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Ten Essential Pieces of Clothing Every Man Should Have This Spring

man standing beside bulding during daytime

It’s not always easy to dress for spring. It’s the in-between season, when it’s not hot enough to wear a full summer outfit but is still warm enough to layer like in the middle of autumn. It can be frustrating, but there are some staple pieces that make it much easier.

These garments are timeless and easy to wear. They can be interchanged and complement each other, which is the best part. Think of them as your spring capsule wardrobe. These are spring style essentials for every man, from overshirts to desert boots to button-down shirts and denim jackets to denim jackets.

Breton Top

A Breton top is a versatile piece that can be worn in many ways, and it’s a great spring accessory. They’re perfect for capturing a relaxed Riviera vibe and have been worn by many style icons over the years, such as Cary Grant and James Dean.

Breton tee was originally designed for sailors to be easily seen if they fall overboard. It is extremely easy to wear and can go with a variety of outfits, from casual to more formal.

A simple outfit for spring is to combine one with a pair navy chinos or canvas low tops. It will look sharp but relaxed.

Button-Through Polo

A button-through Polo shirt is a great in-between item, ideal for dressing up jeans or finishing off tailored trousers. Button-through knits were popular in the 50s and 60s. They can be worn today with penny loafers and selvedge jeans to complete a throwback look.

You can find them in many different colours and patterns, so they are a great way to make a statement or spice up your look.


There is no turning back once you have started wearing overshirts. They’re not quite the same as a shirt or jacket but they are great for layering. Layer them over a tee, polo, or underneath something heavier if the weather turns.

The best thing about the overshirt is its pockets. If you don’t like carrying a bag around, you will never run out space for your daily essentials. An overshirt is a spring staple that you don’t need because of its practicality, utilitarian appearance, and light weight.

Suede Jacket

A suede jacket, unlike an overshirt is not practical. It is a great choice for spring jackets because of its unique texture and soft, tactile nature. A suede bomber jacket in navy or tan will look great with jeans and minimalist trainers.

Combining the three will give you a classic warm-weather outfit that will look great for 20 years. The jacket should not be worn when it rains.


The sweatshirt, a timeless classic, was originally designed as a sport garment. It’s the perfect spring layer because it’s not too heavy or too light. Sweatshirts were born on the American football field. Today, they are available in many colours. However, the most versatile of these colors are navy, black, and classic grey marl. This can lend outfits an old-fashioned appeal.

Wear one with black jeans, an olive green overshirt or chore jacket and vintage-style running sneakers.

Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is one of the most iconic pieces that screams ‘spring’. This style is perfect for transitional seasons, when temperatures are rising but not yet reaching full-on summer.

There are many types of Jean jackets, but the classic trucker style is hard to beat. Its cropped shape and twin-chest pockets make it a favorite. Although they were made in the American West, denim jackets are still popular today. They are loved for their preppy style and durable fabric. It looks great with jeans, drawstring trousers, or a T-shirt and Derbies.

Desert Boots

Desert boots sit perfectly between the casual and smart casual categories. They look great with jeans and chinos thanks to their simple suede- or leather uppers.

While a brown pair is the most versatile and easy to wear, you should not stay in lighter colours like stone. These are welcome alternatives to green or navy tones.

Carpenter Pants

Carpenter pants are half way between smarter styles and combat trousers. They were originally made for people who used tools. They have small pockets at the thigh, a fabric loop on the other side, and are ideal for keys, wallets, and everyday goods regardless of whether your office has a workshop.

These pants can be worn in the same manner as a pair of cargo pants, but with similar pieces like polos and denim shirts.

Button-Down Shirt

The button-down shirt is a smart casual staple that can be worn every day. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to look good but not too formal.

This shirt is one of the most laid-back styles available thanks to its soft Oxford cotton fabric and distinctive button-down collar. It can be worn open over shorts or jeans, and untucked over jeans or loafers.

Jeans in Light Wash

Jeans are essential for spring wardrobes. While we normally recommend dark jeans, lighter washes are appropriate for spring.

Pale jeans can be worn with both pastel and neutral shades. They are great weekend companions for bomber jackets and knitted polos as well as roll necks and canvas slip-ons.

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