie cut

Although it may seem drastic, especially if your hair is long, this style is quick and easy to style. This style is best for small faces and long necks. However, it’s not impossible to try if your face is smaller.

You can also have this style in different variations like thick layers at the crown or textured bangs. This style is ideal for hot weather because it allows your neck to breath and lets you enjoy the breeze.

Wine hue

You can also use wine as a starting point for red hair. This is subtle but can create a unique look. It’s best to keep the reddish-purple tone, and not too much towards the purple edge.

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