Ten Spring/ Summer 2022/ 23 Print Trends to Rule

Based on the AW 2022 catwalks, and our consumer analysis over the past few seasons, the report analyzes the 2022/23 trends in print for men and women’s markets. It also examines the impact of the new patterns and colors on design development.

Consumers demand

The intense desire to escape the world in turmoil and rebuild our lives from where it was before the pandemic hit is an overwhelming urge. A growing optimism is expressed to change the world and control emotions.

The new wanderer consumer group is an attempt to overcome the current chaos, such as the war or the Covid-19. It includes those who don’t want to return to the office but instead choose to become a Digital Nomad and resign.

According to our 2022/23 consumer trend forecast, many are looking for beach camping, childhood nostalgia and 90’s street culture. AW 2022’s catwalk shows will feature the most popular retro sport patterns, lines and garden flowers.

Retro Geometric patterns are back in fashion

During Paris and Milan fashion week, classic business plaids and vibrant bright plaids were in demand.

Plaids are being updated to include more colorful versions for the S/S 2022/AW 2022 seasons. Retailers can expect a commercial update. The latest Gucci, Sacai and Henric Vibscov checks can be seen over jackets and shirts in purple, yellow and blue color shades.

Generation Grunge- Activist slogans

The rise of people against their government policing is creating a new consumer group that requires meaningful protection for the public rights and less anxiety. Slogans, statements and scribbles are essential to the printing aesthetics that materialize in rustic earthy tones such as charcoal and earthy brown hues from Givenchy at Paris.

Paris Fashion Week: Prints

This season, painting all over clothes is a strong trend. Gradient prints are slowly developing for AW clothing categories such as sweaters, knits and jackets. Sensory patterns will continue to be a popular pattern in the coming seasons. As seen in Kenzo’s eye refreshing collection, flowery patterns will be elevated.

London Fashion Week

Conner Ives showcased outdoor scenery with trees and evening sun. He also displayed playful statement prints.

Matty Bowan presented scenery all over the sweaters and jackets of his AW 2022 collection. He also used paintbrushes and logos to satisfy the consumer’s need for activism.

Milan Fashion Week

Dolce and Gabanna prints were created to satisfy consumers’ childhood nostalgia. They feature the Bunney cartoon imprint as well as the playful big logo. Gentile Cantone and Elisabetta Franchi added the floral design, while Emporio Armani responded by adding the Marble crack prints and Etro’s Nomadic collection features animal prints.

The season’s highlights include Ferrari’s abstract fluid patterns in bright colors, Gucci’s classic plaid and check pattern in multicolored versions as well as a few retro shades.

Hui’s 2022 prints are inspired by China and traditional checks that carry the ethical charm in shining colours for those who want something classic. Jil Sander presented the original handmade pencil sketch of animal and flower patterns to give you a new idea for the season. R13’s grunge-inspired collection featured logos, flowers and checks in dark background colors for youth customers. This powerful statement supports the sentiments of the antifashion look.

New York Fashion week

The Coach collection is very popular with young customers thanks to his street fashion looks, skater boy guesture and paint stroke on baggy trousers. T-shirt logos and T-shirt patterns are very revitalized for the S/S 2022/23 season. Similar pattern was spotted on Custo Barcelona cutout isnpired sweatshirts and tops.

Jason Wu’s blurred flower pattern continues to grow since the Spring Summer 2021, which confirms the importance these prints have. Duncan and Dur Doux also updated the classic plaids and checks yet again in vibrant variations.

This report combines classic elements from the A/W 22/23 menswear runways. British business style, monogram and argyles are trending upwards a bit. Bright plaids, geometric patterns and Fair Island motifs show a descending trend. Louis Vuitton merged its brand logo and florals on the runways for A/W 22/23. Not only are commute monograms and floral elements gaining momentum, but so is the use of floral elements.

Plaids and checks

Check and Plaid was updated to multi-colored blocks of red, green and bleus. This is a vibrant update, as seen in Sacai collection and MSGM.

Grunge Pattern

As seen at New York Fashion Week, Paris, and Milan, Graffiti, paint brush strokes and Murals are growing.

Floral patterns

The most well-known Autumn winter 2022/23 scenarios pattern is the one. It was seen at London, Paris and New York fashion week.

Slogans and logos

Gradient Patterns

Since last seasons, gradient pattern has been evolving for both men and women markets. It is expected to continue growing and be a promising print trend for the 2022/23 season.

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